An Ode to Used Cars

An Ode to Used Cars

Ode is a solemn poem (from the Greek ode — a song). In ancient Greece, odes were composed to glorify the winners of athletic competitions, war heroes, and gods. Later, the ode was transformed into a genre of high poetry, praising an important person, event, or idea.


What would William Shakespeare write if he got hired as a copywriter for a used car dealership? An ode to used cars, of course! Here’s the copywriting team of ADM taking a crack at it on his behalf.

An Ode to Used Cars

The bright and luminous things in life captivate me. Remember, though, that brilliance is in no way, shape or form limited to the “brand new.” A vehicle doesn’t have to be fresh and pristine. A used vehicle can be just as compelling as its sleek new counterparts, believe it or not.

Used cars. The two words alone are enough to fill me with a sense of joy that’s practically matchless in caliber. I could wax poetic about preowned vehicles for hours, and I sometimes do.

What makes cars that have had owners before so endlessly magnificent to me and to so many others? Used cars, first and foremost, have history. They’ve seen so much. They’re rich in experience. Why waste your energy on a new car that’s seen absolutely nothing? Entering a used car can feel a lot like going into a mysterious universe. It makes one think. It makes one pose all sorts of pertinent questions as well. Who drove this car before? What kind of passengers did it have day in and day out? When was this vehicle first acquired? Did the previous owner take proper care of it? Used cars literally make me dream. They interrupt my sleep at night. They fill my daytime reveries, too.

Used cars are wise and knowing. They also offer a number of more practical benefits. One has to take those into consideration, after all. Life in the modern era can be devastatingly expensive. It can be difficult to juggle all the costs associated with running a household, maintaining a social life and beyond. Fortunately, used cars can minimize the burden of modern living dramatically. They’re markedly less expensive than new cars. They tend to be just as reliable, too. Finding a preowned car that still maintains its original splendor and charm isn’t as difficult as you may suspect. I’ve stared in awe at countless used vehicles in the past.

Used cars bring on intense and lasting feelings of nostalgia. Some used cars were built decades and decades ago. It can be incredibly pleasing to come across a used vehicle that boasts a rather retro ambiance. European cars from the 1960s are often particularly chic and cool. American cars from the 1970s can be just as visually appealing and intriguing. What could be more relaxing than spending hours and hours gazing at used vehicle amenities and features? What a gift!

Vehicles that are used give off a sense of humility. Modesty is a rare trait in this day and age. Human beings are so used to being around arrogant and materialistic types. It can be refreshing to come across an older vehicle that has a humble appearance. When I drive a used car, I feel more in touch with my roots and spirit. Owning a used vehicle can be grounding for anyone.

“New car smell” isn’t everything. In fact, I prefer cars that have more character. Used vehicles may smell like vintage leather jackets. They may smell like flowers from festivities years ago. They may smell like faint cologne. The list continues. It can be exciting to guess where lingering scents started. I’ve traveled in used vehicles that have smelled like citrus fruit, pine trees, the ocean and even cinnamon.

Standing out isn’t easy nowadays. It can be hard to shine. Competition is brutal. Modern cars tend to look identical. Used cars can make amazing vehicle choices for people who like taking the unconventional path in life. They make recognizing spots in parking lots a lot easier.

Used cars, oh, used cars. Where in the world would I be without you? You’ve taken me everywhere. You’ve helped me travel safely to stunning national parks. You’ve helped me take care of basic and straightforward errands around my community. You’ve helped me transport loved ones, pets and others. I honestly cannot envision life without you.

I hope to enjoy many more used cars in the future. What will my next used vehicle look like? Will it be spacious? Will it be turquoise, silver or crimson? Will it have a plethora of safety features? Will it be equipped with an extensive entertainment system? I truly can’t wait to find out.

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