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Top Ten MotorTrend Articles in 2013

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 1:30pm 0 Comments


Ralph Paglia - Inventor of Internet Leads - President; Automotive Media Partners, LLC

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At 9:35am on April 21, 2014, Cecil Helton said…

Thanks, Ralph! 

At 12:50pm on April 18, 2014, Robert Anderson said…

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for reaching out!


At 6:12am on October 21, 2013, Stephen Jeske said…

Thanks for the welcome Ralph! :)

At 4:49am on October 19, 2013, Ken Lees said…

Ralph, great to "re-connect"....let's chat soon -- please call at your convenience, would enjoy catching up!  757 375 8198

At 9:39pm on September 11, 2013, Dennis Yu said…

Ralph-- that's perfect. I get into Vegas Saturday evening at 5:25 pm. 
So pick any time that evening or any time on Sunday!

At 5:02pm on September 11, 2013, Dennis Yu said…

Ralph-- for sure.Thanks for being so welcoming. I'm in Vegas this weekend if you're around!

At 5:13am on September 9, 2013, Tom LaPointe / CarChat24 said…

looks like you're back at the helm. hope all is well for you and welcome back :D

At 7:19pm on September 8, 2013, Brian Bennington said…

Ralph,  Good to see you're active again.  Hope AutoCon was everything you anticipated and more.  I'm sure you'll do some "high points" from it and, like many ADM members are, I'm looking forward to them. 

At 11:58am on August 1, 2013, Patty VanDyke said…

Hi Ralph,

I just read your email from yesterday regarding your health.  I don't know you personally ... but I want to wish you STRENGTH, POSITIVITY and FAITH in your endeavor.  What you think, then believe is what you'll become.

 Be strong ...

 Patty  :)

At 6:19am on August 1, 2013, Joe Pistone said…


What a bold expression. You are not alone. Be strong. Be well. I know I speak for most of us in the Automotive Community when I say that you are in our hearts and prayers for a thorough healing of mind and body.


Warmest Regards,

Joe Pistone

At 8:13am on June 26, 2013, Dave Leash said…

Thanks for the invite Ralph! Were looking to put together a mobile marketing program that will change the way dealers think about mobile. Also 5% of the net sales will go to benefit American Vets. Our revised website will be completed next week and will have more detail on what we do. 

Thanks again! 

At 8:20pm on May 2, 2013, Ralph Paglia said…
At 6:00pm on April 29, 2013, Amy Eddins Hughes said…

Thanks for reaching out Ralph. I look forward to an introduction soon. Everyone at String speaks so highly of you.

At 12:32pm on April 16, 2013, Todd Reinbolt said…

Thanks for reaching out and friending me Ralph, I really appreciate it!

At 3:42pm on March 25, 2013, Stanley Esposito said…

I thought I had friends on here and a profile picture. Was there a refresh or something?

At 10:32am on February 22, 2013, Marc Fishman said…

Hey Ralph. Big fan, but you know that. Would love if you could spread the love a bit our way. Our first official blog debuted this morning! We did a study of leads generated in January, and found 20% of customer base say 30 or more leads. Given the dip in sales and leads we found some dealers saw that month, we thought it was a great thing to discuss!

At 6:50pm on February 19, 2013, Thomas Aldrich said…

Ralph- love your articles.  I started in the car business in San Diego...great to see someone else come out of our little bubble of SD and make it in automotive. 

At 11:41am on February 6, 2013, Fred Rose said…


Thank you for the welcome to the ADM Community. Look forward to contributing and learning from the group.

At 5:09pm on January 28, 2013, Nicolas Zart said…

I love your site and get a choke full of information I use for my articles but seriously Ralph, auto-playing music on your site is a no, no! Especially when we are doing research and have to keep quiet. :)

At 7:49am on January 14, 2013, THE CARDOLL (Jamie Lynne) said…

Thank you Ralph! I am thrilled to be here!


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"This is a very useful and informative webinar recording that should be mandatory for every automotive digital marketing professional. Yes, it looks like another task among many, but the significance and importance of using Google's Tag Manager…"
Ralph Paglia commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post Gorgeous Photos versus Real Photos on Social Media Ads
"Getting back to the actual issue raised by JD... I have seen various marketing tests and research data which consistently point to what Tom Gorham alluded to; inventory displays generate more phone calls, lead form completions, chats and dealership…"
Ralph Paglia commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post Gorgeous Photos versus Real Photos on Social Media Ads
"Tyson, I do not believe that any "Proof of Concept" marketing test is best served by using a poorly executed photo... For that matter, why not use some of the horrible looking "Stock Images" that most of us have seen on occasion…"
Ralph Paglia replied to J.D. Rucker's discussion Last Call for Chat Provider Recommendations
"I recommend Shereef and his team at CarChat24... Not only do they execute in a manner that is customer friendly and balances the need for getting customer data with the need to provide the customer with real-time interaction with a human being that…"
Cecil Helton left a comment for Ralph Paglia
"Thanks, Ralph! "
Tom LaPointe / CarChat24 replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"As cluttered and overloaded as FB has become, paying for placement seems like the only logical thing to do. It isn't THAT expensive and you get guaranteed views...something you didn't get when it was 'free' because people only…"
Ralph Paglia replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"As a useful tool and something that ADM Members can save for future reference, I added an infographic showing Facebook advertising creative size requirements and specifications to the bottom of the original post..."
Drew Ament replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"Another example: We promoted this post (Jan 23 to Feb 9) The targeting was: * exactly between the ages of 35 and 60 inclusive * Who like northern arizona university alumni relations, Northern Arizona University or Northern Arizona Lumberjacks*…"
Ralph Paglia replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"Britt, good insight... I have seen that to be true for several dealerships. For example, my friends at Rick Case Honda in Florida have been using Facebook for over three years and none of the recent changes have phased or deterred them from…"
Ralph Paglia replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"Wow! That is some serious competition to Google Adwords from almost every point of comparison... I have personally found that the nature of the offer and the image used is extremely important on Facebook... Your Trade-In offer is a good example of…"
Drew Ament replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"There is no "threshold" - more of a how much do you want to allocate based on site interaction after click - and ROI. I have dealers that spend $1000/month, I have dealers that spend $5000/month on Facebook. Both have good results based on…"
Ralph Paglia left a comment for Jill Levy
"Jill, I am a big fan of Naked Lime and would love to see content contributions from the Naked Lime team on ADM..."
Britt Hoffmann replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"My perspective on that is that it was great while it lasted but anytime a feature a business offers "for free" that becomes a staple to a customer, will inevitably have a price tag put on it; especially once a start-up becomes corporate.…"
Robert Anderson left a comment for Ralph Paglia
"Hi Ralph, Thanks for reaching out! Robert"
Ralph Paglia replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"I should also point out that the ability to target a dealer's Facebook Page fans and their friends has been enhanced and offers tremendous value to car dealers... But is no longer free!"
Ralph Paglia replied to Ralph Paglia's discussion Facebook Follows "No Free Lunch" Trend Set By Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
"Britt, you are expressing a similar sentiment to my own... The move away from free to fee based was inevitable. However, I still resent the starting position by Facebook that asked me to allocate my dealer client's money to advertising on…"

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Ralph Paglia

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Automotive Social Media Marketing
Current Position: President - Automotive Media Partners, LLC

From 2007 through 2010, Paglia was responsible for ADP Digital Marketing Business Development. He established key strategic partnerships with Car Companies, Dealer Groups and Digital Marketing enterprises such as Google, Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Specific Media, Jumpstart Automotive Media, KnowEm, Ning, TubeMogul, Network Solutions, DealerRater, Facebook, Presto Reviews, J. D. Power and Associates, Digital Dealer Conference,, CBS, Ford, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai and others.

At Tier10 Marketing, Paglia has created significant revenue growth from new solutions to accelerate vehicle, parts and service sales using digital marketing, social media and reputation management strategies and tactics.

Prior to Tier10, Paglia created new businesses for ADP such as Digital Advertising, OEM Digital Marketing Consulting, and Social Media Reputation Management.

After earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Valparaiso University, Paglia went to SUNY-Buffalo for his Masters in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in Marketing. His first job after graduate school was with De La Fuente Automotive, Inc. in San Diego.

Since then Paglia has become a nationally recognized thought leader, speaker and author on automotive CRM systems, Digital Marketing Strategy and Internet Sales Management.

Paglia has a remarkable history of large scale implementation of Internet Sales Departments, Business Development Centers (BDC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tactical operations. He is a well known and frequently published expert at automotive solution development requirements, CRM systems, dealer business processes, Digital Marketing value propositions along with measurement criteria for performance reporting and ROI analysis.


- 1986 San Diego: Paglia pioneers "Internet Leads" using Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with first public ISP (CompuServe).

- 1997 San Antonio; Red McCombs Automotive

- 1999 Philadelphia: Cyber Car Internet Sales process consulting for Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru and Nissan dealers.

- 2000 Houston: Developed Toyota eCertified dealer program for Gulf States Toyota (GST) 5 State Region.

- 2001 Torrance: Led national dealer consulting and orientation program for Honda's Interactive Network (iN) system roll-out.

- 2002 Montvale: Proposed, designed and executed "StarLeads" ILM program for 322 Mercedes-Benz dealers.

- 2003 Detroit: Led development and training of 50+ consultants that executed 600+ Ford dealership BDC implementations.

- 2005 to 2007 Phoenix: Ralph leads single point GM dealer team that sells more units (4,200+) using digital marketing in 1 year than any other dealership had ever sold (before or since).

- 2007 Chicago: Ralph accepts ADP Dealer Services position; Director - Digital Marketing. His first initiative results in ADP Digital Advertising.

- 2007 Phoenix: Paglia builds and launches automotive social network at as a "Professional Community" which becomes industry's most popular at 15,000+ Visitors/Month.

- 2008 Dearborn: Secures Ford contract to develop the Ford Lincoln Mercury Digital Advertising (FLMDA) Program for Dealers

- 2008 Dearborn: Secures national Digital Marketing Consulting contract from Ford Motor Company

- 2008 Dearborn: Secures development funding for Ford Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management dealer program

- 2009 Dearborn: Presents Ford with performance differential of Ford regions using ADP to secure 100% increase in 2009 revenue

- 2009 Dearborn: Proposes/wins 2010 Ford DMC and FLMDA Programs that include Tier 3 Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management

- 2010 Scottsdale: Strategic ASU alliance to open ADP's SkySong Social Media Operations Center
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