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Ralph Paglia
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How Much Do Owners Love Their Cars?

Posted on July 23, 2020 at 2:00pm 1 Comment


Ralph Paglia - Founder of ADM Community - President; ADM Consulting, LLC

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At 8:55pm on February 19, 2019, Victor John said…

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At 4:04am on November 28, 2018, Joe Adams said…


Is it possible to visit with you on the phone? My website just below has my number. I would like to talk to you about some important things. 

Thank you,


Joe Adams

Pro Motor Sports Designer

Multi-Patented US Inventor

At 4:31am on October 18, 2018, Joe Adams said…

Hey Ralph,

Take a look at my site.

and our cause.  I could help sell your consulting to dealerships ... look at my Adamstand™ Work Benches on the site - they save walk, work, set-up and clean-up time installed correctly.  This EARNS DEALERS IN THE SERVICE DEPT.

Best, Joe Adams

At 6:03pm on May 22, 2018, David T. Gould said…

Hello Ralph... been some time (not sure where time goes but all is well here, hopefully same for you) 

I saw your recent video with Ryan G regarding Tier 4 marketing. Been away from the digital scene so long that I did not recognize that terminology in common use. (probably admitting my absence here) 

Is Tier 4 marketing new? Your idea? Are you promoting it with manufacturers?

Hanging in the wings,


At 4:22am on January 10, 2018,
Joe Kavanagh

Thanks Ralph. Hi from Ireland. 


At 12:19pm on December 26, 2017, Steve Humphries said…

Hi Ralph, it was good speaking with you last week while you were house hunting.  Hope it was successful!


At 10:34am on December 18, 2017, Thomas Lee said…

Thank you Ralph

At 4:19pm on November 12, 2017,
Michael J. Larkin
Hi Ralph - My agency conducts digital research and branding, then designs and execute programs based on our clients needs. The most recent demand has been for a Traffic program that converts. If interested I’d like to share with you a recent webinar I hosted were the content was all about the Re-targeting and COLD traffic $37 Billion Dollar industry. Then if you like that, I would invite you as a co-host on a LIVE webinar to your members and I’d provide the re-play MP4 you can use to take on more members. You can reach out to my direct e-mail: larkinmichael hot mail .com or my direct line 571-269-6328
At 2:23pm on September 11, 2017,
Jacob Griffin

Hello, thank you so much for your efforts toward this group. It certainly is a tremendous resource. Do you have a few minutes to circle up by phone with a young professional to see if my understanding of industry trends seem on point.
Jake Griffin
(513) 502-5959

At 4:02pm on May 1, 2017, Brian Bennington said…

Hey Ralph, Hope you're feeling good after all of the problems you've had.  Just found out I have AFib, a heart condition that you probably know about.  Of note, I've been getting notices that I'm "Lurking" on the ADM.  Am I still a member?

Brian Bennington,, 714-457-8287

At 6:12am on January 22, 2017, Steve Stauning said…

Glad to be here! Looking forward to good discussions that move the industry forward.

At 4:31pm on December 25, 2016, Kim Clouse said…

Great to be back Ralph. Can't wait to share the last few years and learn more.

Thanks for taking my call in 2001.

Thanks for all you have done.


At 10:07am on November 20, 2016, Randall Borges said…

Thank you for the add Ralph and actually I'm back here under a new profile with my new organization and I'm excited to both learn much and add value to the ADM community as a contributor!

Check us out at

At 2:33am on August 7, 2016, John "Marzy" Marziliano said…

Hello Ralph,

Are there any salespeople that have created their own dedicated website to promote themselves and/or the brands they sell?

At 8:50am on August 1, 2016, Sheila York said…

Hi Ralph, I've been following you since I heard you speak way back when we were with ADP.  You look like you are continuing to contribute to the growth of all things digital.  Best, Sheila

At 8:09pm on May 22, 2016, Gina Reuscher said…

Thanks for the NADA interview feature, Ralph!

At 10:09pm on February 21, 2016, Mahendrapal Singh said…

Ralph thanks for connect, great community to explore.

At 6:42am on January 18, 2016, Barry Neuman said…

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for adding me. I look forward to becoming a productive member of your community. We here at Rechtschaffen Motors are working on some exciting things related to the wholesale aspect of the auto industry. I look forward to sharing them with you in the months ahead and all the feedback your members can provide to improve the product's ultimate value!

At 7:00pm on December 15, 2015,
Dave Ochoa

Hey Ralph we worked together in the early 2000's for HAC.  Last I saw you was at Ford HQ for a BDC launch.  Hope all is well!

At 7:38am on October 7, 2015,
Tom Test

Thank you for the connection, Ralph! I'm new here, as you can see. I'm looking to find more dealership clients to add to my roster.  I'm a voice talent with a pro studio, you've likely heard me before on national TV or radio.  Is there any way I can be of service to YOU?

Best regards,

Tom Test

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eMarketer Report: Automotive Digital Advertising Spend In 2020

Pandemic Causes Significant Pullback, Making Automotive Hardest-Hit Industry After TravelThe pandemic has caused the US automotive industry to reduce its digital ad spending by 18.2% in 2020. As car sales plummeted, dealerships closed, and manufacturing slowed, marketers backed off from performance initiatives and focused on branding efforts.About This ReportThe…See More
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Ralph Paglia's 2 blog posts were featured
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Latest Car Dealer Auction Sales Drop In Volume and Vehicle Sale Prices

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SEO Research Study: Local Voice Search Ranking Factors

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VW Atlas is Rated Best In Class Among Best Family Cars

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VW Atlas is Rated Best In Class Among Best Family Cars

VW Atlas is "King of the World" among Best Family reveals their top family car choices...The 2020 Volkswagen Atlas took the top spot on’s Best Family Cars for 2020 list.Although going back to school this year differs depending upon where you live, if piling kids into your vehicle to get them there is still part of your…See More
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Tesla Cybertruck: Deployed Into Public Service (Imagination Applied)

Tesla Cybertruck reporting for public service dutyThe 1982 film Blade Runner made a lot of predictions for the present day.Flying cars haven’t materialized just yet. Voice assistants and discussions of the ‘climate crisis’, on the other hand, are fairly commonplace.Step into any of the latest and greatest cars and you’ll also…See More
Aug 28

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Ralph Paglia

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Ken Grody Ford Digital Director

Automotive Digital Media Management
Current Position: President - ADM Consulting, LLC

From 2007 through 2010, Paglia was responsible for ADP Digital Marketing Business Development. He established key strategic partnerships with Car Companies, Dealer Groups and enterprises such as Google, Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Specific Media, Jumpstart Automotive Media, KnowEm, Ning, TubeMogul, Network Solutions, DealerRater, Facebook, Presto Reviews, JD Power, Digital Dealer Conference,, CBS, Ford, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai and others.

At Tier10 Marketing, Paglia created substantial revenue growth from designing solutions to accelerate sales and service effectiveness using digital marketing, social media and reputation management strategies and tactics.

Prior to Tier10, Paglia served as Digital Director at ADP Dealer Services. He created new business units, such as Digital Advertising, OEM Digital Marketing Consulting, and Social Media Reputation Management.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Valparaiso University
Masters in Business Administration (MBA), SUNY-Buffalo (Marketing). First post-grad job was De La Fuente Automotive, Inc. - San Diego.

Paglia is a nationally recognized thought leader, speaker and author on dealer CRM systems, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Reputation Management, Talent Acquisition.

Paglia has a history of large scale implementations, including Internet Departments, Business Development Centers (BDC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tactical operations. He is a well known and frequently published expert at automotive solution development requirements, CRM systems, dealer business processes, Digital Marketing value propositions along with measurement criteria for performance reporting and ROI analysis.


- 1986 San Diego: Paglia pioneers "Internet Leads" using Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with first public ISP (CompuServe).

- 1997 San Antonio; Red McCombs Automotive

- 1999 Philadelphia: Cyber Car Internet Sales process consulting for Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru and Nissan dealers.

- 2000 Houston: Developed Toyota eCertified dealer program for Gulf States Toyota (GST) 5 State Region.

- 2001 Torrance: Led national dealer consulting and orientation program for Honda's Interactive Network (iN) system roll-out.

- 2002 Montvale: Proposed, designed and executed "StarLeads" ILM program for 322 Mercedes-Benz dealers.

- 2003 Detroit: Led development and training of 50+ consultants that executed 600+ Ford dealership BDC implementations.

- 2005 to 2007 Phoenix: Ralph leads single point GM dealer team that sells more units (4,200+) using digital marketing in 1 year than any other dealership had ever sold (before or since).

- 2007 Chicago: Ralph accepts ADP Dealer Services position; Director - Digital Marketing. His first initiative results in ADP Digital Advertising.

- 2007 Phoenix: Paglia builds and launches automotive social network at as a "Professional Community" which becomes industry's most popular at 15,000+ Visitors/Month.

- 2008 Dearborn: Secures Ford contract to develop the Ford Lincoln Mercury Digital Advertising (FLMDA) Program for Dealers

- 2008 Dearborn: Secures national Digital Marketing Consulting contract from Ford Motor Company

- 2008 Dearborn: Secures development funding for Ford Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management dealer program

- 2009 Dearborn: Presents Ford with performance differential of Ford regions using ADP to secure 100% increase in 2009 revenue

- 2009 Dearborn: Proposes/wins 2010 Ford DMC and FLMDA Programs that include Tier 3 Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management

- 2010 Scottsdale: Strategic ASU alliance to open ADP's SkySong Social Media Operations Center
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The Cobalt Group, String Automotive
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