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Trump Raises Stakes in Tit-for-Tat Tariff Spat (6/22/18)

Trump raises stakes in tit-for-tat tariff spat; ‘American’ Hondas dominate list; Daimler names new Smart chief; VW Group’s brand power; The functional and foolish.

Chevy Reinvents Blazer; UAW Blasts Production Site (6/22/18)

Chevy reinvents Blazer, UAW blasts production site; Uber driver was streaming TV show, cops say; Ally settles lawsuit; Tesla to shutter solar facilities?; Hyundai's war on clones.

Reuss Lands Cadillac, Ammann Aligns With AVs (6/21/18)

Reuss lands Cadillac, Ammann aligns with AVs in GM management shift; Chevy Corvette ZR1 recall; Audi stops selling A6, A7; Intel ousts CEO; Try to catch this taxi.

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Ralph Paglia on AutoConverse

by Ralph Paglia Ralph Paglia on AutoConverse

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Edward Boyd posted a blog post

My detailed review of

Whether you are in college and you suffer from many sleepless nights because of your assignments, or you struggle with high school essays, all problems can be solved with the magical help of the Internet.There are plenty of sites that can supply what you desperately need, a good night’s sleep. No, they don’t sell sleeping…See More
7 hours ago
Brooke Chaplan posted a blog post

Lead Foot? 3 Legal Ways to Get Your Going-Fast Fix

If you love the thrill of high speed but want to avoid a traffic ticket, then look for other ways to feed the excitement of fast-paced energy release through legal and safe means. You can enjoy an adrenaline rush with one of the following activities whenever you feel the need to slam your foot on the accelerator. Go Kart RacingSpeed away in a kart of…See More
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sara callahan liked John Wingle's blog post Are you Ignoring Your Most Valuable Point of Customer Contact?
Steve White's blog post was featured

The Future of Marketing could be Voice

In the old days, if consumers wanted to buy a product or find specials, they turned to the Sunday paper, the radio, or simply visited their local store. Then, the Internet appeared, and everything changed. It became incredibly easy for consumers to find information and, at the same time, gave marketers more ways to push their messages to consumers. But now…See More
Bill Wittenmyer's blog post was featured

How to Maximize Your CPO Investment

Are the headaches associated with bringing vehicles up to certified pre-owned (CPO) program standards worth it? For dealers, there’s certainly more work, money and time involved with finding, reconditioning and certifying vehicles for CPO programs. On the surface, it may seem like the higher margins don’t really justify the higher cost of reconditioning and…See More
Chris Miller posted a blog post

One Small Step Is a Good Start to a Long Journey

It’s a sad fact that current recall repair compliance rates are so abysmal. Most dealers know it., the Feds know it, state governments know it, and the manufacturers know it. Resolving this recall crisis starts with a notification.  But, people simply don’t read recall notices, they discard them as junk mail. For those that do…See More
John Sternal's blog post was featured

Equifax and Oplogic Stop Synthetic Identity Fraud at Michigan Dealership

CRM driver’s license scan and advanced analytics reduce unwanted threats, even before the test driveCriminals are becoming more creative in their approach to commit synthetic ID fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 1.7 percent of identity fraud complaints indicated that auto loans or leases had been generated…See More

ADM Blog Posts

The Future of Marketing could be Voice

Posted by Steve White on June 21, 2018 at 7:00am 0 Comments

In the old days, if consumers wanted to buy a product or find specials, they turned to the Sunday paper, the radio, or simply visited their local store. Then, the Internet appeared, and everything changed. It became incredibly easy for consumers to find information and, at the same time, gave marketers more ways to push their messages to…


How to Maximize Your CPO Investment

Posted by Bill Wittenmyer on June 20, 2018 at 7:00am 0 Comments

Are the headaches associated with bringing vehicles up to certified pre-owned (CPO) program standards worth it? For dealers, there’s certainly more work, money and time involved with finding, reconditioning and certifying vehicles for CPO programs.


On the surface, it may seem like the higher margins don’t really justify the higher…


Equifax and Oplogic Stop Synthetic Identity Fraud at Michigan Dealership

Posted by John Sternal on June 19, 2018 at 6:00am 0 Comments

CRM driver’s license scan and advanced analytics

reduce unwanted threats,
even before the test…


Main Features of Fuel Testing and Analysis

Posted by tony croose on June 18, 2018 at 11:00pm 0 Comments

Fuel laboratories are highly-specialised facilities that test a diverse range of fuels for quality and consistency, including the RDE fuels used in vehicle testing. Testing and analyzing fuels is important for adhering to regulatory standards and to check for any signs of contamination…


Car Insurance - How to Find the Best Plan

Posted by Rahul Paul on June 17, 2018 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

Finding inexpensive automobile insurance on the internet might seem incredibly simple. Nearly every website claims it has the best rates available. Clearly this can’t be true. It can be practically impossible for the average car owner to compare plan against plan to know if they’re…



Posted by Black Book on June 15, 2018 at 7:00am 0 Comments

According to Black Book® data, the average price of a used vehicle for model years 2013-2017 decreased slightly in value -0.3% during May, with cars changing -0.7% and trucks -0.1%. All vehicles are averaging a 12-month change of -14.1%. This is trending better than May of last year, when 2- to 6-year…


Dealership Marketing Audit: Homepage to SRP Click-through Rate

Posted by Dane Saville on June 18, 2018 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

Car shoppers should have a simple path to your website's SRPs. Your homepage should offer that streamlined process.

Is there a way I can tell if my homepage is driving people to my…


When Batman Decides a Recall Isn’t Enough

Posted by Chris Miller on June 18, 2018 at 6:30am 0 Comments

In 2014, due to safety concerns, Toyota issued a recall notice for a power inverter on its popular Toyota Prius. Nothing abnormal. But for the fact that, even after the recall was fixed, customers continued coming in with issues – hundreds of them – and that’s when Roger Hogan’s dealership decided…


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How Do You Define Management Competency?

Started by Garry House in Uncategorized or Does Not Fit Into Any Pre-Defined Category on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Successful dealerships strive to recruit, hire, and retain the best-available management talent. Once that talent is on board, effective performance management processes must be in place to provide these yet-unproven (to us) managers with feedback on their work results and to ensure that they are receiving the tools and support to become high achievers. So I always ask my potential client-dealers to describe their method of evaluating the overall competence of the individuals on their management staff. With few exceptions, the answers I receive are consistently disappointing. Rarely have I been provided with a comprehensive assessment tool that the dealership senior management team utilizes on a timely basis to both fairly evaluate their subordinate management staff and initiate an appropriate response to the assessment.To assist you in evaluating your own management competence (or that of your subordinate managers), I invite you to try out the Competency Analysis for Automotive…Continue

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Better Logos Than Designers?

Started by Hina Eni in WEBSITE CONTENT - How to Get Visitors to Interact, Engaging Content, Driving Increased Website Visitor-to-Dealer Contact Conversion Rates. Last reply by fast coode Jun 14. 5 Replies

This era belongs to the artificial intelligence because humans are quickly getting replaced by the computers and algorithms for completing the task. Considering the role of web design agencies in Dubai, they now face the challenges of creating best UI design based websites by using the phenomena of highly effective logos and stickers. The sites designing agencies now deliver the best websites by creating creative logos at affordable prices. Therefore, they make use of the artificial intelligence, because it generates excellent options, and help them in the development of logos. The client selects five logos from twenty of them, which are then taken by following the strategy of typeface, icons, colour palette and tons of other options. A designer is required to produce the best logo by keeping in consideration the requirement of the client and designing the logo using interactive colours and stickers to meet the…Continue

Tags: company, design, designinig, web

Las Vegas Casino Workers’ Union: Visitors Should Not Sexually Harass Workers

Started by Ralph Paglia in CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, EVENTS - Gatherings, Trade-Shows, Speakers, Offsite Training, etc. - Anything you go to outside the dealership to get information and contacts May 30. 0 Replies

Las Vegas casino workers’ union is calling on conference visitors to not sexually harass workersLas Vegas, NV - In a survey conducted by UNITE HERE’s Culinary and Bartender Unions of over 10,000 Las Vegas casino workers: 59% of cocktail servers and 27% of hotel housekeepers said they had been sexually harassed by guests, managers or others while on the job. 72% of cocktail servers and 53% of hotel housekeepers said a guest had done something to make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The Culinary Union, Nevada’s largest union, is actively reaching out to Las Vegas tourists and asking them to pledge to not sexually harass Las Vegas casino workers while they are visiting. Other UNITE HERE locals will be leafleting the pledge at major airports around the country. The pledge is available on the…Continue

Tags: Not, Sexually, Harass, Workers, Should

5 SEO Tips for Auto Dealers Selling Auto Parts Online

Started by Jon Hedges in SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) - Includes Organic Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) Strategies, Tactics and Best Practices May 22. 0 Replies

For any dealers that sell OEM parts, tires or wheels online, you may already know the auto parts SEO process is much different than for the front of the house.Here are some tips to use on your own website.Tip #1: Understand the Road to Purchase for auto parts SEOThe Road to Purchase for car parts can vary a lot, depending on what part you're optimizing for.For example, when a shopper needs an OEM part, it's usually because something broke or wore out. It may not be a planned purchase.But, for a performance car part, an accessory, or something to customize a vehicle, the shopper may have been thinking about that part for weeks, months or even years.The key is to show up for online searches when a shopper starts down the Road with general searches, as well as showing up for more specific searches that have high purchase intent as that…Continue

Tags: automotive seo, auto parts, seo

WordStream Sold To Publisher Gannett For $130 Million Cash

Started by Ralph Paglia in SUPPLIERS - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly May 13. 0 Replies

Search Icon and Marketer Tool of Choice WordStream Sold To Publisher Gannett, Owner of for $130 Million Cash DealWritten by Laurie Sullivan  @lauriesullivanGannett on Thursday announced an agreement to acquire search marketing and advertising company WordStream for $130 million in cash and up to an aggregate of $20 million earnout during the next 24 months based on achieving certain revenue targets.As Gannett transforms into a digital publisher supported by search and analytics services, the “acquisition marks another critical milestone,” stated Robert Dickey, president and chief executive officer of Gannett.The transaction builds on Gannett’s existing…Continue

Tags: $130, Million, Cash, For, Gannett

Why is it important to differentiate between mobile and desktop in SEO?

Started by Susan Daigle in SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) - Includes Organic Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) Strategies, Tactics and Best Practices. Last reply by Jon Hedges May 10. 4 Replies

Distinguishing clearly between the mobile platform and the desktop platform is of paramount importance when it comes to search engine optimization. More specifically, mobile platform has not just influenced the way businesses used to represent themselves over the internet but, it has entirely changed the concept of online branding. Now SEO experts put greater attention to the area of content that fits best when it comes to reading it on mobile devices.  Moreover, it has been also observed that mobile search terms vary a lot from the desktop search terms. And above all, according to a digital marketing in Virginia, mobile friendliness continues to grow as a trending priority when it comes to executing SEO plans in the year 2017 where concepts such as Google AMP has been launched that largely focuses on showing up the best content results…Continue

Tags: and, mobile, desktop, in, SEO?

Are You Looking at This the Right Way?

Started by Garry House in Uncategorized or Does Not Fit Into Any Pre-Defined Category May 10. 0 Replies

When I was teaching the Sonic Dealer Academy from 2001 through 2008, my co-instructor, Steve Hallock, became famous for asking each class, “Why do you think we spend so much time talking about the Service Department? It’s because, at a 75% gross profit margin on labor sales, this department offers, by far, the greatest incentive to increase sales. That was then, and many dealership owners and managers looked at service gross potential that way.These days, however, I’m coaching my clients to also recognize the value of the “associated gross” that is developed when we increase service labor sales. I’m sure most of you grasp how adding 5 more R.O.s per month, increasing hours per R.O. by two tenths, and increasing the labor rate by $0.50 can increase labor sales. But most dealership owners and managers are absolutely shocked by the increased overall gross profit developed when we consider the “associated” sales.What do I mean? After performing this exercise with hundreds of NCM Institute…Continue

Vehicle Subscriptions: How Many Consumers Are Yet Aware?

Started by Ralph Paglia in FINANCE and INSURANCE - Financial Services, Credit Issues, Using Financing variations to sell cars, the F+I Department, etc. May 2. 0 Replies

Netflix for Cars?Most Consumers Unaware of SubscriptionsWith the growing availability of subscriptions for new and used vehicles in the auto industry, wanted to see how aware consumers are of this new ownership model... As it turns out, not very many at all! According to an Autolist survey of 1,428 current car shoppers, 70 percent of consumers have no idea that automakers and retailers offer or have announced subscriptions for new or used vehicles. Highlights:Seventy percent of car shoppers are not aware that automakers and retailers currently offer or have announced subscription services for their vehicles.  Just 16 percent of consumers could name a brand offering a subscription. Consumers are less open to a subscription for their next vehicle, but they’re more open to it as…Continue

Tags: Unaware, of, Subscriptions, Consumers, Most

Newsletter: 'Ralph Recommends...'

Started by Ralph Paglia in AUTO INDUSTRY NEWS - Discussions about Auto Industry, including dealerships, car companies and government, but not about suppliers (see cetegory) Apr 27. 0 Replies

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*Teach Customers to Use Tech By the Center for Performance ImprovementConnected navigation, Bluetooth phone and streaming audio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are just a few examples of tech features now commonly found in new cars. It’s no surprise some customers are having trouble ...VIEW STORYYour Technician Shortage Is Not a Good Excuse By the Center for Performance ImprovementFrom New York City to Los Angeles,…Continue

Tags: Recommends, Ralph, Newsletter

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FREE WEBINAR: Texting Strategies: from Clicks to Conversations to Car Sales

Texting is huge! In fact, it is the preferred primary means of communication among today’s consumers.


Want to learn how to convert your website visitors into showroom visits with a solid texting strategy? Yeah you do!

We’re bringing in Peter Quinones to show you…

Time:June 28, 2018 from 12pm to 1pm
Website or Map:…
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Automotive Events Summary Through October 2018

Upcoming Automotive Events and Conferences
This listing of events is designed to be a resource for car dealers, OEM's, auto industry professionals and suppliers.

June 2018

June 3-5: Digital Marketing Strategies Conference – Napa, CA [LINK]

June 7: Wards Intelligence Outlook Conference – Birmingham, MI […

Time:June 4, 2018 at 6pm to May 31, 2019 at 7pm
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Automotive Leadership 360 Overview Conference

Automotive Leadership 360 Overview Conference
Call Us 631-796-2789…

Time:July 25, 2018 all day
Location:161 Rose Dr, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Street:161 Rose Drive
City/Town:Ronkonkoma NY
Website or Map:http://www.worldclassdealersh…
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Created by Ralph Paglia Dec 18, 2012 at 1:20am. Last updated by Ralph Paglia Dec 20, 2012.

How To Get YOUR Video Featured

Created by Ralph Paglia Apr 19, 2010 at 1:58am. Last updated by Ralph Paglia May 10, 2010.

How To Get Your ADM Blog Post Featured

Created by Ralph Paglia Jan 16, 2009 at 10:24am. Last updated by Ralph Paglia May 10, 2010.

How To Get Your ADM Profile Featured

Created by Ralph Paglia Jan 16, 2009 at 10:18am. Last updated by Ralph Paglia May 10, 2010.

Automotive Marketing News

Germany's glitziest car awards canceled over diesel

Germany's most prestigious automaker awards will go to no one this year as manufacturers reel from the latest turns in a diesel-emissions scandal plaguing the industry.

Toyota cuts marketing costs to fund randd

Toyota wants to follow the example of Tesla and Google, which rely heavily on cheaper, non-traditional marketing. Savings will be invested in emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

Toyota, pressed to innovate, cuts marketing outlays to fuel randd

Toyota has begun slashing costs, starting with sales and marketing, and shifting resources into research that will help it keep up with new competitors, Reuters reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Retailer Prime launches subscription service

The subscription service is part of the growth strategy of parent company Prime Automotive Group, which joins a budding trend of retailers and automakers experimenting with such plans.

BMW launches first U.S. ad from new agency

Goodby, Silverstein and Partners channels Albert Einstein in its first work for BMW since winning the account in March. The ad, "Relativity," promotes the brand's "Summer On" sales event.

J. D. Power Online Automotive Review Articles on Internet Sales and Management Research and Insights for Car Dealers, Internet Sales Managers and OEM Executives

Even used-vehicle buyers are going online

This past year we saw a massive increase used automotive Internet usage (AIU) rate, as 68% of all used-vehicle buyers went online during the vehicle shopping process versus 63% in 2009.  The dramatic rise has narrowed the gap between used- and new- AIU rates. There are many fac tors at work.  One is the poor […]

Automotive iPad apps

This week I decided to check out automotive iPad apps.  These first-generation entries are at times engaging, but ultimately I often found than frustrating and rather limited. Let’s start with one of my favorite usability rants: hot spots.  They’re quick, which is probably why three OEM iPad apps incorporate them.  They’re also dirty – pretty […]

Some reliability perceptions are changing (and that’s not a good thing for Toyota)

It’s no secret that auto manufacturers are creating better vehicles than ever before – safer, more feature-rich, higher quality, and more reliable.  Data from our Vehicle Dependability Study, which surveys owners of three-year-old vehicles regarding the number of problems experienced in the prior twelve months, backs the assertion of improved reliability.  As illustrated below, these […]

The Future of Satellite Radio

As more in-vehicle audio and entertainment options become available to consumers, the question of satellite radio’s relevance has become more prominent. Most vehicle sold today have satellite radio at least as an option, if not standard, and most new car buyers are given a trial subscription, usually anywhere from one to six months. This gives […]

Bringing in younger buyers

The average age of new-vehicle buyers increased dramatically from 46.5 in 2008 to 53.4 in 2010 (Source: 2010 Auto Offline Media Report – Summer) as lower income buyers – who are often younger – were forced out of the market due to the poor economic environment.  This shift has impacted almost every automotive brand, including […]

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