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Top 5 Most Popular Automotive Marketing Photos of Past Month

SIGNTHENDRIVE - Looking for the Best VW Sign Then Drive Deal?

by Ken Beam Who is the Best VW Sign Then Drive Deals on the `Net??? This is the answer...... See you at Douglas VW in Summit NJ!

Open House at Douglas Infiniti on 11/20/2014

by Ken Beam You are cordially invited to the Douglas Infiniti Open House on Thursday 11/20/2014 from 5:30-8:30pm Food & beverages will be served and ALL are welcomed! We look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday! Your Friends at Douglas Infiniti

Guide to Driving Etiquette [Infographic]

by Todd Bryant The infographic will guide you through the little quirks of driving we tend to forget and ultimately turn you into more than just a better driver, but a better person on the road, too. Please feel free to share it on your blog using the code below: Please include attribution to Bryant Surety Bonds with this graphic.

CarChat24 Asks: Why Do Chat Providers Hide Their Pricing?

by Ralph Paglia CarChat24 Asks: Why Do Chat Providers Hide Their Pricing? Leaderboard Ad -

CarChat24 Asks: Why Do Chat Providers Hide Their Pricing?

by Ralph Paglia CarChat24 Asks: Why Do Chat Providers Hide Their Pricing? Skyscraper Ad -

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Mike Elliott liked Earl Weingarden's profile
8 hours ago
Angela Smith posted a blog post

The Power Of Online Classified Ads & Used Cars

As the Internet continues to become more all-important to business, companies that actually take advantage of it intelligently continue to grow and improve. However, not everyone knows how to harness the power of the web, and otherwise successful companies sometimes fail to adapt to the times. Among all the SEO articles and get-rich-quick schemes, a powerful Internet marketing tool involving classified ads is being used with fantastic…See More
11 hours ago
Earl Weingarden posted a status
"SUBARU DEALERS, dvMail's donating $100 to the Share charity of your choice when you sign up for a December prospecting email campaign."
Earl Weingarden and Mike Elliott are now friends
CDK Global posted a blog post

4 Simple Ways To Boost Clicks & Conversions on Your Dealership Website

by Rob Campbell, Performance Improvement Consultant4 Simple Ways to Boost Clicks & Conversions on Your Dealership WebsiteIn 1996, I helped design and build the first website for my father’s GM dealership. The “interweb” was in its infancy and most car dealerships didn’t even have dial-up Internet service, let alone a website. I’ll be honest, we had no idea what we should build, and thinking proactively about how customers would interact with what we built never even crossed our minds.…See More
Dave Haynes posted a blog post

Create Quality Dealer Video Promos Without Busting Budgets

Video is well established as a powerful dealer marketing - whether it's for local or regional broadcast, on line, mobile or the digital signs in local dealers and surrounding businesses.But there's always been a big barrier in the way of dealers who wanted to use video-driven marketing - high creative production costs.Getting a good-looking video ad spot can easily cost several thousand dollars from an agency, and much more so from larger agencies. Even local freelance motion graphic designer…See More
Catherine Brock updated their profile
Borrell Associates posted a video
Alexander Lau commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post After Further Review, the Call of the Field Stands. Links Still Drive Rankings.
"I've dumped gShift for SEO PowerSuite, it does what 50 tools perform. THE 50 TOOLS YOU DON'T NEED if you have SEO PowerSuite Check out the list of 50 SEO tools that thousands…"
Paul Potratz posted a blog post

Do You Meet The Standards?

Why Google Says You Need To Go Mobile If you aren't mobile friendly, you may want to think about getting a mobile platform. Google ran A/B testing last month that will impact your mobile traffic.This week on Hard Facts, learn about this new tool that could deter potential customers from clicking on your links if they're searching from their cell phones.See More
Rebecca Kon posted a blog post

The Top Ten Auto News Stories of the Week: November 15 - 21

Happy Friday, Auto Dealers!Are you ready to read the top automotive news and blogs from around the Web? We have some really interesting topics for you today, including: Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell car, NADA’s Sales Forecast for 2015, 3 ways dealers are connecting with the modern tech-savvy shopper, and more!…See More
Alexander Lau commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post After Further Review, the Call of the Field Stands. Links Still Drive Rankings.
"I'll say it again: What does Google want? They want relevant, real content on the internet that people want to read and tell other people about. If Google doesn’t bring you the most relevant content when you search, they aren’t…"
Alexander Lau commented on Joseph Little's blog post Another Reason Google Should be #1 on Your Strategy for Gathering Positive Public Reviews.
"Yep! That includes DealerRater, etc."
Ken Beam commented on Ken Beam's blog post Hey ADM`ers! This has nothing to do with selling cars....... but I need your help please???
"Hi Ralph! Thanks a lot! Hey I got an article published in this months December issue of Fur-Fish-Game Magazine! You can probably find the magazine at a Quick Check, convenience-type store out in your neck of the…"
Mike Elliott posted a discussion

NHTSA: Not Enough Evidence to Force Nationwide Takata Airbag Recall

A high-ranking official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was defending federal safety regulators' decision not to mandate a national recall of all cars affected by defective airbags manufactured by Japan’s Takata. According to The Detroit News, Deputy NHTSA Administrator David Friedman was preparing to tell a U.S. Senate committee that the agency doesn't have sufficient data to force a nationwide recall, and that such a broad action could divert limited replacement parts…See More
Alexander Lau commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post After Further Review, the Call of the Field Stands. Links Still Drive Rankings.
"New Google advisory will benefit ‘mobile-friendly’ sites 7 things marketers need to know about the impact of Google’s latest change on…"
Alexander Lau commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post After Further Review, the Call of the Field Stands. Links Still Drive Rankings.
"Well Contented (Relevant Content) Site + Backlinks (in and around) Well Contented / Respected Site(s) = S.E.O or whatever we are calling it these days Domain authority still matters (backlinks built on sites with high page rankings of PR 5-9 = Great…"
Earl Weingarden commented on J.D. Rucker's blog post After Further Review, the Call of the Field Stands. Links Still Drive Rankings.
"Content will always come first, but links are an important signal. The issue is that they must be quality links and low quality/spammy links must be avoided at all costs. You will be penalized and a top of first page ranking could become a second or…"
kanchan singh replied to Kim Essenmacher's discussion Dealership Website SEO
"Home, Used Cars, New Cars, Blog Pages and if there is any page on social networking site.[url=] PREVENTATIVE VEHICLE MAINTENANCE [/url]"
Yoey Thamas posted a blog post

3 different types of car insurance

If you own a car in UK, it’s mandatory for you to keep it insured. However, you’ve a choice when it comes to selecting the type of insurance. There are many different options available to the women car drivers in UK. These include third party insurance, third party theft and fire insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can choose the right insurance car cover.Third part car insurance is the most basic insurance cover offered by the companies.…See More

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When An Apology Isn’t An Apology

Posted by Richard Holland on November 20, 2014 at 6:00am 0 Comments

Regardless of how hard you work to ensure that your customers have an excellent experience, mistakes happen. No doubt you’ve had customers complain about something – it took too long for their vehicle to be serviced, there was a miscommunication in pricing during the sale, or a general failure to deliver on promises (big or small). Whether the complaint is relayed to the frontline employee, or the customer felt the need to go directly to management, apologies are usually made.


The problem is that, at times, your customer feels that they have received an empty apology and can recognize this type of apology a mile away. These “nonpologies” don’t accomplish anything more than relaying indifference to the customer.


Examples of nonpologies are:


“We made a…


Another Reason Google Should be #1 on Your Strategy for Gathering Positive Public Reviews.

Posted by Joseph Little on November 19, 2014 at 11:18am 1 Comment

Why should Google be the first place to accumulate positive public reviews? Go to Google and type "lunch Near Overland Park KS"

Google just did a "go screw yourself Yelp".

Looks like its just for food and lodging, but knowing Google this will expand quickly. 

Looking for the Best VW Sign Then Drive Deal in Union Cty. NJ? | VW Sign Then Drive Headquarters

Posted by Ken Beam on November 19, 2014 at 10:40am 0 Comments

 photo SIGN_THEN_DRIVE_zps09f15665.jpg
Powered by
Douglas Volkswagen
491 Morris Ave.
Summit NJ 07901

NJ Infiniti - Open House at Douglas Infiniti this Thursday 11/20 & you are cordially invited!

Posted by Ken Beam on November 18, 2014 at 1:06pm 0 Comments

You are cordially invited to our Open House this Thursday!

Click the picture to find out more info.

Douglas Infiniti in Summit is having an Open House this Thursday 11/20 from 5:30-8:30pm.

Food & beverages will be served. Plan on stopping by to see the 2015 Infiniti Models.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Your Friends at Douglas Infiniti

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Posted by Mike Gorun on November 18, 2014 at 5:30am 0 Comments

When did you last walk through the customer entrance of your dealership and look at what is truly being experienced by the customer?


Forget for a moment whether a sales consultant’s work area is messy, or if there are smudges on the windows. Let’s look a little closer at what a customer could see, hear or feel when they interact with your dealership in any department. What’s really taking place behind the doors may be a real surprise to you. Taken from a customer’s perspective, you just might be failing to meet their most basic expectations. As a result, you could be damaging your dealership simply by being unaware of what happens on a daily basis down in the trenches.


Have you made an anonymous phone call to your…


Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

Posted by Timmy D. James on November 17, 2014 at 5:00am 0 Comments

That classic line from the song “Somebody to Love” by legendary band, Queen epitomizes the destination for consumers and the goal of all salespeople. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you’ve heard the phrase “People buy from people they like.” In the past, a consumer had to come into a dealership to start the car shopping process. This is where the important skill of “building rapport” came into play for salespeople. Great salespeople learned quickly how to find common interests and develop relationships with their clients, while assisting them to find the right vehicle.


Fast forward to today. Consumers now have the option of car shopping anonymously. Dealership Internet and BDC departments are inundated with leads arriving from countless sources. Consumers chose to share some or all of…


How to sell more cars in a blizzard

Posted by Big Tom LaPointe on November 16, 2014 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

As the remnants of Typhoon Nuri finish the march across North America, northern car dealers are reminded that Mother Nature doesn’t care what monthly sales targets are when she comes blowing through. If last winter is any precursor to the upcoming snow season, cold weather states and provinces are in for more than a few snow days.

Some of my fondest memories as a child were snow days. School was closed and we got to stay home and play in the snow. And while an occasional storm day as a grownup can be fun to spend shoveling snow with the family, it generally adds stress by taking a bite out of your bottom line because you can’t sell cars. Here is where a quality managed chat option shines!

A quality managed chat option means your virtual ‘doors’ are open around the clock. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a head-start on the competition as car shoppers look for that next 4x4 or AWD vehicle to cope with…


Chat and Phone Leads Start with a Helping Hand

Posted by Jeffery Sterns on November 16, 2014 at 1:31pm 0 Comments

One of the biggest lessons I learned when working at the dealership was that you can't do the same things on the phone or in chat that you would do when you're talking to a person face-to-face. We often discuss controlling the transaction and leading our customers down the right path, but if they're not in front of you, the control-factor is often limited.

This is why it's so important to be more helpful on the phone or on website chat. They are controlling the direction of the conversation in most situations. We've probably all heard phone call recordings where an opportunity gets missed because a salesperson pushes too hard to set the appointment. That's not to say that you shouldn't try to get the appointment; there's probably more instances where a salesperson is not aggressive enough on the…


After Further Review, the Call of the Field Stands. Links Still Drive Rankings.

Posted by J.D. Rucker on November 14, 2014 at 4:45pm 7 Comments

I had a debate with an automotive SEO buddy back in May about the validity of high-quality inbound links for the purpose of search engine optimization. He contended that great content on the website was enough to boost rankings substantially. I argued that Google and Bing still look at outside signals such as links to help them determine the authority and validity of the content.

Today, I received a phone call that confirmed it. The best part is that I didn't even have to do any research or testing on my own. He had set up a very clear and easily duplicated test to see who was correct.

Two cities. Two Honda dealers. On both websites, he wrote up long pieces (over 1000 words) of content on similar landing pages. All unique content, all perfectly worded…


Location Is Everything!

Posted by Paul Potratz on November 14, 2014 at 11:38am 0 Comments

Help Customers Find You

Does your business have multiple locations? A new digital strategy will allow you to show all of them right when someone is searching for a product or service that you offer. 

This week on Hard Facts, learn what tool you can use to drive conversions to all of your locations. 

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Posted by Kim Essenmacher on February 15, 2014

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