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AdAgencyOnline.Net Reviews JMsolutions AAX™ On “Automotive Advertising Experts”

AdAgencyOnline.Net is recognized in the automotive advertising industry as “The One Stop Site For All Of Your Automotive Advertising Needs.” The free automotive advertising resource / networking portal shares best practices with automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers and automotive advertising vendors struggling to survive in a down market. Philip Zelinger, President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and host of the blog talk radio show “Automotive Advertising Experts” featured on the site’s blog talk radio station WAAOL – All Automotive Advertising News All The Time , has scheduled an interview with Tim Zierden, Assistant Vice President and General Manager of software solutions for JMsolutions, to discuss their revolutionary inventory management and marketing application – AAX™.

Tim Zierden is a recognized leader in integrated, automotive web-based products and service. He has over 14 years of automotive industry experience and is currently responsible for the strategic direction of JMsolutions’ AAX™ Inventory Management and CMX™ Customer Management Solutions software.

Prior to joining JMsolutions, Zierden was vice president of trade operations for lanelogic. His responsibilities at this automotive wholesale industry company included overseeing all technology enhancements, trade desk operations and trading process.

Zierden also spent several years as the operating partner for Flow Automotive, a multi-franchise new car store. He worked in all areas of the dealership from service to sales and built a successful team that was able to more than double the business.

As one of the founding associates of CarMax, Inc., Zierden gained significant expertise in the field of inventory management. He joined CarMax as a buyer in training and opened 10 stores, eventually rising to regional vice president of merchandising. Zierden’s region included the #1 and #2 volume used car operations in the country. He led both the technology and operational teams that created CarMax’s appraisal process.

JMsolutions ( was established in 2005. A JM Family Enterprises, Inc. ( company, JMsolutions ( develops and markets innovative, integrated software systems that help automotive dealers improve operational efficiencies throughout the entire sales and marketing process while maximizing sales.

JMsolutions offers its AAX™ inventory management suite; CMX™ customer management suite which includes DealerUps™ customer relationship management, ProCal™ desking, ProFi™ finance and insurance menu; and SMX™ sales and service marketing suite by DMEautomotive. It also provides dealers with related training and consulting services. JMsolutions serves over 2,500 dealership clients nationwide, including the nation’s top six dealer groups. Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Fla., JMsolutions has major operations in Dallas, Texas.

Several recent press releases distributed by JMsolutions regarding their AAX™ application attracted the attention of Philip Zelinger who is responsible to find solutions for shared problems experienced by his auto dealer clients. Philip Zelinger commented that he “fast tracked” his review of AAX™ based on his long standing respect for JM Family Enterprises and his support for the use of technology and applications to improve selling processes for auto dealers in both the real and the virtual world exploding onto the World Wide Web.

Philip Zelinger invested twenty five plus years in the retail auto industry as a general manager and dealer principal before shifting his focus to automotive advertising when he founded Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. in December of 2001. Ad Agency Online L.L.C. is a national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies, production partners and preferred automotive advertising vendors linked by the online communication / distribution system developed by Mr. Zelinger.

Another reason for the urgency of Mr. Zelinger to review AAX™ is that he will be speaking at the 5th Digital Dealer Conference scheduled October 6th through October 8th at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas and AAX™ is expected to be referenced in his presentation. Philip Zelinger will be hosting a seminar titled: “Marketing CPOV Vehicles vs. New or Pre-Owned In A Credit Challenged Auto Industry” and sub-titled: “Using cutting edge applications to manage/market pre-owned vehicles to maximize R.O.I.” JMsolutions AAX™ will be a featured vendor application in Mr. Zelinger’s seminar and they have contributed material for his problem / solution based forum for conference attendees.

The summary on the 5th Digital Dealer website explains the seminar in detail, “The auto industry is challenged by the credit crisis along with “upside down” customers who are hit before, during and after their purchase in a shrinking economy. The solution lies in solving the problem before the new car customer is forced to “settle” for a pre-owned vehicle. This seminar will solve the problem from the customer’s perspective as well as the auto dealers. “Before” - by applying inventory management software that evaluates trade-ins and manages pre-owned inventories including the purchase of CPOV vehicles that fit demand based on actual dealer historical sales data, “During” – with desking applications in both the real and the virtual showrooms that simultaneously surface and solve the problems and “After” – by structuring the deal with “menu selling” based payment plans to maximize R.O.I. for the dealer, minimize negative equity and preserve income in Fixed Operations using a CRM linked to a V.O.I.P. telephony system and DMS.”

The following links provide information on the 5th Digital Dealer Conference & Philip Zelinger’s seminar:



The following press releases provided by JMsolutions confirm Mr. Zelinger’s confidence in their solution and earned them a reference in his seminar:

JMsolutions Announces Favorable Returns for Large Pre-Owned Vehicles

Data Findings Cast Silver Lining in Truck-Friendly Markets

Deerfield Beach, Fla. (September, 19, 2008) - JMsolutions, a dealer-focused automotive technology products and services company, released findings today which show that pre-owned SUVs and trucks are earning excellent returns in traditionally “truck-friendly” markets. Successful used vehicle sales opportunities remain despite the nationwide general downturn in new SUV and truck sales. For example, in Dallas, Texas, nine of the 11 most profitable used vehicle models in August were full-sized SUVs or large pick-up trucks.

The data, based on nearly 62,000 vehicles retailed in the U.S. in August by dealers using JMsolutions’ AAX™ used vehicle inventory management system, also showed similar trends in other regions. The second most profitable used vehicle in the Washington, D.C. market was the Chevy Trailblazer, with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Dodge Ram 1500 respectfully rounding out the top 20 most profitable used vehicles. The Jeep Liberty held the number one rank in used vehicle profitability in the South Florida market.

“It’s clear that dealers who continue to utilize AAX and follow our inventory management philosophy are maximizing margins and ‘turns’ in their stores when buying and selling vehicles,” said Scot Eisenfelder, group vice president, JMsolutions. “The ability to adjust quickly and appropriately to the market is enabling dealers to reap the benefits on many vehicles that they may otherwise assume are losers.”

“Rather than moving too far under the vehicle’s book value and risk making the trade for a new vehicle, dealers are proactively using their store’s AAX data to base buying and pricing decisions. This allows them to be more competitive on trades, winning more new car deals,” Eisenfelder continued.

To help dealers maneuver through the changing automotive climate, JMsolutions will host a 15-minute PowerBreak™ webinar entitled “Price to Sell” on Friday, September 26 at 11:30 a.m. EST. The third of a series, this online tutorial will teach dealers competitive pricing and Internet marketing strategies that can help them sell more cars without losing sight of gross profits. To register, visit and click on “Upcoming Events”.

JMsolutions Study Results Show “Core is King™”

Dealers with more “core” inventory reap higher gross margins and increased inventory turn

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL. (May 19, 2008) - JMsolutions today announced the results of a study that shows that the average dealer who uses its AAX used vehicle inventory management solution and follows the system's recommendations of vehicles to stock can see an average, verifiable increase in average retail gross and floor plan savings of $60,000 per year. "Core" vehicles are those which repeatedly sell faster at higher gross margins for the dealership.

“JMsolutions has long professed the advantages of using AAX and stocking the right, ‘core’ vehicles at the right price,” said Tim Zierden, assistant vice president and general manager, Product Solutions, JMsolutions. “We believe that dealers should be knowledgeable about marketplace pricing but, most importantly, they should look at their own store’s sales history to determine how that vehicle has performed in the past and at what price point.”

The study, which looked at the performance of more 1,700 AAX™ dealers, also illustrated that a 10 percent increase in the average dealer’s core inventory units equates to a three-day improvement in retail age at sale and five-day improvement in average inventory age.

There are conflicting viewpoints on how best to price used vehicles to optimize the dealer’s return. Some recommend that dealers should base their pricing on how those vehicles are being priced in the marketplace or on the Internet. Others say that the dealer’s own transactional history is the best compass on which to base pricing decisions.

“We found that basing pricing decisions solely on marketplace pricing drives used vehicle retail prices down,” said Zierden. “We advocate using market pricing as a guide, especially as vehicles age. However, many dealers will miss profit opportunities if they focus only on other dealerships’ published Internet pricing. We show our dealers how to make better pricing decisions using their own data which is a much better indicator of what a vehicle should retail for at their store.”

“We are confident that we’re leading dealers in the right direction with our stocking and pricing methodologies,” Zierden continued. “There’s no getting around the basics of good inventory management – and this study substantiates our philosophy that ‘Core is King’.”

AdAgencyOnline.Net has featured several other automotive advertising vendors that will also be referenced in Philip Zelinger’s seminar at the 5th Digital Dealer Conference. SiSTeR Technologies and their Video CarLot (VCL) product have been reviewed in previous on air interviews with Tomer Alpert, VP Of New Business Development, and Israel Alpert, the CEO and President of SiSTeR Technologies. Mr. Zelinger confirmed that their application will figure prominently in his presentation.

SiSTeR Technologies provides applications and hosted services for the automated creation and management of multimedia marketing video for the automotive and real estate industries. SiSTeR-prize is the company's flagship product that creates video clips for every web page and product listing using nothing but the existing pictures and textual information. SiSTeR is a strong, profitable, privately held company founded in 2003 with its headquarters in Dallas, TX. .

EveryCarListed.Com recently engaged Philip Zelinger as a senior level consultant and they will be providing material that supports their value in marketing CPO and pre-owned vehicles on the Internet. Coincidentally, EveryCarListed.Com has integrated SiSTeR Technologies VCL into their search engine optimization, (S.E.O.), and online marketing efforts for both their web site and dealer clients that post their inventory for sale with them.

Philip Zelinger interviewed Dale Boone, C.O.O. of EveryCarListed.Com, and Darrell Campbell, C.E.O. of EveryCarListed.Com, on a recent “Automotive Advertising Experts” blog talk radio show where he introduced EveryCarListed.Com as a “preferred vendor” on AdAgencyOnline.Net. EveryCarListed.Com is a cost effective Internet marketing tool modeled after the original Yellow Pages business plan.

EveryCarListed.Com is an automotive advertising website that offers free listings to auto dealers along with upgraded packages that enhance the auto dealer’s position on the website. EveryCarListed.Com has established links with Gumiyo, another preferred vendor of AgencyOnline.Net that has also contributed material for the seminar. The mobile channel platform created by Gumiyo will provide added value to auto dealer’s posted on the planned EveryCarListed.Mobi website that will allow them to reach customers via text messages on their cell phone or PDA.

Also contributing material for Mr. Zelinger’s pending seminar will be DealMaker.Com who was recently represented by their C.E.O., Spencer Sterling, during an interview by Philip Zelinger on the blog talk radio show, “Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising,” Mr. Sterling confirmed a new consulting relationship between DealMaker.Com and Philip Zelinger. DealMaker.Com was also granted a “preferred vendor” status by AdAgencyOnline.Net and will be yet another contributor of shared solutions referenced by Mr. Zelinger at the 5th Digital Dealer Conference.

DealMaker.Com is a proprietary application that allows real time negotiations in an open forum between buyers and sellers. The efficiencies that it creates in the selling process promise to reduce marketing and selling expenses to maximize R.O.I. in a shrinking auto industry challenged by the worst economy in several decades.

DealMaker.Com sorts and displays every variation of every vehicle posted online creating a nationwide database of dealer inventory. The vehicles are uploaded to major search engines to insure maximum exposure to the online shopper. Buyers searching the Internet can find, compare and place an offer on the vehicle that they want with complete anonymity in as little as three clicks. DealMaker is a Real-time Trading Platform where Buyers and Sellers can buy and sell with no opportunity for “buyer/seller remorse” to set in.

EveryCarListed.Com , SiSter Technologies – Video CarLot and DealMaker.Com are now part of a growing family of preferred automotive advertising vendors featured on AdAgencyOnline.Net with AAX™ on the short list to join them. Representatives from other automotive advertising applications reviewed and approved by AdAgencyOnline.Net include Don Crawford from EBay Motors, Mark Boyd from CarFolks.Com, Jared Hamilton from DrivingSales.Com, Dale Pollak from vAuto, David Wassmann from NeoSynergy, Jerry Daniels from Automotive Broadcasting Network, (ABN), Shuki Lehavi and Richard Abronson from Gumiyo, Terry Alling from Kihon Media, David Marod from LeadConverter, Mike Parson from Laser Stream Video, Brian Hoecht from Ai Dealer, Ralph Paglia from ADP and host to the auto industry social networking community ADM, Jim Ziegler, renowned speaker and consultant to the auto industry, Jeff Kershner, ecommerce director for The Mile One Automotive Group and host of the auto industry social networking forum DealerRefresh.Com, Brian Ferris and Spencer Sterling from DealMaker.Com and most recently, Jeff Raab from the Detroit Trading Company, (DTX).

AdAgencyOnline.Net is considering applications from independent automotive advertising agencies who have applied to join their network of independent affiliated offices linked by the online communication / distribution system developed by Ad Agency Online, L.L.C.. Dozens of Automotive advertising vendors are also under consideration to join the online networking community in the hopes that they fit the criteria established by Philip Zelinger to qualify as a preferred vendor.

For additional information on AdAgencyOnline.Net automotive advertising agencies, auto industry vendors and auto dealers can visit the portal at or contact Philip Zelinger directly at 888-796-2228. To quote Philip Zelinger, “Help is only a click away!”

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