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“Banned” Book by Best-Selling Author Predicts...

American Reckoning of 2018

A loud “crack!” sends a shiver down your spine.

The statue falls from its pedestal, face first, into the dirt below.
The crowd cheers as a heavy-set woman stomps on its head and spits. Others follow…

You take your wife’s hand and cross to the other side of the street.

“Maybe we’d better go home,” she says. “I don’t see the police anywhere.”

It’ll blow over, you say. No reason to ruin our night out. And sure enough, by the time you get to the restaurant, everything seems calm.

As you’re getting dessert, the restaurant owner comes out to say a few words in support of the protest – something about the necessity of turning our backs on history to move forward.

A number of diners clap in agreement. Your wife rolls her eyes. You ask for the check.

A moment later, the waiter is swiping your card. it’s not going through. Must be something wrong with the machine.

The waiter says that there’s an ATM just a block over. Your wife suggests that she probably has cash in her purse. But you tell her not to worry and head out.

When you get to the ATM, the screen is blank. Annoyed, you look around and see another one at the end of the block.

There’s an armored truck idling next to it... a big logo on it you don’t recognize... and two men in uniform.

One stands tall; his hand on his holster. The other is taking stacks of bills from the machine and dumping them into a bag. The two men climb back into the truck and take off.

After they’ve gone, you walk over to the ATM. It, too, has gone dark.

On your way back to the restaurant, you pass a truck with bumper stickers that say “Don’t Tread on Me.” You feel a crunch beneath your feet. Broken glass. The windshield has been smashed in.

Inside the restaurant, a middle-aged woman is talking very loudly about how she, too, supports the protest movement.

But you keep thinking of the ATMs… the two men… the truck…

You ask your wife if she’s got enough cash to cover the meal. You just want to get out of there.

On the way home, you stop off at the gas station…

The attendant comes out as usual, but before you can speak he asks a strange question:

“You buying or selling?”

You tell him to fill ’er up. But when you try to give him your credit card, he suddenly backs away…

“Sorry, we’re closed, man… Sorry.”

You sit there for a moment, confused… Finally, you drive away.

At home, your wife turns on the news. There’s a report on the statue, but little else.

“Well... guess that was the worst of it,” she says.

You agree, but later as you fall asleep, you’re not so sure.

Suddenly, it’s 4 a.m… and there’s a cold fear deep in the pit of your stomach…

Something doesn’t feel right… why were those men taking cash out of the ATM… and what about the gas station attendant? A small town protest doesn’t cause that…

First thing next morning, you take a trip to the bank… It doesn’t look open.

A piece of paper taped to one of the doors tells you that it has been temporarily closed. No explanation… just a phone number and a logo…

You give the number a shot… another busy signal… then you hang up.

Around the side of the building, there are two dented ATMs with broken screens.

You get back in your car. Everything’s closed… It’s that same piece of paper everywhere… and the same dark screens on every ATM.

You start running into other people… trying to deposit Social Security checks… or take out cash… or find out why their cards suddenly aren’t working.

Your whole town is shut down…

By the time you call off the search and head home, Main Street is jammed with traffic. You take an alternate road… past the restaurant from yesterday. Someone has thrown a brick through the window.

Your wife’s relieved as you walk through the door. People have been coming by all day… asking if she’s got any cash… trying to sell her things…

And they’re not people from the neighborhood, either.

You turn on the TV… But the news doesn’t say one word about what’s going on…

Then your screen goes blue. Text at the center reads, “Service Interrupted: Please Update Payment Info.”

You shut off the TV and go look out the window…

The sun is starting to set. There’s a black helicopter skimming along the horizon…

You can’t deny it anymore… This is it… The beginning of a reckoning a long time due…

Hi, my name’s Dan Denning – I’m an analyst and investigator of 20 years.

And if you’re seeing this message right now, it means that we’ve successfully bypassed those who have tried to block you from seeing this information.

You see…

Not long ago, a reclusive millionaire sent me a strange document – a rare and controversial book that predicts a sudden shift…
possibly in early 2018.

Have you ever wondered…

… when it became ok to hate the flag… the military… the anthem… and the American experiment itself…

… when it became more fashionable to be a “victim” than a leader…

… when America became divided into groups based on “identity”… each demanding its own free handouts… each resorting to violence against the other:

  • A crowd at Berkeley mistook a young woman’s red baseball cap for a pro-Trump hat. The mob attacked and pepper sprayed her in full view of a news crew.
  • In Chicago, a 50-year-old man was dragged from his car and beaten in the street as onlookers jeered. They suspected he was a Trump supporter.
  • At a small college in Washington state, a mob of students stormed classrooms demanding all whites leave the campus. The chief of police, who had been told to “stand down,” informed professors that he could not protect them.

When the media is forced to address these facts, they blame Trump… racism… the 1%... or they simply talk about how “divided” we are…

Maybe it’s because they don’t know. Maybe they don’t want to know.

But the fact is: What’s going on right now has causes far more disturbing than what they’re telling you...

How do I know?

Well, 20 years ago, a reclusive millionaire hired me to study the sometimes hidden and poorly understood forces that shape world history.

Together, we explored a disturbing trend we believed would one day lead America to a sudden and disturbing shock…

“This is a dangerous game; people are going to die… it’s just a matter of time.”

These days, you can practically feel the tension like humidity on a hot summer’s night.

You’ve seen the violence and civil unrest… the attitude of disrespect toward America...

How much longer before all of this comes to a head?

My feeling is… not very long.

There are things going on now that I’ve never seen before. Strange things. Dangerous things. We’re living in a time when people no longer respect the law. No longer respect the values upon which this country was built. And no longer respect the people who built it.

And while most of our elite-controlled media is clueless (or worse, hiding the truth)…

At least some people are starting to wonder…

“There appears to be… a sense that these are not just scattered outbursts, that all this is escalating somewhere.”

That “somewhere” is why I’ve put out this message.

It’s why I want to get a copy of this rare “banned” book into your hands.

You see, this book contains information about a desperate struggle taking place in America today…

… and a surprising shock few will see coming.

It will start small.

You’ll be driving home from church only to find hordes of protestors blocking your car.

You’ll go to the grocery store only to find the shelves empty… you’ll go to a gas station and find the pumps bone dry.

You’ll go to an ATM to get some cash. Only it won’t be working.

And that’s when you’ll know that it’s starting.

From there, a broad shockwave will sweep through every layer of American life…

Maybe that sounds impossible to you. But let me explain why it’s not...

As I mentioned earlier, I was hired 20 years ago by a millionaire to study the forces that shape history... a man named Bill Bonner.

As a young man, Bill ran one of the most influential think tanks of its day – the National Taxpayer’s Union.

He had rubbed shoulders with everyone from Ronald Reagan to Margaret Thatcher and Ron Paul. He had tried to force a balanced budget amendment onto the U.S. Constitution. But after the political winds shifted, he fell two states short.

He and his colleagues then realized that you can’t fight the tides of history.

But then they had a radical idea... what if you could predict them?

What if, instead of trying to change the world, you could simply predict the way the world would change… and then prepare for that change ahead of others?

He and two partners – Lord William Rees-Mogg of the London Times and Jim Davidson, an Oxford scholar – decided to form a company where they could do just that…

Seems crazy, right? But then it worked...

They predicted the crash of ’87… the Japanese downturn of 1989… the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991… the rise of Islamic terrorism as early as 1993... the election surprise of 1994... and much more...

The Baltimore Sun called their forecasts “unnervingly prescient.”

Publishing house Simon and Schuster said of one of their earliest analysts: “[he] has never been wrong about a major prediction.”

But I don’t want to talk about the predictions that came true.
I want to talk about the one that hasn’t... yet

You see, in 1993, they noted a worrying trend had appeared in the U.S... this trend, they feared, might one day cause a substantial crisis. The question was... when?

I was hired four years later. Bill was still watching... waiting to say “when.”

At the time, America was booming. A popular book titled Dow 36,000 claimed stocks were way undervalued.

With Bill as my mentor, we went against the grain to call the two biggest crashes of the past two decades... the dot-com bust and the housing collapse..

On March 10, 2000, Bill sent out a warning that a “day of reckoning” was close at hand for the dot-com bubble.

Starting that very day, the Nasdaq began a two-year 77% plunge…

A few years later, I followed up with a prediction about the housing markets...

On March 31, 2005, I personally warned that housing, along with lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, would collapse…

I wrote: “Something is smoldering in the mortgage-lending market, and the heart of fire is on the balance sheet of Freddie Mac (FRE) and Fannie Mae (FNM).”

Yet, all the while, we were still watching this one trend slowly develop... the same trend I believe may finally reach its terrible conclusion in early 2018...

By then, Bill’s small partnership had grown into a network of research firms spanning the globe from London to Paris to Hong Kong.

My colleagues and I released some of our best work ever... working with some of the greatest minds in the country, including former CIA consultants, White House advisers, congressmen, doctors, millionaire entrepreneurs, and authors…

And far from being “doom and gloomers,” we identified huge opportunities for making money in those years...

Bill himself predicted a massive bull market in gold back in 2000.

Ten years later, the media pronounced gold the best investment of the 2000s…

Gold is [the] decade’s best-performing investment. – The Telegraph

Gold went on a 571% tear…

On October 3, 2005, I personally alerted my readers to a major oil America boom from something called “shale oil”...

Over the next few years, oil production in some parts of America soared 300%to 393%…

Shale producer Whiting Petroleum Corp. soared 362%

...while producer Continental Resources went on to hit 1,001%.

Let me remind you that this was during the financial meltdown of 2008-2009.

... Likewise, back in 2011, our analysts realized that bitcoin was a bigger story than most realized.

In January of that year, $100 would have bought you 333 bitcoins.

That would be worth around $2 million right now.

Our success in predicting world events has made us the largest underground news and research network in the world, with over 2 million private subscribers.

The building where we have our main HQ – located outside Washington, D.C. – has hosted presidents, congressmen, and recently the former head of the Federal Reserve

Work by members of our network has been featured in almost every major newspaper and magazine in America – from The New York Times, to Forbes, to The Wall Street Journal

But still we waited on the most puzzling and confounding mystery of Bill’s career...

I’ll admit that even I lost sight of it for a few years... As a highly placed analyst, Bill asked me to help expand our network overseas.

I was sent to Paris, then to London... and then to Melbourne, where I spent nearly a decade studying the China-fueled mining boom in Australia. I arrived just in time to see enormous gains for investors lucky enough to uncover these opportunities before the crowd.

But all that changed recently when Bill suddenly left for an isolated ranch high up in the Andes mountains... a six-hour drive from the nearest city...

Next time I heard from him... via satellite... he had a disturbing message...

“We may have reached a point of no return.”

Bill at his ranch (his cattle are in the background)

To put this in context, Bill is no prepper. He stays in five star hotels. He owns mansions on three continents.

Yet the information he sent shocked me. Because it all pointed to one conclusion: that the event he and I had waited on for so long... was finally beginning.

Then he asked a favor of me: Get this information out there.

As I quickly found out, that was easier said than done.

Major media groups, including at least one TV network, have blocked our attempts to share this message through regular channels... effectively “banning” this book from being seen by the mainstream public...

And they’re not the only ones working against us…

You see, a few months back, Trump’s election team reached out to one of my colleagues, Reagan adviser David Stockman, for advice on the U.S. economy.

But when my office dispatched a copy of this information to the White House, they suddenly went radio silent.

We realized that the president’s entourage had changed. He has new gatekeepers now…

… And I’m afraid that they’re the very people who don’t want the general public – or the president – getting information of the kind I’m about to share with you.

It’s because this book goes against everything the elites in this country want for you.

They want you to accept their information at face value – like their allegations that Russia stole the election for Trump despite no direct evidence...

They want you to accept their idea of America without questioning it – like when they tell us that standing for our flag and our anthem is racist.

Do you ever feel like you’re a stranger in your own land? Because that’s exactly how I felt returning home to the small mountain town in Colorado where I grew up...

... I heard young people calling America’s forefathers rapists and murderers...

... I saw kids brought up without a worry in the world demanding free college, free phones, and free money…

... I heard people with Ph.D.s saying that a five-year-old should be able to choose his own gender...

... I read articles demanding a universal basic income for everyone... paid for, of course, by taxpayers like you and me...

... I heard of a college professor telling students – who pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition – that “hard work” doesn’t matter…

I realized that by putting this book out... I’m going up against everything our elites want you to believe and think...

And, look, I’m no stranger to strong resistance from the mainstream...

... After warning of the housing bubble in the 2000s, I was ambushed on live radio while being interviewed about my 2005 New York Times best-selling book, The Bull Hunter.

The host called me and my colleagues (including Bill) “irresponsible” and “immoral” for publishing our forecasts!

He wasn’t alone. A column in The Wall Street Journal read: “These [idiots] expect a housing collapse to take down the U.S. economy. But excessive pessimism is unwarranted: fears of a housing bubble are overblown.”

... In early 2016, we were among the very few to predict that Trump would not only win the Republican nomination but also the general election.

At the time, The Huffington Post was giving Hillary a 98% chance of winning the general election. But we saw the writing on the wall, as early as April 21, 2016.

... when I called the shale oil boom in the U.S., the elites were telling everyone that there was no more cheap oil to be had!

Newspapers been running articles with headlines like:

“U.S. Unprepared for Dwindling Oil” – Journal-Gazette, 2005

“The Era of Cheap Oil is History” – Philadelphia Enquirer, 2004

“Will we run out of oil?” – St. Louis Post–Dispatch, 2006

And Democrats lost no time using this “fake news” to promote “bio-fuels” (remember when they were supposed to save the world?), higher gas taxes (to incentivize us to use bio-fuels), and greater regulation.

So I’ve faced resistance many, many times. And, look, I’ve certainly been wrong.

But I’ll tell you this: The stronger the resistance, the more sure you can be that I’m right.

It’s like when you debate someone and they get really mad. Well, that’s probably an indication that you said something they could not refute...

And here’s the thing: Right now, I am facing the strongest resistance of my career.

That’s how I know releasing this book may be the most important action I’ve ever taken.

And the stakes have never been higher...

You see, the last time America came up against anything like what we’re about to see... which was just after the Civil War... it took us nearly a decade to recover.

Nearly half of all the money in the country disappeared… You couldn’t sell anything… because no one had the money to buy it from you…

The Western territories ran out of cash completely and switched back to a barter system using grain.

Real estate and land prices dropped off a cliff, as did income from rents…

And we were lucky… We were young... people lived off their own land back then...

Today, though, it’s a different story…

And plenty of other countries – confronted with similar crisis – have not been so lucky...

For instance, many people don’t realize that Argentina used to be one of America’s biggest competitors.

Buenos Aires, its capital, used to be called the Paris of the South. It was one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, with the world’s best beef... and best wine.

Go there today, and you’ll see decaying subway trains – state of the art many years ago… big beautiful buildings covered in graffiti… windows broken… old cars – top of the line in their day – sitting junked by the side of the road…

When a country in Asia was hit with a similar event in the ’90s – an event I fear has already begun here in America – riots killed 1,500 people and destroyed 4,000 buildings.

But worse than the property damage and the violence…

Events like this have a strange power…

Greater even than a wide-scale physical disaster…

A power to make your very way of life… the traditions… the values… things passed down for generations… obsolete.

When a violent trauma hit Germany’s first republic, thousands of years of German tradition disappeared overnight.

Families collapsed as the young turned on the old… women were forced into prostitution… mothers begged to keep their children fed… political gangs assassinated one another in the streets…

A young man recalls that time saying:

“It was dreadful to watch… It was more than disorder... it was something like daily explosions; if anything survived one explosion, it got into another the next day…”

Another writer, Kurt Kersten, recorded the downfall as it happened:

“German culture, as much as it existed, is perishing… The middle class is worn out... one has only two choices: either slowly perish or join the [leftwing] revolutionary party.”

Imagine that in today’s America… when our very culture is already under attack… where the young already seem to be at war with our traditions…

I’m not saying you’ll wake up tomorrow and suddenly America will no longer be the land of the free…

Or that tonight someone will try to kick down your door looking for cash and valuables…

But what I am saying is that when this does start… things will go bad very quickly…

That’s why I want to get a free copy of this 195-page book into your hands.

You’ll discover what’s going on… why it’s happening…and who’s behind it…

What’s more, you’ll also find pages of verified methods and preparations for protecting your money, family, and property.

For instance, it is highly likely that cash will disappear in the early days of this event…

In this book, you’ll find a report on valuable “crisis money.” You might already own some it.

And if you don’t, you may be able to get some for practically nothing if you know where to look. (see pg. 102)

No, it’s not gold bullion. Though I do love gold, it’s not always practical for daily transactions.

I also expect that certain agencies and forces within the U.S. government will try to seize the money in your bank account.

That’s why this book contains a section on how to remove your money from the reach of government (without leaving the country or even dealing with any questionable third parties)… (start on pg. 135)

You’ll also find:

  • A type of special account you don’t need to report to the U.S. government. You can set these up at home… (see pg. 140)
  • 4 secrets about gold you should know before buying any, PLUS how to store it (according to Swiss bankers, the way you store gold makes a huge difference)… (see pg. 108, 137)
  • Secrets used by the World War II resistance to keep wealth safe from war, inflation, and Nazi Germany (and how you can still use them today)… (see pg. 125)
  • How to store money (no paper trail) in an anonymous “credit” card (without using bitcoin or logging onto some website you can’t trust. These are actually available at some pharmacies)… (see pg. 137)

And that’s just to start.

You’ll also find a minute-by-minute description of what happens the day this crisis hits... where you should be... what you can do... and how it will all play out...

In addition, you’ll also learn:

  • 9 skills that could save your life in a collapse (You can easily master 7 and 8 in a day. And you can start using them to improve your life right now)… (pg. 119)
  • A guide to buying bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as told by a tech CEO and venture capitalist… (see pg. 145)
  • An indestructible way to store wealth that you don’t need to hide or even put in a bank vault (it’s nearly impossible to steal – rich families have used this for generations – even some Chinese investors are now using it to protect their money from the communist regime)… (pg. 135)
  • The best countries for opening foreign bank accounts – without ever getting on a plane! (pg. 130)
  • How this secret investment could boost your retirement by six figures even if the banks go under (one of our readers has been doing this for years)… (pg. 127)
  • The only legal way I know to never pay taxes again to the federal government… (pg. 185)
  • The ONLY 2 types of gold you should buy (PLUS how to spot them)… (pg. 105)
  • How to get a second passport (how to avoid scams… which countries to avoid… and 2 reputable countries that allow you to actually buy citizenship)… (start on pg. 171)

What you’ll find, as you read through this book, is intelligence that you could not get from anywhere else in America.

Why I Need to Get This Book Into Your Hands Right Now

Look, the rich and powerful are already preparing for something big…

… a real estate mogul I’ve known for several decades recently built an isolated retreat for himself and his friends in Northern Argentina…

The compound, located near the isolated town of Cafayate.

… one of our business partners – CEO of America’s leading financial research firm – has warned his private customers to prepare for massive corporate bond defaults in the days ahead…

In fact, he has also amassed huge stores of gold and silver, bought a 100-acre farm outside of the city... and even hired a private doctor so he won’t have to rely on our failing health care system…

… even 12-term congressman Dr. Ron Paul is now warning seniors and the middle class to protect themselves from a crisis:

“It’s unavoidable, and even Donald Trump can’t stop it.”
– Dr. Ron Paul

It all sounds extreme, I know… and maybe these guys really are just a bit eccentric.

But Bill and I know from experience you can’t follow the crowd…

Sometimes your closest friends and even family members may look at you like you’re crazy.

But you’re not.

Recently, Bill and I met with Dr. Alan Greenspan – the former head of the Federal Reserve. Even he believes the path we’re on is not sustainable...

Bill and I (left) with our team and Greenspan (center)

Just look around you…

America is just very different from the place you and I grew up in.

We’re seeing protests… rioting… young people fighting police and turning their backs on American values in favor of newer – usually leftwing – ideals…

A majority of people in the U.S. now favor taking some people’s money to distribute to others…

A majority also favor higher taxes…

1 in 5 Americans do not think the U.S. will remain a single country going forward

Even if you are a little skeptical… take the book anyway. If you still think we’re wrong, we’ll part as friends, no harm done… at very little risk to you.

This book is not going into Barnes & Noble. It’s not on Amazon.

It is – and will remain – purely for private use. Frankly, you may never see this offer again.

We’ve already been shut out of the major social media platforms and major media websites.

This book contains everything that has led us to the conclusion I’m sharing with you today.

It also contains over one hundred extra pages of methods you can use to protect yourself and your family.

Starting on page 129, you’ll discover:

… what tax raid squads are and why you need to protect your money now…

… how to avoid getting an “SAR” on you filed with the government (banks file as many as 700,000 a year)…

… how to get “Canadian deposit insurance” on a bank account… without living in Canada…

… the “Dutch crisis currency” from Holland’s black market… and the strange story of how rich French girls married poor men for this one asset that you can easily make yourself…

… the specific type of gold to avoid if you want to keep it hidden (owning it could require your bank to report you to the government

… PLUS, if you look starting on page 111, you’ll discover 11 gold and cash alternatives (and what to do if the government confiscates gold like they did in 1933)…

This book, called When the ATMs Go Dark, is a full 195 pages of information you will not find anywhere else.

And I’d like to rush you a hardcover copy right now.

There may come a time your friends and family give thanks that you had the foresight to secure a copy.

Especially because, right now, we only have a limited number of copies, and I expect somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 people will see this letter today.

Here’s what you need to do so I can dispatch your book immediately

Now, Bill has written three New York Times best-selling books. I’ve seen used copies of some of these going for $86.

And if we had any hope of breaking even on this project, we’d probably have to charge at least $120 – or about the cost of college text book.

Today, your copy of When the ATMs Go Dark will be included free – all you pay is shipping and handling, along with a processing fee.

That fee is not making anyone rich. We have to pay a lot of money to get this message out – so far, upwards of $2 million. That’s because we have to buy out space that would normally go to regular ads for things like razors and medications. It’s not cheap.

Plus there are editors, proofreaders, analysts, and specialists who made this whole thing possible. These are regular people who rely on me and Bill for a regular paycheck and 401(k).

So I hope you’ll think it’s a fair deal.

Just read on to see my offer, fill in your details on the next page, and I’ll dispatch your copy immediately.

(Read Terms on Next Page)

ADDED: Bonus Briefing #1

Today, it has never been more crucial to preserve your privacy online. Just look at recent events:

  • The IRS can now force alternative websites to give up private customer data without any evidence these customers did anything wrong
  • 41 million Americans have had their identities stolen

We take safety, security, and personal information very seriously here.

In that spirit, I want to give you an online privacy briefing – FREE of charge – prepared by my staff.

Here’s the deal: I want you to read this guide before you read anything else you receive today. Fair enough? Great… and here’s another briefing you’ll get FREE with your copy of the book When the ATMs Go Dark.

Bonus #2: How to Go “Off the Grid”

(even without leaving your home)

In this briefing, we fill you in on how to secure an isolated homestead of your own.

Bill actually used one of the techniques you’ll read about to secure his very first building in Baltimore for just $1!

Don’t want to move away from your home and your friends?

You’ll also discover what you can do to gain all the advantages of having your own “off the grid” haven without ever leaving the neighborhood and friends you know so well…

You’ll receive it, for FREE, along with your digital and hardcover copies of When the ATMs Go Dark.

A Benefit I Haven’t Told You About Yet…

I’d also like to offer you a passport into my world… and my network… through a highly specialized “club” called Bonner & Partners.

Private members join a special list for a monthly research service from Bill and me called The Bill Bonner Letter.

It’s a service for people who want more than what they see on cable TV… who want ideas that are NOT governed by political correctness…

It’s for people who know the truth is out there… and just need a way to tap into it.

Our private members pay as much as $199 to receive this service.

But today Bill is allowing me to offer you a 30-day trial of The Bill Bonner Letter to be included with Bill’s book. This is the first time he has ever allowed a deal like this, and, frankly, he might not again.

Now the reason Bill said “ok” is that we suspect you’ll find our service just as amazing as our current subscribers already do – over 140,000 people in 50 states and 144 countries.

If so, simply enjoy the material, and at the end of your 30-day trial, we’ll automatically renew you for a full year’s subscription at a $70 discount – that’s just $129 for a full year of my service.

And if you aren’t interested: Just call my team and let us know at any point during those 30 days.

Our members’ services team is composed of professional, educated people right here in America.

If you are charged, but didn’t wish to be, just call them within 30 days of the charge to request a refund.

In all sincerity: I have no interest in charging anyone for something they don’t want.

But I do hope you’ll take me up on my offer. At the very least, get yourself a copy of When the ATMs Go Dark and see what you think. All you risk today is $19.

There’s a lot to be gained…

Simply click the button below.


About Bonner & Partners

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Bill Bonner Letter

The Bill Bonner Letter is our flagship investment advisory. Bill Bonner shares the secrets and wisdom he’s gained over 40 years as an independent newsletter publisher. Bill is an economist, not a stock picker. If you have read his New York Times bestseller The New Empire of Debt, or his more recent smash hit Hormegeddon, you know he shares insights and ideas about how the business and financial worlds really work. He isolates big ideas and shows you what many investors are doing wrong, and it can really pay off.


About Bill Bonner

In 1978, Bill Bonner founded what is now the largest underground research network on the planet.


Bill also co-wrote two New York Times bestselling books, Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt, In his latest book, Hormegeddon, Bill describes what happens when you get too much of a good thing in the sphere of public policy, economics and business.


This new newsletter is unlike anything else published in America today. Now in this industry, Bill Bonner has agreed to share his secrets and insights every month.


It’s like having a super-wealthy uncle share his best ideas, insights and wisdom about business, relationships, investments, trends, developments, ideas and more.


Just like Bill’s new book, Hormegeddon, this new newsletter, The Bill Bonner Letter, could only be written by a man with his wealth, accomplishments, and experience. Someone who has started businesses all over the world… who has employed thousands of employees… who has made investments on 5 continents… who owns hundreds of thousands of acres of land… who travels well over 100,000 air miles every year… who has acquired more than two dozen businesses… launched over 1,000 products… and sees a dozen different business deals cross his desk every single week.


Bill isn’t a stock-picker. He’s not going to build a portfolio for you to follow. Instead, he shares insights and ideas about how the business and financial worlds REALLY work. He identifies big opportunities. He shows you where average investors are making big mistakes. He details opportunities he’s interested in personally, and what’s going on with his global business. In short, Bill opens a window to the world of the wealthy that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


© 2017 Bonner & Partners. All rights reserved. Protected by copyright laws of the United States and international treaties. This newsletter, e-letter, or promotional material may only be used pursuant to the subscription agreement and any reproduction, copying, or redistribution (electronic or otherwise, including on the world wide web), in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Bonner & Partners, 55 NE 5th Avenue Suite 100, Delray Beach, FL 33483.

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