It is hard enough to maintain your current client base, let alone grow it. It takes a monumental effort just to ensure that our current customer base is not only satisfied, but thrilled to place their business with us. But if you can’t grow your business with new customers, you wont be here in just a few short years.

   Your dealership gets a lot more traffic than you are aware of.

On your CRM, do your managers notate customers every day that they did not get a name from? Do your Salespeople know every minute of the day how many opportunities to talk to a customer they have had this month? Will every customer in your service department have a hang-a-tag on their rear view mirror telling them that you would love to buy their vehicle and what you would be willing to offer for it when they leave? Does your BDC have a system in place to call every service customer that had a repair estimate over $400 yesterday and share with them how excited you would be to have their car in trade? Once the Orphan Owners get distributed around your sales force after a salesperson leaves your employment, does anyone actually call them? Do your Sales Managers T.O. your customers when they come IN to the showroom as well as when they are leaving?

If you answered no to any of these questions it is time to Stop Spending and Start Earning.

Do not spend more by increasing your Ad Budget, Staff size, or buying any software until you can say yes to all of them. Start earning by simply adhering to the basic commandment of this and any other business:

Service thy Customer!

Remove the negative drabble that your salespeople constantly use when speaking to your customers, such as “Yeah, we sold it yesterday.” “All we be able to give you for that is wholesale.” and “let me get on the computer and see if we can locate you one, it will only cost you a couple of hundred more.”  Start training them to only provide BENEFITS to their customers. Teach them how to sell your story, and provide them with situation management skills so they will always be able to take a negative scenario, put a positive light to it, provide their customer a reason to do business with you, and ultimately close more deals.