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Automotive Professional Targeted Networking Sites, Blogs and Professional Community Traffic Analysis for Top 5

July 2010 Traffic Reporting, Analysis and Visitor Trending Charts from Compete, Inc. for the Top 5 Automotive Professional social media sites when ranked by Visitor Volume.

These charts and data analysis provide Site Traffic and Unique Visitor analysis for the 5 leading automotive industry and dealership professional targeted social media sites, blogs and professional communities... Listed in order of Unique Visitor Traffic volume for July, These five Auto Industry Professional targeted sites are:

For July 2010 we welcome a new member of the "Top 5 Automotive Professional Sites" list and corresponding Compete, Inc. metrics group:

DealerElite Unique Visitor Traffic is represented in the Compete 12 month chart below as the yellow graph line... You can see that Chris Saraceno and Mike Myers have literally come from zero when their dealer employee targeted site was initially launched in February 2010, to over 9,000 Unique Visitors in July 2010.

This places DealerElite solidly into 3rd place, passing 3 out of the 5 sites previously listed in our roster, and displacing the former #5 site...

DealerElite passed several heavyweights in this space during the month of July, including Brian Pasch's Search Engine Optimization focused and the perennially popular Jeff Kershner and Alex Snyder joint effort at the ISM targeted blog site

BTW, if you are wondering how accurate Compete is with their tracking and measurement statistics, they are the company that Google, Inc. uses as their research partner for visitor traffic research projects... 'Nuff said about that issue!

Shown below is the Compete, Inc. Unique Visitors Reporting tracked and graphed for each of the five sites on our list for the past 12 months, including the month of July, 2010.

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Comment by Ralph Paglia on August 30, 2010 at 3:35pm
Jeff - Regarding link-love, I was referring to individuals posting comments and blogs, rather than any specific sites... As for Compete's accuracy, I stand behind their reports because I have verified their accuracy on a first-hand basis by tracking traffic in and out of ADM using two different page-by-page embedded code systems and compared both the system tracking reports to what Compete reports... Month after month there is less than a 1,000 Unique Visitor count variance between Compete, Inc.'s reports and those produced by the actual tracking scripts embedded on every ADM page.

S, you and I can debate Compete's accuracy, but I have evidence showing that the numbers they show for ADM are accurate. The following explanations explain Compete's data resources and why their information is trusted by virtually every digital marketing company in America as being accurate and reliable:

Not all data are created equal.
Compete is committed to providing marketers with the most actionable digital intelligence in the industry.
Frequently Asked Data Questions:
What are the strengths of Compete's data?
What is clickstream data?
How does Compete protect the privacy of its panel members?
Why is it important to have a large panel?
How does Compete estimate site traffic?
How are Compete metrics different from Alexa, comScore, Hitwise and Nielsen/NetRatings?
Why are diverse panel sources important?
What is the value of precise Unique Visitor estimates compared to rankings and shares?
Why doesn’t Compete's estimate of site visitors match my local analytics?
How are Compete Unique Visitors counts different than Unique Visitors reported by log files and local web analytics tools?
How does Compete normalize its data?
Why do Compete data not include international Internet users?
How does Compete measure the web sites it reports on, why can’t I see my site?
What are the strengths of Compete’s data?
Compete’s clickstream data are collected from a 2,000,000 member panel of US Internet users (about a 1% sample), using diverse sources. Using a rigorous statistical normalization methodology, Compete creates precise projections of the behavior of the entire US Internet browser population on monthly and weekly basis. In addition, Compete provides daily estimates of share of consumer attention garnered by the top Internet sites and the velocity of change of this attention. Compete is the only commercial web analytics provider to make its data freely available online for all Internet users.

What is clickstream data?
Clickstream data are the sequence and timing of the Universal Resource Locators (URLs) used by panel members on the web.

How does Compete protect the privacy of its panel members?
For Compete’s own panels, personally identifying information (PII) is processed and removed at the member’s computer and before transmittal to Compete. When Compete receives data from licensors and partners, Compete scrubs the clickstream with its own quality assurance procedures to eliminate PII.

Why is it important to have a large panel?
Compete believes it has the largest active panel of US Internet users. Its 2,000,000 members represent approximately 1% of the US Internet browser population. The benefit of this large panel is its ability to represent broad and granular activity. Using the breadth of its panel, Compete is able to estimate activity on the top 1,000,000 Internet sites and to track detailed consumer behavior patterns that would not be possible with smaller panels (e.g., shoppers for a Toyota Prius who are comparing it against Honda Civics.)

How does Compete estimate site traffic?
Compete’s experts in the fields of mathematics, statistics and the data sciences have developed a proprietary methodology to aggregate, normalize and project the data to estimate US Internet activity. Based on the daily web usage of more than 2,000,000 members in the Compete community, Compete estimates total traffic, rank and other statistics for the top 1,000,000 sites on the web for use by consumers. More detailed and granular metric studies are done for clients on any relevant site.

How are Compete metrics different from Alexa, comScore, Hitwise and Nielsen Online?
Compete estimates site traffic and engagement metrics based on the daily browsing activity of over 2,000,000 U.S. Internet users, the largest, most diverse, most actionable, panel in the industry.

Why are diverse panel sources important?
Compete contrasts the data from its diverse sources against each other to identify and eliminate source bias. Without diverse sources, source bias cannot be identified or remedied. Diverse panel sources also allow us to better represent the actual internet browser population with our sample. Our sources differ by collection, geography, browser, target audiences, and more.

What is the value of precise Unique Visitor estimates compared to rankings and shares?
Compete uses a scientific normalization and prediction process to make precise estimates of US Internet activity. Without precise estimates of total activity, share and ranking publications raise questions about the representativeness of the sample and exactly what marketplace is being represented. Compete’s precise estimates answer these questions clearly.

Why doesn’t Compete’s estimate of site visitors match my local analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, Omniture)?
Compete"s site profiles estimate how many people visit your site from a diverse sample of people that is statistically normalized and projected to represent the size and demographic composition of the total active U.S. Internet population. Compete does not rely on cookies which are often used by log files and web metrics firms. Because of cookie deletion, return visits by the same person (with deleted cookies) wrongly appear to be a new unique visitor. In addition, if cookie implementation on the server side is done incorrectly with vague or inconsistent definitions, visitors will be overcounted. Compete measures only US activity. Traffic at sites with significant international visitors will be understated by Compete’s projections. In addition, local analytic solutions will often include the activity of spiders and bots that appear as traffic, but do not represent actual human activity. Compete"s services do not rely on log files or cookies and therefore do not count this activity as traffic.

How are Compete Unique Visitors counts different than Unique Visitors reported by log files and local web analytics tools?

How does Compete normalize its data?
Compete applies a rigorous normalization methodology, leveraging scientific multi-dimensional scaling to ensure metrics are representative of the U.S. Internet population. Compete members are recruited through multiple sources to ensure a diverse distribution of user types and to facilitate de-biasing across the data sources. Compete’s standard normalization process is applied to our monthly and weekly metrics. Compete relies on share based measures to report its daily metrics.

Does Compete data include international Internet users?
Compete’s panel measures US, but not international users. Compete has worked diligently to develop what it believes is the largest and most diverse panel of online consumers in the United States.

How does Compete measure the web sites it reports on, why can’t I see my site?
With a panel of 2,000,000 users Compete is able to measure and report on the actual internet behavior of our panelists including the websites they visit and search terms they use. Based on this,we are able to report web metrics for any sites that our panelists visit. This includes the top million websites in the US, and is different than direct measurement which requires site owners to tag and track their sites. If you cannot see your site , it likely means we do not have statistically relevant user information to project traffic with.
Comment by Jeff Kershner on August 29, 2010 at 9:58pm
Ha! I totally forgot about that photo. Thanks for the added laugh here this evening.

No attentiveness to Google alerts here - like you, these hit a folder that I eventually get around to. I just happen to stumble across it :)

Yes - you are right. These post have a way of engaging me but only because the information isn't as accurate as led to believe. People look to ADM/Ralph Paglia to offer relevant / accurate data - as they do the same with DealerRefresh. So if I see something that misrepresents, I feel compelled to comment. I wish I had more time to participate in not only here on ADM but some of the other sites as well. Time - you have a few hours a day you can lend me? I'm sure not.

Sorry you're not getting the link love from the other blogs. I'm not sure if you are calling me out or some other sites but either way, if and and when I have an article relevant enough to link to ADM, I'll be sure to do so.

See you at DD9! Smile and ALL.
Comment by Ralph Paglia on August 29, 2010 at 9:17pm
Jeff - A well stated comment, and I pretty much agree with each point you make, accept for the stuff about beating my chest, which is not what this post is about... At all. Want evidence? What word is in the largest font among the entire post? Answer:

The reason for this blog is that I decided to replace the perennially poor performing #5 site in my Compete Tracking Application/Widget, and when I saw the sharp upward spike, I figured it was worthy of a blog posting...

As for people hurting themselves by pulling muscles trying to pat their own backs too much... And, then trying to claim it was an injury incurred while playing tennis (ahem, cough, cough). There is always an element of risk in revealing self measurement data... Especially for people who may be overly concerned about ranking, or traffic comparisons. But, not any of us who administer the ADM Professional Community, as evidenced by the fact that ADM shows a lot of data... Detailed data... Rather than hiding actual server log visitor data, like other automotive industry targeted sites do, seemingly so as to put their admins in a position to refute other highly credible resources for tracking traffic to their blogs, networks or communities, the Admin team at ADM has repeatedly posted ADM's actual Google Analytics tracking data, reports and summaries.

We have even installed a real-time actual Unique Visitors charting app that shows up-to-the-minute Unique Visitor counts on the ADM Showroom page (Bar Chart near the bottom).

This post was not set up for bragging or as you call it "Chest Thumping". Like everything else about the personality and flavor of the ADM Professional Community, it is all about learning, sharing data and information. And, ADM is a potent test bed for experimenting with different tools, apps, techniques and content to see how everything works in the real world and to learn from it.

As for engaging content... One thing I have learned from each of the posts where I show visitor tracking data for sites targeting similar demographics as ADM; all I gotta do is post something where DealerRefresh is mentioned in any way, and it will usually eke out some level of engagement on Jeff Kershner's part!

Personally, I dig it.... You are obviously very attentive to your Google Alerts. Enough to make me envious, because I do not pay enough attention to my personal alerts anymore, both ADM and Ralph Paglia alerts are auto-routed into their relevant alerts folders... Just in case I ever start to think they are more important than the alerts for the dealers my team serves, which keep me well fed enough on any appetite I have for checking alerts out.... (big sigh).

So keep on rocking Brother K... I look forward to seeing your radiant smile at the 9th Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas from October 12 through 14.

Hopefully, you notice that I hyperlink "DealerRefresh" text to your site when I mention it in a post... This is a professional courtesy that far too many auto industry bloggers fail to do.

Why do some people act so rude as to not do the easiest and simplest of common courtesies for their readers and the sites they mention? Because they are so pathetically worried about providing any type of link that one of their visitors might actually use, and they fret about Google's spiders finding such links and bestowing some level of credibility upon the site they are mentioning!

And that observation provides more evidence that you are wrong about "Chest Beating (brusing)"... If that were the case, then why did the entire post talk about DealerElite and provide multiple links to the 4 sites mentioned, including DealerRefresh?

Because it comes down to being courteous and truly participating in the overall community that the sum of all visitors to the five sites referenced is defined be...

Comment by Jeff Kershner on August 28, 2010 at 1:18pm
Ralph, At what point do those self inflicted bruises on your chest start to hurt? :) Take it easy big guy - DD9 is coming up and you need to be in top shape.

A few points here to consider..

The information that Google gets compared to what you are seeing is on another level.

The reporting that we see is a snapshot of traffic and is not telling to the whole story. So it's just possible DealerElite is the #1 site beating out ADM - ahhh, some time to allow bruises to heal. counts subdomain traffic but in order to see the stats, you need to enter it in like you would a home domain.

Most important - there is traffic and there is engaging relevant traffic.

Kudos to DealerElite for their new found success. Their Vote for the Top trainer was a huge traffic driver while Grant and others flooded our twitter streams and email inbox with countless promotions, asking to vote for them (sorry Grant - you know I love'ya).

I've been doing this for over 5 years with DealerRefresh, I've seen many sites come and go. Of the sites that have survived, they have taken on their own "personality". I don't think there is a number "1" site out there and I hardly doubt "traffic" is the only indicator of being number 1. The sad part - even with all this traffic, if we could see the collective amount of shared visitors (people that visit all of the "top 5" sites), we are only tapping into maybe 5% of the industry. So we all still have a lot of growing to do.

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