"This is a great opportunity for auto dealers to motivate their staff, just in time for this year’s upcoming selling season! Money is not the only motivator in the automotive sales business, your employees need to be motivated on a more engaging level..."
--Richie Bello

The line-up of speakers includes:


During his press conference announcing the event, Richie Bello said, “We are truly blessed to have El Patronn Speaking at our Cigar Dinner Event, the man is amazing and we are honored to have him at this event to present his world-class guidance for car dealers and repair shops.” El Patronn states his topic will be, “MASTER CLOSER ACADEMY and the Difference Between Selling and Closing.”

Bello went on to state, “This is a great opportunity for every auto dealer to motivate their staff, just in time for this year’s upcoming selling season... Money is not the only motivator in automotive sales, your people need to be motivated on a more engaging level in order to achieve the results your dealership needs.” Attending the event requires a brief RSVP phone call reservation by May 8th to (631) 578-9018.

Editor-in-Chief of AutomotiveDigitalMarketing.com, Ralph Paglia will be speaking about managing consumer reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, Cars.com and others. Paglia stated, “As an industry, we are no longer able to sit back and wait to see if customer reviews are going to impact our business, they are here, they are fully established and the majority of automotive consumers are using these review sites to make purchase decisions.” He went on to say, “Dealers and Repair Shop owners who embrace the emergence of a customer review based economy have benefitted at the expense of those who have ignored customer reviews and failed to engage customers who make their experiences known via online reviews.”


Auto Dealership consultant and trainer, Stan Sher will be speaking to dealers about the issues associated with operating phone rooms known as Business Development Centers (BDC). Sher stated, “The most successful dealers operate BDC’s with strong supervision and well trained customer service reps. I am going to be speaking to dealers about the process details which too many are losing sight of, resulting in poor customer service and operating results…”


Sponsors of the Richie Bello Cigar Buffet include WomenAutoKnow.reviews, the Richie Bello organization and Fine Cigars by Village Cigar Headquarters.


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