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A Lot of Talk About a Badge!

A lot of fuss is being made of late, of Search Plus Your World and for good reason: love it or hate it, this is going to make a huge impact on Automotive SEO now and for the foreseeable future. This is great and there are some great simple steps you can take to create your Google Plus account. There is actually very little to do other than add a photo and tagline and start sharing.

But what no one is talking a whole lot about the +1 itself. Sure we'd like to assume if we create a nice page and put lots of great content on there that +1's will follow. But let's face it folks; Google's new toys are always just that: toys. Little testing, and no guru's have taken a crack at breaking or gaming them yet. In other words, can you buy plus ones?

Well, we've gamed the system and tested the results and they're profound. Gain a nice steady flow of  +1's and the Google Search Gods will smile upon you and grant you unparalleled domination in SERP with your highly +1'd content!

Getting lots of +1's is easy when you know what to do, but very time consuming due to the amount of time one needs to spend engaging people on google plus. Therein lies the beauty... The results allow you an unfair competitive advantage. It's also, what google wants! So this "Gaming of the system" is one Google WANTS! Hallelujah!

But where can a car dealer go to get someone to get Plus 1's for them?

Wikimotive is announcing +1's for Car Dealers! We have developed a strategy where we can acquire +1's at a steady rate from real verified google plus accounts owned by real people over the course of days, weeks or months which remains consistent with google's guidelines!

We are selling +1's for $2 per +1 and offer discounts for large orders.

To find out more contact us!

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Comment by Scott Falcone on February 9, 2012 at 10:07pm


You have a WEALTH of knowledge and never seem to do anything that does not turn out to be provocative (i.e generate clicks in one form or another), but on this one until you come clean on the real intent (I feel like there is baiting happening on this thread) I'm personally wondering where it is headed. The SEO community hates what you are doing and from that standpoint so do I. Publicly admitting to gaming the system is not positive for our industry or the SEO industry. It shows Google and the other SE's that there are people and companies who will do what they can to promote a practice in exchange for money (even if technically you are in the clear). And it might encourage dealers to stumble onto some SEO site promoting other poor tactics that they do not have the skills to figure out is the wrong track to take.

My gut tells me you know this and are performing an experiment here to showcase the ability to get this case all traffic is good traffic as it is nothing more than vendors clicking onto your intended location, and no harm is being brought to your clients. Once you are done, please share the real intent ok. I would much prefer that you spend your time showcasing your "white hat" techniques that you have developed vs. the "grey hat" ones. You are a great resource to the community and I hope that you will rise to the positive challenge and share more thoughts along these lines. I am not judging you or your company's method for generating dollars, but if this is really the best you have for generating $2 a shot, I'll send you a hundo now to write something that will benefit us all. I'm confident there is something else here... Don't stop chasing though either way. And the reality is that +ones are really good...BUT...........


Comment by David DeSantis on February 9, 2012 at 8:12pm

Tim, you're right about sparking a discussion, and getting people talking about you, or your business, is a win-win for you.  What I'm impressed with, is that you're staying in the heat.  Anyone can drop a bomb, and then run.  You staying, speaks a lot of you.  ADM is a great place to announce a new service, or if you want to get feedback on a service you're considering adding.  I wish you continued success with your business.

Comment by Timothy Martell on February 9, 2012 at 7:12pm

David, controversial statements are not necessarily a bad thing. After all, my controversial approach has sparked far more interaction and response than would a white paper simply outlining the strategy with metrics to back it up. The interaction on this post led to it becoming a top post on ADM. 

This is a foundational principle to social media marketing. I gamed the system here. Instead of saying something one way, I evoked something that sparked controversy that lead to passionate discussion. Through the course of that discussion more has been learned about our product and approach than would have if one person just posted "good job". 

Remember, Wikipedia is a wonderful tool that is authored and administered by "the people". Not any authoritative source. gaming the system / bending the rules / playing the system are NOT the same as "abusing the system" regardless of what Wikipedia thinks. Could one lead to another? Sure! But they are not synonymous. 

Read the language used "...can be defined..." this is not the same as is defined. When we employ sales training and phone training sales tactics in a dealership we are using a set of information generally based on psychological data based on studies of human interaction in order to obtain a desired outcome. If dealers didn't run away or stick their heads in the sand about the reality of in dealership phone skills, both the dealer and consumer would be better served. 

Again, manipulating an outcome by utilizing knowledge is not necessarily a pejorative. The context and approach determines the ethics of the approach.

Hey I'm not saying that using the phrase, "Gaming the system" doesn't evoke strong opinion... Maybe thats why I wrote it in the first place! After all, controversy is one of them most successful forms of social media. ;)

Thanks again for contributing to the conversation!

Comment by Timothy Martell on February 9, 2012 at 6:59pm

Thanks for your feedback Dan. If you're ever interested in finding out more, I would be happy to encourage a one on one conversation.

Comment by David DeSantis on February 9, 2012 at 6:36pm

Tim, it's funny you mention the number of people that have read the article.  It was the same reason that I've kept my site hush from others.  It's easy to think one thing, and then when you dig a bit, it's actually not what you thought.  There will always be a demand for outsourcing businesses like yours.  As I previous stated, any results that seem manipulated, or could be interpreted that way.  Especially the phrase, "gaming of the system", raises a red flag.  

From Wikipedia:

Gaming the system (or bending the rules, playing the system, abusing the system, milking the system or working the system) can be defined as "[using] the rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system for [a] desired outcome".

Comment by Dan Fontaine on February 9, 2012 at 5:51pm

Tim, I agree with your points with MOST dealers outsourcing the handling of their Social, Training, SEO, SEM to have better efficiency, productivity, etc... I agree it takes time or the right person in house to handle things of that nature.  I do feel it is rare that all of those if any are handled in house. 

Not knowing the model and not seeing your response(s) to Greg and other until now where it is outlined a bit more like seems like a different strategy than what I initially thought this to be. I guess I just reacted to the initial post. 

I look forward to seeing how it works out. Our social strategy has been lackluster as I believe until recently that a like didn't equate to much more than a status symbol of sorts. That said, I now have come to understand that social is much like the telephone, you may not be able to easily measure the ROI you get from it, but your business will be better having used it. If you have resources in house to do and do it right, more power to you. If not, there is obviously room  in the market for products such as this.  

Comment by Timothy Martell on February 9, 2012 at 4:49pm

Thanks again to everyone who is sharing their feedback. Really appreciated!

Comment by Timothy Martell on February 9, 2012 at 4:48pm

Hey David. I totally appreciate your opinion. But again, my experience is that the minority of contributors don't represent that majority of lurkers. As I write this 233 people have now read this article. Now I realize some of those views are duplicate people returning to see what someone writes next. But we're far from 200 comments.

Those of us who contribute provide a medium for those who watch to see the tennis match and then decide for themselves. The plain fact is that vendors are in business because most dealers would rather not DIY. You don't have to convince me which method is superior. I'm with ya! 

But dealers look at ROI differently than we do. Sure, an in house digital marketing guru can do it all. A really super talented one can also demand a six figure income. Even if you bought every service we sell you'd be hard presses to spend $50,000/yr. If you did though, the results you would get would far out pace and deliver beyond the skill set that even a pretty talented digital marketing guy in house would produce. And you don't have to pay FICO, FUDA and SUDA, vacation and sick days, etc. 

Again, this is just another product on the list. Its a component. Is it for everyone? Probably not. But those dealers out there who are doing it all in a really competitive market now have another tool they can choose to add to their arsenal. Its a big gun. It's the icing on the cake. And it works and anyone who is interested, I'd love to spend some time with on a goto meeting and show the results.

Comment by David DeSantis on February 9, 2012 at 4:30pm

Tim, my comment about running the other way, refers to a company offering you a service, that makes you pause, and say "I'm not sure about this".  Peoples comments on here seem to support that feeling. 

Daytona is coming up, and being a race fan.  I have to use a racing analogy.  The racetrack is the internet, cars is all the parts of their internet presence, and driver is the person that drives all the internet parts.  I agree that dealers should be doing things in house, making their own "cars", but it is easier for them to outsource it to other companies.  Imo, dealers don't recognize that they need a great driver to get them the results. The last dealership I worked at, the owner was a total computer geek.  I'm talking like, you'd see him at the computer where the servers where doing work on them.  He talked language that was foreign to me.  He could build the car, but had absolutely no idea, how to drive it.  I was the driver, but he never realized it.  Dealers have their "cars", but realizing you need that great driver, is what they fail to understand.  What separates your local small track driver from your Nationwide driver?  What separates your Nationwide Driver from a Nextel driver?  What separates one Nextel driver from another?  Skills, is what separates them.  Take the Digital Dealer Conference, where you have a large group of drivers together.  They are all drivers, however you could determine who the short track drivers are, and who the top Nextel drivers are. 

Employ an SEO?  Hell no!  I'm a broke ass boot-strapper, doing a start-up!  I'm a top Nextel driver..  I've been working in dealer internet operations since 2004, that's where I found my passion.  I've worked for a large RV dealership, a start-up boat dealership, and recently an auto dealership.  I'm self taught, and my experience at the start-up boat dealership is where I really got into SEM, and SEO.  I've essentially taken everything that I've learned over the years, and am parlaying it into my own business now.  What surprises me, is that I've done no SEO or SEM to my site so far.  I've defied conventional internet protocol, and I have traffic numbers that are in comparison to those of some dealerships.  Even with all their seo, advertising, links, etc.  I know you're thinking how?  I found a hole in a market, and figured out a way to fill the hole.  I don't even have any real content on it yet. 

Comment by Timothy Martell on February 9, 2012 at 3:33pm

Hey Manny, ROI is surely important. The reason to buy plus ones is the very significant impact it is having on SEO. It's definitely not for every dealer. I had a dealer call me yesterday to tell me they HAD build a twitter presence NOW. He said, "WE GOT 6,000 LIKES ON FACEBOOK! SO F'ING WHAT! ITS NOT ENOUGH. WE NEED TWITTER FOLLOWERS AND ENGAGEMENT AND TO SELL CARS TO THAT COMMUNITY."

I did an analysis of his digital marketing presence and there was no money allocated for SEO or PPC. They had no blog, but had paid to have someone manage their Facebook page and were convinced that they were a progressive dealer.

My response to him was that we needed to take a step back and determine what his goals were. What does he want to accomplish. If the goal is to increase business, then we need to determine what the expectations are and create a plan that matches the goal.

You can't be a "digital dealer" if you can find your website in search. You can't say you have a good SEO process if you're not blogging. You can't say you have a social media strategy if you're not blogging. If you're not syndicating content in your social platforms, you're not maximizing your content you don't have a digital marketing strategy. If you don't have expectations and goals which your strategy is based on then you're wasting you're money.

If you're not testing and measuring, you can't manage it. 

Buying +1's is step 20, not step 1. If you want an ALL encompassing digital strategy then this is definitely a component that should be considered because when all of the other components are working and in play, this can really give an incredible advantage to Search presence.

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