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David Ruggles
  • Male
  • Las Vegas
  • United States
  • CyberCalc Arbitrage, Dallas TX…
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David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post No Haggle Pricing Should Become the Norm in Automotive
"@ Daivd - I actually own a little TrueCar stock....  bought it so their quarterly reports would come in the mails and I wouldn't have to remember to access the info online.  It is remarkable the share of their total revenue that…"
Dec 5, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post No Haggle Pricing Should Become the Norm in Automotive
"RE: "Ultimately no one gets business if they don't satisfy the customer." So true, based on CUSTOMER perceptions.  Which is why you go back for a bump EVEN when you have a great deal already!!!!  If they don't…"
Dec 5, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post No Haggle Pricing Should Become the Norm in Automotive
"RE: "My research has shown that about 80% of the consumers 'Hate" the negotiating process." MY research tells me that the first thing consumers who say they don't want to negotiate do is to negotiate.  One need to…"
Dec 5, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post No Haggle Pricing Should Become the Norm in Automotive
"It IS interesting that dealers have so many experts telling them how to retail new vehicles.  Hell, even Disney is supposed to know more about it than auto dealers themselves."
Dec 5, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post No Haggle Pricing Should Become the Norm in Automotive
"RE: "For many consumers, the mystery is gone from the car sales transaction.  The Internet has leveled the playing field for negotiating car deals while dealers and car salespeople find it increasingly difficult to hold gross on…"
Dec 5, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Ralph Paglia's blog post Secret FTC Investigation of Car Dealers Who Declined Truecar Discovered by DC Reporter
"Bravo Ralph!  What exactly does the FTC think happened?  There will be an article on Truecar published in the next issue of Inc. Magazine, a follow up to the following: You…"
Sep 26, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post 5 Ways to Win an Automotive Shopper's Heart
"After reading this I wonder if Nick has ever retailed cars.  RE: "Customers want information they can trust.  Long before they call a dealer or step foot on a showroom floor, they’ve read reviews, compared brands, and researched…"
Aug 9, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post 5 Ways to Win an Automotive Shopper's Heart
"RE: "They are less brand loyal and by the time they step onto a lot, they’ve probably already made up their mind. It’s important to find new ways to connect with these consumers because their business is the future of the…"
Aug 9, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Mike Warwick's blog post Did Alan Ram Really Post About Having the Sales Floor Handle Leads Instead of the BDC and Close the Comment Section?
"Sales people avoid putting prospects in the CRM because they don't want their balls busted over closing ratio or follow up.  Dealerships typically don't even assigned orphan owners.  After all, with all of the turnover, how many…"
Jul 26, 2014
David Ruggles replied to Jerry Thibeau's discussion Dear Autobytel, Dealix, Edmunds, KBB
"Maryann Keller and some others have done the math on this.  The number of paid leads generated so far outstrips the population of the country, let along actual auto buyers, it is obvious what is taking place.  They are churning leads and…"
Jun 27, 2014
David Ruggles commented on CDK Global's blog post How Digital Marketing is Changing the Car Business
"RE: "They can no longer hide behind the old tricks that were used in the past to make extra gross on car deals." Just curious, what kind of "old tricks" are we talking about here?"
Jun 18, 2014
Ken Bittner and David Ruggles are now friends
Apr 26, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Richard Holland's blog post Don’t Be Intimidated by Customer Loyalty
"As a parent, why would one by expensive shoes when your child outgrows them in a few weeks?  Why on earth would a dealer be intimidated by the concept of owner loyalty?  All the tech messaging in the world won't make up for a dealer…"
Mar 4, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Danny Benites's blog post Vehicle Descriptions: Here's your Competition...A Lady from Alaska
"This is a RARE talent!  Someone should hire her in the business!!! "
Feb 10, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Tom Vann's blog post "This is a Dictatorship, not a Democracy".. Ugh!
"More thoughts - In a male dominated industry, something that needs to be fixed, sports analogies are frequently employed.  Well, a career in auto sales is NOT a sprint, its a marathon.  Forget the "pre-game" and "half…"
Feb 2, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Tom Vann's blog post "This is a Dictatorship, not a Democracy".. Ugh!
"I've never understood screaming at people, let alone demeaning them.  Sales people don't want to get poor results.  Yelling at them won't fix anything.  Its the sign of truly weak management. Yes, sometimes sales people…"
Feb 2, 2014
David Ruggles commented on Richard Holland's blog post Tesla Demonstrates How OEMs Could Cut Into Service Revenue
"Excellent piece here by Richard Holland!  The book is being written and who knows where things are going.  It IS a scary time to be a dealer with OEMs working to raise one's overhead while the CFPB and the Internet are putting…"
Jan 18, 2014
David Ruggles replied to Tom Vann's discussion Why the Dealership Selling Method is the LAST thing to change!
"RE: "Why the Dealership Selling Method is the LAST thing to change!" The quick answer might be:  Whatever method we used last year when we sold about 56 million vehicles.  Perhaps an itemization and definition of "old…"
Dec 1, 2013
David Ruggles replied to Tom Vann's discussion Why the Dealership Selling Method is the LAST thing to change!
"Whatever method provides a 10% gross profit per transaction and allows me to penetrate my market, is what I want to do.  Fact is, if we let a hard bargainer get away with a $2K deal and we need to average $3k, the next buyer has to pay $4K to…"
Nov 30, 2013
David Ruggles commented on Richard Holland's blog post Lessons We Can Learn From the Failure of Blockbuster
"Consumers believe that independents can do things as well as new car stores for the more typical repair and maintenance items.  And sky high "door rates" make consumers take gambles for repairs that should be coming to franchise…"
Nov 16, 2013

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David Ruggles's ADM Blog

Henry Ford, a documentary

Posted on January 23, 2013 at 12:41pm 0 Comments

Henry Ford – A Documentary


Public Broadcasting Service PBS Premiere of American Experience Presents Henry Ford Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 9:00 – 11:00 PM on PBS – A Review


By David Ruggles

Henry Ford changed the world with his assembly line method of auto assembly, patterned after processes he observed in the meat packing industry.  One might think there is nothing new to be learned…


Book Review: "Car Guys versus Bean Counters"

Posted on August 22, 2011 at 1:51pm 1 Comment

Book Review of:  "Car Guys vs Bean Counters. The Battle for the Soul of American Business," by Bob Lutz

Review by David Ruggles


The automotive world has been waiting for this book for months.  Lutz gave a preview to a group at a fleet conference I attended in Las Vegas last summer, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association (AFLA).   His… Continue

I Was Wrong! But Don't Tell My Wife I Admitted It!

Posted on July 8, 2009 at 4:39pm 0 Comments

I predicted that Chapter 11 bankruptcy for Chrysler and GM would cause chaos and linger for years. Well, I was right about the chaos part. Little did I know what can happen when the government is the driving force behind a Section 363 sale in a Chapter 11, and how much influence the provider of Debtor in Possession financing has - especially when they also happen to be the government.

I do, however, remain dead set against the arbitrary termination of Dealers. Let’s hope there is a… Continue

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!

Posted on June 4, 2009 at 10:02am 0 Comments

As I watched the Senate hearings today on CSPAN my blood boiled. When asked about the money they would save by cutting their dealer count these guys, Henderson and Press, engaged in some serious obfuscation. They asserted that by swapping an "under performing" dealer for a "performing dealer" they would pick up the gross profit of the additional sales of the new "performing" dealer. These calculations of the difference between what they got and what they felt they were entitled to makes up the… Continue

The “Throughput” Myth

Posted on June 1, 2009 at 5:57pm 0 Comments

Much has been written and spoken by the administration and in the media about the bankrupt Chrysler and GM Dealers lack of “throughput” as if it is a big drag on Manufacturer viability. This is used to justify the rejection of “deficient” and “extraneous” Dealers. It was pointed out in the Wall Street Journal recently that Toyota Dealers average 1613 new units per year while Chevrolet averages 643 and Dodge 408. The piece used the word “disastrous” to describe Buick Dealers’ 102 unit per year… Continue

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At 3:21pm on January 14, 2009, Brad Doenges said…
Hi David...Or as Buddy says another Bartoulian
At 1:10pm on December 29, 2008, Andrea Ruggles said…
I studied Japanese for a few years and I love the Japanese culture. My mom sent me to visit (by myself) right before my 16th birthday. A general Toyota brochure would be fabulous! Hopefully we'll get to meet up soon.
At 9:32am on December 29, 2008, Andrea Ruggles said…
Hi there! I don't know if we're related, but it's obviously not that common of a last name. My GSM threw your Ruggles Report on my desk awhile back and that's how I first heard of you!

Feel free to stop by the dealership anytime to say hi.
At 8:37am on July 30, 2008, Mike Warwick said…
Hi David,

Do you know of a bank or leasing company that is leasing pre-owned vehicles in Massachusetts? My dealer wants to get into this market but we can't find a lender doing this in MA.

Thanks for your help!
Mike Warwick
Stoneham Ford
At 11:01am on June 15, 2008, Ralph Paglia said…

It is great to see you here... I am back in my home office after returning from last week's Phoenix-Chicago-Dallas road trip. I am working on preparing next week's materials.

Despite the fact that I should be doing something else, I just had to go online to see if there were any new Automotive Digital Marketing Group members for me to welcome. I found out that I am way behind in my greeting new members.... Toil, Toil, Trouble and Boil!

I am happy to see you have joined our professional community.

Please take a moment to share some more information about yourself and your professional role. Links, blog postings, photos and videos are all appreciated.

Please note that you can upload documents into any blog post or forum discussion for ADM members to download. There are already hundreds of PowerPoints, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Doc's, PDF files and more... We would be thrilled to get you to upload a few of yours to share with the community.

It was very nice of you to take the time to upload a profile photo so our ADM members can put a face with your name... Thank you!

I love seeing yet another automotive professional and industry colleague like yourself join the ADM community... When I checked the membership section a moment ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we are now up to over 900 automotive sales and marketing professionals who have joined the ADM Community!

Amazing support from an amazing industry... Makes the aggravation of flying around the country with a guy sitting next to me who keeps sticking his elbow into my ribs, somehow worth it!

Thanks for helping us get to this critical mass of over 900 members. I am thrilled and delighted to see that you have joined our community... Welcome and THANK YOU!

We are looking forward to any best practices, guidance, tactics, files, photos and videos you are willing to share with us.

Also, you have full access to your very own blog web site within this community, so feel free to get into the swing of things and use this community as a means of sharing with associates, customers, clients and friends!

Ralph Paglia
cell: 1-505-301-6369

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