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The Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community is proud to include amongst its membership base many of the most experienced, well known and most importantly, highest rated on the basis of effectiveness, Automotive Consultants available for hire by dealers.

These consultants specialize in many different areas, such as:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet Sales Management
  • Business Development Centers
  • Telephone Skills and Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing;
    including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Advertising (PPC)
  • Fixed Operations
  • Service Marketing
  • Accessory Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Lead Management Process
  • Organization Design and Strategy
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Used Vehicle Sales and Marketing
  • Plus many more areas of specialty...

We will continue adding to this list on an opt-in basis by professional automotive consultants who would like to be listed, and have a verifiable track record of serving their clients in an effective and ethical manner.

Please send your listing information, as seen below, and the link to your ADM Professional Community profile to Ralph Paglia using the ADM Message system. You can message Ralph from his profile page at


The following Automotive Consultants are available for providing a variety of services to New and Used Vehicle Dealerships throughout North America, and they have been vetted through the ADM Professional Community based on their articles and guidance as knowledgeable and skilled at their respective areas of specialization... Plus, unless I (Ralph Paglia) have personal first-hand knowledge of a consultant's skills and capabilities that are adequate to merit calling yourself an "Automotive Consultant, you do not get listed here!

Each consultant's name is linked to their ADM Professional Community Profile where their references, blog article listings, photos, videos, links and contact information are available to prospective and current clients. The list is in no particular order, except a few of my personal favorites closer to the top:

  • Jim Jensen - Director - Digital Marketing Consulting; ADP Dealer Services
  • Grant Cardone - Cardone Training Technologies Inc.
  • Jim Ziegler - Ziegler Supersystems, Inc.
  • Joe Webb - President of DealerKnows Consulting Services
  • Craig Polito - ADP/BZ Results Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Bill Playford - Vice President of DealerKnows Consulting Services
  • Terry Gibson - Digital Marketing and Sales Process Implementation
  • Mark Rikess - The Rikess Group
  • Jerry Thibeau - Phone-up Ninjas
  • David Johnson - Automotive Social Media Strategy, Marketing and Implementation services for car dealers.
  • William Cress - ADP/BZ Results Social Media Marketing Consulting
  • Ben Plymale - Automotive Dealership Consultant
  • David Kain -
  • Bill Richards - ADP/BZ Results Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Jeff Silverman - Reynolds CRM Process Consulting
  • Mark Tewart - Tewart Enterprises inc,
  • Ken Gibson - Gibson Enterprises
  • Tom Azbill - ADP/BZ Results Digital Marketing Consulting
  • John Weltz - Rebel Dealer Automotive Services
  • Chris Stevens - Reynolds CRM Systems Consulting
  • David Schroeder - CEO Reach Mobile Automotive SMS/Text Message Marketing Specialist.
  • John L Mecham - Dealership Operations Consultant
  • Bruce Sposet - Automotive Consulting
  • Tom O'Connor - Precision Training, Inc. USA
  • Randy Smith - Internet Lead Management Consulting Services
  • Pieter Hudigq - MSR Consulting Group
  • Jeff Blackwell - Toyota, Scion and Lexus Dealership Consulting
  • Paul Berends - GM Standards For Excellence (SFE) Consulting
  • John "Marzy" Marziliano - Reynolds CRM Process Consulting
  • Sam Bryant - Sandy Corporation/GM Training IDC
  • Jennifer Suzuki - e-Dealer Solutions  
  • VL Digital Marketing - Experts in automotive digital marketing, internet sales management and search engine optimization (SEO) for car dealers. Serving dealers throughout Central and Western USA by developing complete digital and SEO strategies designed to fit each dealerships' specific goals. With 30+ years of combined experience and VL Digital Marketing's dealer focus, they have emerged as one of the most trusted organizations in automotive.
  • William Phillips - Automotive Internet Management (AIM)
  • Scott Golembiewski - TuneyFish Inc - SEO/SEM/Social Media
  • Jim Radogna - Dealership Compliance Consulting and Regulatory Reviews
  • Keith Shetterly - Integrated Campaigns and Coordinated Media Strategies
  • Neil Gale, Ph.D. – letters of recommendation from car dealers and other businesses.
  • Brian Pasch - PCG Digital Marketing is an industry leader in proving training, consulting and digital marketing services for car dealers.
  • Ralph Paglia - Integrated Marketing Strategies and Tactics, SEM, Social Media, Organizational Development, Lead Management Process, CRM, URL Management, Google Adwords, Microsites and Dealer Websites, Franchise Acquisition
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have experience working with any of the Automotive Consultants listed in this ADM Professional Consulting Services Directory, please post a comment about your experience with them, pro or con!

How to Choose the Right Internet Sales Trainer or Digital Marketing Consultant...


Characteristics of Top Performing Internet Sales Trainers and Digital Marketing Consultants

written by Ralph Paglia

I started selling cars in San Diego in 1981... But, since 1998 I have personally delivered Internet Sales Training and Digital Marketing Consulting services to over 1,000 car dealers and at least 6 car companies.  Between 2001 and 2010 I recruited, hired, trained or supervised over 200 Internet Sales Trainers and Digital Marketing Consultants... While managing the services they delivered to dealers and car companies. 

As I am sure you can imagine, along the way I have acquired some very developed criteria for the background and skills that can be directly associated with the people who will do a good job assisting dealers in their Internet Sales Management and Digital Marketing strategy, tactics and operational management development. 

So, what are these criteria that I personally associate with the people most likely to make a positive difference at a dealership when it comes to selling cars and service using the web? 

Joe Webb asked me to list them in a manner that he can include in a document designed to help car dealers make better decisions on who to hire as an Internet Sales Trainer or Consultant, so let me itemize what I consider to be the Top 5 most important criteria to consider when selecting a consultant or trainer. The following list was designed to help you select a trainer or consultant based on each item, which are ranked in order of importance:

1. Experience - How many dealership Internet Sales Departments has the trainer or consultant set up, built, managed, designed and monitored? In many ways, when a dealer hires a trainer or consultant what is actually purchased is that person's previous experience in both success and failure in the various aspects of creating and operating Sales Teams, Marketing Strategies and related operational aspects of making these people, processes and technologies work for dealers in regards to selling cars, parts and service business more profitably.

Less experience should cost less and more experience is worth more to the dealer hiring an outside trainer/consultant.

Also, as important as it is to hire trainers/consultants who have had BOTH sales and management experience in dealerships prior to becoming a trainer/consultant, it is important to point out that 48 weeks on the road as a consultant installing Internet Sales and Digital Marketing strategies and tactics in 24 different dealerships is probably equivalent to 6 years of experience working as a manger in a car dealership. 

As a dealer, when you hire a trainer/consultant who has done similar work in dozens of different dealerships you are acquiring a broad base of experience that increases the likelihood of success in your dealership. 

Let me describe a graphic and personal example... I have personally installed over 100 Business Development Centers in Ford dealerships.  I know which of my first 100 dealerships subsequently either disbanded those BDC's or simply let them decline into non-existence. 

Of the 60 that are still in operation 10 years later, there are common element in their design and implementation that can be associated with their long term success and profitable contributions to the dealership's they serve. 

Likewise, of the 40 BDC's from those original 100 I installed that no longer exist, there are common elements to the way they were designed, set up, staffed, physically located and managed.  It is safe to say that I know what makes a BDC more or less likely to be successful. 

Broad based experience working with many dealerships and in different parts of the country is more likely to result in a better trainer/consultant for any dealership considering who to hire.

Lastly in regards to experience, the following is the essential ingredient for success with "Situational Management"...

As opposed to implementing robotic, one way to do something, types of process in any dealership, the implementation of results based work flow procedures is far more effective when it comes to sales, profits, customer retention and efficiency. 

There are very few tasks that are limited to being executed in only one specific way in order to experience success for your dealership. 

The sign of a truly experienced and wise trainer or consultant is that they know how to achieve the dealership's objectives in a variety of ways and are not dependent on one way to get something done... If that one way doesn't work, the experienced trainer/consultant will know how to get it done using another method.

2. Work Ethic and Productivity - Since hiring a trainer/consultant usually involves the dealer paying for units of time, how much actual in-dealership face-to-face training and consulting time will you get for the money being spent? How many dealership employees and their ability to implement and execute recommended tasks be positively impacted?

  • What are the "deliverables" that the consultant will produce and deliver within those same units of time? 
  • Will they deliver a documented Action Plan each time they visit the dealership? 
  • Will the trainer/consultant follow up on whether the assigned dealership resources have completed those tasks prior to the next visit to the dealership? 
  • Will the trainer/consultant prepare performance reports and assessments for management and dealer review? 

All of these tasks are certainly in the realm of capability for every trainer/consultant worth considering, but how much is done within a billable time period is a sound basis to use in evaluating their productivity.  How much output in high value deliverables is also a function of basic work ethics inherent in the trainer/consultant personal profile.

3. Passion, Persuasion and Communication Skills - I debated whether to list this as #2 or #3, but let's just say that these are VERY, VERY important skills (character traits?) for any trainer or consultant a dealership is considering... How effectively can that person express themselves to a variety of different people in your dealership? 

How well will their message resonate with your team?

Is the trainer/consultant passionate enough about the work they do to have their enthusiasm become contagious and infect your dealership's employees? The ability to both communicate what needs to be done on a daily basis and persuade your team that they will each be more successful by doing these things is paramount to whether or not a dealer gets the most bang for the buck when hiring a Sales Trainer or Marketing Consultant. 

There are several ways to evaluate these types of skills... Watch the trainer/consultant on video, read the articles he/she has written and published. 

Look at the quality of training materials they use, speak to them by phone and ask the trainer/consultant to convince you to do something an Internet Sales Manager, BDC Rep, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager or Salesperson should be doing each day as part of their work flow process. 

After all, if the trainer/consultant cannot convince you as the dealer or GM that something should be done, how the heck are they going to convince your employees?  

4. Dealer and/or OEM References - Before you sign any contracts or pay any money, speak to at least two people who have hired and used the trainer or consultant you are considering... As they say on Wall Street, "Past Performance may not be an effective indicator of future performance" but checking references is certainly a prudent step to execute in evaluation a trainer or consultant and falls under the category of Due Diligence. 

What are some of the things to ask about a trainer/consultant? 

You should ask if whatever they did effected the behavior of the dealership's employees after the trainer/consultant left the facility. 

How long did their visit to the dealership, or the remote work they did for that dealer continue to have a positive effect on the dealership's operations? 

What should you watch out for? 

I have heard dealers describe many horror stories, such as paying a trainer or consultant in advance and then having difficulty getting them to visit the dealership on a date that worked for both parties.  Or, having paid for one trainer/consultant only to have somebody the dealer never met or heard of show up to deliver the services. 

However, there is one issue I have noticed over the years that may sound bad, but is actually indicative of the very best trainers and consultants I have worked with...

Have they ever been kicked out of a dealership?

I have watched first hand when several of the best and most effective Internet Sales Trainers and Digital Marketing Consultants have been asked to leave a few dealerships over the years.  This is what happens when a passionate, highly skilled change agent works in a dealership that is determined NOT to change; almost like an unhealthy body rejecting a healthy organ transplant!

Bottom line, always contact 2 or more dealer references when considering hiring any trainer or consultant. 

5. Do They Walk The Talk? - Whenever considering a trainer or consultant who specializes in any aspect of web based marketing, sales and communications, you should check on how much they practice what they preach.  So, for example if an Internet Sales Trainer tells you he or she believes in prompt responses to Internet Sales Leads and customer emails... Send them an email message and ask for their phone number; then take note of how long it took them to respond. 

If a consultant professes to being able to help you improve your dealership's various website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementations, do a Google search for their name or the name of their business and take note of how well they show up and how many listings are sites or accounts they are in control of. 

If a trainer/consultant tells you they will help your team send better emails to your dealership's customers, ask them to send you examples using your name as if you were the prospective car buyer or service customer.  The trainer/consultant claims to be able to make sense out of using social media to enhance your dealership's sales and marketing? Then, get their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Blogger and/or Wordpress site or profile addresses and check them out online...

How do they look?

Are they practicing what they preach? 

Summary - These five evaluation criteria I've recommended will help you make a better decision when considering bringing in an outside Sales Trainer or Marketing Consultant, digital or otherwise... But let me include a final bit of important advice. If you are not prepared to implement that majority of a trainer or consultant's recommendations for improved operational processes (within reason), then your dealership is not an ideal candidate for these types of services.
Having assisted many dealerships over the past 30+ years, after managing dealerships and departments for many of those years, both before and after working as an OEM and Dealership consultant, it is always pleasantly surprising to me when a dealership embraces most of what I give them and actually executes the recommendations made!
I love it when this happens, because the store's success from our engagement becomes inevitable. But, all too often, dealership management teams will pick and choose the items a trainer or consultant gives them and only implement those items that they see as easy or they feel comfortable with... This does not create a situation optimized for best results.
However, every dealer I have ever worked with that accepted, embraced and reinforced the implementation of the majority of what i outlined and left detailed instructions of how to do it, and then enforced the discipline to make sure the dealership employees executed these processes every day... These are the stores that have been VERY successful in achieving their Sales and Marketing objectives.
So, the lesson learned is that if you do what the trainer or consultant you hire advises you and your team to do, your dealership will most likely experience success... But, if you choose partial implementation by cherry picking which work flows and processes to implement, at best you will get limited success, and at worst, no improvement at all.
It is the holistic and systemic impact that the whole of a consultant's recommendations combined, which result in the huge gains and incredible success stories that we hear about from time to time.

Ralph Paglia

ADM Founder and Editor-in-Chief


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Comment by Joe Webb on March 17, 2013 at 1:43am

Yay - I made the list!

Comment by John L Mecham on March 24, 2012 at 4:11pm

Thanks Ralph.  I appreciate the gesture and enjoy reading all the topics on your site.  It is a good source of timely and relevant info.

Comment by Ralph Paglia on March 21, 2012 at 11:30pm

John and Randy, after checking out your profiles, links and references, we added you both to the list of ADM Consultants shown above...

Comment by Randy Smith on February 22, 2012 at 7:57am

Thanks for the great post here Ralph. I just joined and there is a wealth of great information throughout the site. I look forward to learning and contributing in the coming months.


Auto ILM Consultant

Comment by John L Mecham on December 2, 2011 at 11:59am


Good points.  As a new car dealer, I have invited many "Guru's from afar" to come in and help me improve the processes.  In fact I have used Craig Polito to help create a BDC.  What I found most of the time is that they lacked the ability to speak dealer or GM.  By that I mean they had never been either so the dealer or GM gives them no respect.  I sold my dealerships in 2006 (Great timing eh?) and now act as a dealer consultant and Dealership Broker.  When I go into a store to help them, many times I find that the dealer is not willing to change, at which time I ask him if he would consider selling the place before he goes out of business.  I have had 3 dealers admit that they were not or could not change and I helped them sell their stores.  Change is constant and the ability to adapt to it, all the time, is critical for survival.  Thanks for your efforts and I wish you well.

John Mecham

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