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OK, heres the deal; Mark Boyd is an automotive digital marketing success story that I have not only befriended over the years, but whom I have come to admire and respect. So, when he recently posted an article on ADM as a blog, I did something that I reserve for only the best authors, topics and relevant issues of concern or interest. I used the ADM membership list to invite over 2,500 ADM members to comment and respond to Mark's ADM blog posting... Many of you responded to Mr. Boyd's Blog article seeking comments regarding Craigslist, or you attempted to do so. I WANT TO PERSONALLY AND EMPHATICALLY THANK THE DOZENS OF ADM MEMBERS WHO RESPONDED OR ATTEMPTED TO RESPOND AFTER MARK DELETED THE ARTICLE.

However, it turns out that Mark Boyd's posting of his article on ADM, and subsequent deletion of the article after the ADM member invitation was sent out was a mistake.

As are many other ADM members, I am a member and supporter of David Kain's Idea Exchange, and I know in my heart that David Kain would never waste his time facilitating a process of diverting ADM member traffic to his site, because he already has it! In fact, the ADM Tool Bar which members can install for free has links to, and streams descriptions of activity on the Idea Exchange, along with DealerRefresh activity and ADM member activities. David, Jeff and I enjoy a genuinely friendly relationship with each other, we support each other's endeavors and each of us has a high level of personal and professional respect for each other.

Here are the facts:
After Mark Boyd published the following article (summary shown) on ADM:
"Mark Boyd added a blog post 22 hours ago
Selling on Craigslist - Amazing results or not?
I would be very interested to hear from dealers IF you post your inventory online to Craigslist (and other free listings) and what kind of results you are having? How are you doing it (a software tool, or using a service). Also, If you DON'T ... "

Out of respect for Mr. Boyd, I responded to his plea for feedback about Craiglist by sending out my own personally worded invitations to over 2,500 ADM members... I described Mr. Boyd as an Automotive Digital Marketing Pioneer, I requested that ADM members show professional respect for him by responding to his Blog Article... And, ADM members began to immediately respond in droves.

But, something went wrong... After the first several ADM members entered their comments providing Mr. Boyd with the feedback he requested, Mark Boyd DELETED HIS ADM BLOG POST. This caused further traffic from the alert that was sent to ADM members to reach a dead end when they tried to respond... Which is annoying and could potentially hurt our community by discouraging ADM members from responding to future requests. As bad as it was to have an invitation to respond to a blog article that no longer existed, things got worse...

Less than 9 hours later AN INVITATION WAS SENT OUT BY KAINAUTOMOTIVE.COM IDEA EXCHANGE TO COMMENT ON THE EXACT SAME MARK BOYD WRITTEN ARTICLE POSTED ON THE KAINAUTOMOTIVE.COM IDEA EXCHANGE WEBSITE! The screen capture of the ADM invite below was received in my Outlook Email AFTER I arrived in Rhode Island, at 12:48 AM, but hours after I sent the same ADM invitation while still in Phoenix, a copy of which most of you should have in your inboxes (or junk mail folders) as well:

The invitation to respond to Mark Boyd's article was sent out after ADM members were invited, but also after Mark Boyd deleted his ADM version of the same article... Here's the screen capture of the invite I received in my GMail account, sent AFTER Mark Boyd deleted his ADM post:

Was this some sort of attempt to divert ADM members to the Kain site instead of the ADM site to comment on this article? That was my original perspective, but after speaking with Mark Boyd i am convinced that he made a Mistake. ... After all, why would Mark Boyd delete his article after so many ADM members had already responded to it? You can see the ADM member comments on Mark Boyd's ADM Profile page that were made before he removed the article from ADM. According to Mark, he was well aware that ADM members were responding to his article at the very same time he was trying to make spelling corrections. Which is when he accidentally deleted it. I have no reason to suspect Mark would ever lie to me about such a matter..

My question is this... Did I over-react by believing that the timing and series of events indicated some type of treachery to the ADM members who were invited to respond to his blog article on Craigslist?

Does deleting an ADM article less than 24 hours after 2,500 ADM members get invited to that very same article, resulting in a dead link (now redirected to the ADM blog listing) qualify as being inconsiderate to ADM members?

If you were in my position, what would YOU have thought about Mark Boyd's article deletion?

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I guess you couldn't wait for me to finish writing the comment below...

I changed my post to appease Mark Boyd, and i didn't delete it because then everyobody's comments would have been deleted... YOU pointed out that i had made a post using the wrong PC which is my work assigned PC, so I simply corrected it.

The most Positive Person i will ever know???? Now, THAT must truly be in jest! Maybe you actually do have a sense of humor...
My mistake... I make a few on a daily basis. Especially when I am switching from one PC to the next.

Paul, Before your paranoia kicks in, I was trying to correct the "author" of the above post because my opinions are my own, and not the opinions of the people I work with. I wouldn't want to burden them with my opinions, because I wouldn't want the reverse!

Anyways, when I removed the post entered while i was on my work PC, your nasty little comment was deleted by accident... Ironic, huh?!?!

So, please come back and repost your nastiness... please?

Oh, and since you never seem to pick up on when people TRY to do the right thing, I have apologized to Mr. Boyd on several occassions, and the post which you completely missed the whole point on, was written as further contrition by poking satire on the mistake i made.

So, Paul, what's it like to NEVER make mistakes and NEVER apologize to anyone?

Because i wouldn't know... Seems like I've been about 75 good calls and 25 mistakes out of every 100 decisions/actions/choices/predictions for the last 30 years.

Maybe you should publish an article about your perfection and freedom from any need to apologize... because, no matter how much i try, I cannot recall you EVER apologizing to anyone on the web for anything, regardless of the circumstances...

And, guess what? I have gotten a few letters in my time, and sometimes i have conceded and backed off, sometimes i have negotiated settlements, sometimes i have gone to trial, and sometimes i have won and sometimes i have lost.

Winning never feels as good as I thought it would... Losing never hurts as much as i thought it would... And, settling never seems to be either a win or a loss.

What's my point? You better be willing to "fold" when your first loss is your best loss, and in my opinion, when the issue involves principles, it is worth the temporary pain of resisting and losing, rather than folding and giving up a little piece of your soul.

Lastly, I wish to some day become as perfect and free from ever needing to apologize as Paul Rushing, but I know I never will be. So, when i screw up, I'm going to try and right my wrongs, as quickly as possible, apologize, learn a lesson and move on. But, when I truly believe I am right, I will stick with my position and pursue my objective. And, then there are times when I (not you because you are perfect) will be unsure or uncertain as to what is the "truth" and what is not...

For example, I still am not 100% certain that Mark didn't delete that blog article on purpose, and because I invited people to answer his questions... But, I know that there is enough probability that what he told me is true, that I am willing to suppress my doubts, accept my fallibility, make a public apology, while Mark's apologies to me have been kept private, and move on.

If you could only see, Mr. Rushing, that all is not exactly what it appears to be on the web and often times there are undisclosed circumstances, hidden deals, business conflicts and sidebars that are either offline in nature, maybe just not something that either of the parties involved would like to come to the light of day... or just reside way outside the area being exposed.

PS; unfortunately, i do not have that cute GIF image on this PC!
LOL I make mistakes daily and make apologies all the time. My original
reply was in jest as your inferred your statement was. I knew why it was
in the ADP name when I saw it...

Paranoia?? Nah humor it is to watch you call people out, myself included,
with supposition and innuendo. Is everybody out to get you? I actually
think you were using web MD and did a self diagnosis.

To take a line from on of my favorite movies. "Tommy Boy"

Ray Zalinsky: Good, you've pinpointed it. Step two is washing it out.
[after Tommy has rubbed air freshener on himself]
Well... I kind of feel bad after reading the back and forth between you and Paul. I've known you far too long to take your response as anything but comedy. To be honest, I didn't even watch 20 seconds of the video aimed at you or Mark and I laughed when I read that you watched the whole thing. I just thought an attempt to inject a little humor was appropriate.

So... Mark Boyd innocent or guilty??? Every interaction I've had with Mark has been pleasant, professional and positive. Just for fun I want to say GUILTY, but there might be something to his rookie blogging/ning skills, so I'm giving him what I often give my kids: mercy and grace.

One more thing, I thought I was the least negative, most positive person in the industry???

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."
Chuck Swindoll
Wow! Because we have be forced to “Wind Down” (ya right) our Buick point, I missed all this entertainment! Thanks a lot GM! :You kids need to play nice. Ill bring my sandtoys to the box. WOOT WOOT
I know this. When I was posting an event I had to edit it a couple of times because I was not paying attention. Then the photo I wanted to use would not resize to my liking. I think from editing the damn thing 5 or 6 times I locked up the events posting in my page. I deleted it and started over but I had to. I have known Mark for a few years and there would have been easier ways to get the same results than to risk virtual instant exposure. I say innocent and this is 25 days later.
Of course, I also would have been angered quickly as well because most of you that know me understand I have a hard time taking the high road. After research and discussion I think all is well and let us play nice in the sandbox together.
I have the extreme pleasure of knowing - and respecting - all of the characters in this PlayHouse 90 episode and I for one have enjoyed and appreciated the exchange. I accept the whole process as a lesson on how the Internet can produce positive results even from the ashes of a negative beginning.

1) Ralph - your passion for what you do is my source for waking up every morning! I have learned so much from you and ADM that I choose to filter out the mistakes as part of the process. The end result of the exchange with you, Jeff, Mark, David, Sean, Paul and now me would never have been possible if Mark didn't accidentally hit the delete button. His honest mistake surfaced an opportunity to see how human nature has survived on the WWW and how we all can learn to give our FRIENDS the benefit of the doubt. After all, what are friends for!

2) Mark - believe it or not I accidentally made a mistake myself once! By the way, that comment also applies to Ralph as he so professionally pointed out once his reason caught up with his enviable passion. I often rely on multiple auto industry social networking sites to research projects for the affilaited automotive advertising agencies, auto dealer and automotive advertising vendor clients of Ad Agency Online so I understand the process that you applied and your obvious mistake since I have done it myslef once or twice. I think it was your fame and universal respect from your piers that exposed your mistake so publicly as both Ralph and Dave chose to simultaneaously help you complete your due dilligence regarding Craigs List. Perhaps we should have you join me on air on WAAOL to discuss your current projects to expand on your research? After all, what are friends for!

David - you and your brother have earned my respect on many levels and I appreciate your cool headed reply to our beloved brothers Ralph and Mark in recognizing the true source of Ralph's passionate initial response and Mark Boyd's honest explanation and apology for his misplaced key stroke. Please call me so we can discuss helping you further promte your social networking site as I am always looking for input and additional resources to help me and mine. I would be happy to connect them with you and yours so call me at 561-962-2738 to see how. After all, what are friends for!

Sean - Your wisdom and depth of resource material is enviable and your willingness to jump in between your two friends to solve a potential rift exemplifies your value to ADM and any project that you are involved with. I understand that you have re-joined the Reach Local team and I stand available to help you in any way that I can. After all, what are friends for!

Jeff - What can I say, DealerRefresh.Com has been the source of many shared wisdoms and your comments in this forum have proven why. I have enjoyed receiving many of your emails pointing out an interesting post on your site and I can see how you could have been Ralph in this scenario. Please keep up the good work and feel free to call me if I can help you promote DealerRefresh.Com. After all, what are friends for!

Paul - what can I say. I know you to be a hard working family man with a depth of knowledge on social networking, blogging, SEO, SEM and digital marketing that is the envy of many and the goal of most. I will add that Ralph has a point in that you do seem to be mis-understood more than most but I have learned that it is your passion for the Internet and the Auto Industry that seems to get you in trouble. The truth is that you and Ralph have more in common than either of you realize which may explain your recent exchange. Two "Alpha Dogs" in the same room - real or virtual - will certainly cause sparks but at the end of the day you both should be respected for your willingness to share your thoughts with the rest of the pack. After all, what are friends for!

Finally, I love all of you guys and I am proud to count you all as friends and valued resources that I must share all of my successes with. But then again - what are friends for!


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