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Yesterday I had the privilege of being a guest on Philip Zelinger's lunchtime radio show.  I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never listened to one of his shows.  A few days before the show aired I asked Philip if we should spend a little time on the phone practicing.  His reply: "no, just dial in about 5 minutes before the show airs."  Well of course this made me as nervous as a pig in a pork factory, but all that changed once we got started.

As I am sure many of you know, Philip has a natural gift to talk.  He is well spoken and knows his material better than most.  I was very impressed with the preparation Philip put into understanding what it is I do to help dealerships.  His ability to share his knowledge verbally is quite impressive.

We are lucky to have a guy like Philip here on ADM.  I can tell that Philip has an enormous amount of passion for this business and he truly cares. There are people in this business who are only here for financial gain, but for Philip I truly believe he does it because he enjoys helping others.

Philip, on behalf of everyone here on ADM, I would like to personally thank you for everything you do.



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No Jerry -- thank you!

Frankly, I have learned more than I can ever presume to teach from people like you that represent the cutting edge of today's automotive advertising world. My self delegated role in my organization has been to find and forward best practices whenever I can, and of course to filter out the bad ones using other people's time and money vs. my own or that of my clients.

I am starting to tear up now, so I will stop with a simple thank you for recognizing my honest attempts to pass on my own experience and shared wisdoms collected from friends like you over my last twenty five years as a general manager and dealer principal followed by the last ten in the automotive advertising industry that serves our beloved auto industry.

Frankly, the real credit should go to people like Ralph Paglia for starting forums like ADM as a place where friends can share best practices and introduce new solutions for common problems.

After all, what are friends -- and ADM -- for!
I second Jerry's comment. I've been fortunate enough to be a guest on Philip's lunchtime blog talk radio show on a few instances. He was even kind enough to bring me to his home where we conducted the show (and he is still missing jewelry from my visit whether he knows it or not :)

That being said, Phil is an amazingly loquacious speaker. If you look up the "gift for gab", you will see a picture of Phil. It is understandable how he scored his trophy wife.

That being said, unlike others attempting to solely promote themselves in these posts (and in other webinars), Phil I believe follows my own personal mantra that our personal goal is to "better the culture of car sales". For dealers, for employees, for consumers. Phil's willingness to share his wealth of knowledge and contacts just shows that there are still good guys out there.
Joe, thanks for the kind words added to Jerry's.

Unfortunately, now I have to abandon my plans to sell the hidden video that I have of you scrounging through my wife's underwear drawer to steal her jewelry. Oh well, no worries -- the insurance will cover the loss!

PS: To our fellow ADM friends -- be sure to add Joe's name to the list of selfless contributors and before this turns into a self serving forum -- add your name to the list as well! Anyone reading this post is already vested in ADM and they deserve to share in any praise offered to us individually. After all, what are friends -- and ADM -- for!
I've known Phillip for about 2 years now and have worked closely with him on projects both personal and business related - and I can say this - I've never met anyone in the business community who will go out of his way to help more than Phillip and who will still do business on a hand shake.

Thank you for all the help along our journey.
Cal Worthington has a saying; "It takes a couple days to tell if a sales person can sell. A Closer of deals takes a couple deals, but the desk man who makes deals happen, I know in a matter of minutes if he is truly a car guy of the highest level" Spending a few minutes with Phil Zelinger you know he is a car guy. I have known and worked with Phil for over 20 years. Over the years it is incredible how he stays up with the newest technology and continues to help mold and build and share with anyone in our industry to help make it a better place. Knowing from experience Phil has sacrificed a bunch to give many people a platform we have today to do what we do.
Thanks Jerry for taking the time to remind me of Phil's talent and my need to share. "After all what are friends for?"
I agree with all of you and Jerry ... very well played in describing the experience with Phil as "in the presence of greatness." Great is such an appropriate way to describe Phil because your experience with him is great, his experience with technology is great, his business acumen is great, his coaching talents are great, he's a great learner, an incredibly great learner with great patience, and it just feels great to be around the guy.

I know that I am better perceived and have greater influence and connections as a direct result of working with Phil. In what he does... he is the standard!

Thank you Phil and thank you Jerry for giving credit to a well deserved guy!
Jerry, now you have the dealerMouth team feeling like ham-fisted buffoons! We felt the same before and after or "on-air" chat with Phil. Our lack of couth is why we didn't articulate it here on ADM!

The best part about Phil is that he walks the relationship talk. The selfless care and concern he has displayed to us at dM, whether it be time volunteered for good business advice (even at odd hours!) introductions or whatever, it's clear that it's from the heart.

At Digital Dealer, another vendor was sharing with us also that Phil was intrumental in getting them going with an OEM "he's the man!"

Of course his activity to make the business better for all just for the sake of the business improving is obvious.

Jerry, you've shamed us!! dM Team
Thanks Jay -- and team!

Sorry that it took so long for me to recognize and appreciate your generous comments but frankly it took me awhile to figure out how to receive it in this public forum. Your comments validate years of arguments with my wife who constantly asks -- How much are they paying you for staying up until 2 AM writing posts and comments!!! -- to associates who asked me why I was giving away all of me "secrets" to the "competition!"

Your comments supported by the others prompted by Jerry's generous recognition of my efforts to share my review of his Phone-Up Ninjas with me and mine is worth more than any pay check. Once a check is cashed you have to start earning the next one, but relationships and friends earned by sharing provide an R.O.I. that will last forever -- including into the legacy that I hope to leave to our beloved auto industry.

After all, what are friends for!

PS: It may sound corny -- but I appreciate you all more than you will ever know!
What can I say about Mr. Phil?
I have seen Phil close business, make friends and create opportunity when there appeared to be none. I have felt his strength when mine was gone, he has carried me more times than I care to count.
He has more talent than one man should ever have....
But he does have one issue that I would like to share with all in this forum...he is generous to a FAULT.
I mean it from my heart sir, the word that best describes Phil Zelinger is QUALIFIED, because if you need help at all, he is your best source! Good Selling Mr. Zelinger!!
Vaya Con Dias!
To Jerry and all who have posted comments about Phil;

thank you for publicly acknowledging one of a handful of individuals who truly grasp the vision and definition of a "Professional Community" that is what ADM has set as it's mission... Phil Zelinger was the first member of ADM to call me on my cell phone in early 2008 and ask me a series of questions regarding what I would support, condone, moderate, not moderate, and many other questions so that he could make a decision about the content he would post on ADM and the degree of participation he would invest into the ADM Community.

At the time, I remember thinking "who is this guy?" and wondering if he had an ulterior and undisclosed motive, or if he was hired by Reynolds to get evidence of me violating my non-compete agreement, perhaps a covert operative from the Kobal Kingdom (hi Chris!), or somebody hired by one of the ex's (your pick: wives, employees, employers, partners, etc.)... I soon started to learn that Mr. Z is indeed the Real Deal... On top of his prolific participation in the ADM Professional Community, his role has evolved based on his exceptional talents and intuitive style... Plus he has a gorgeous wife who may be the actual brains behind Mr. Z's success. But, I will let you judge that issue on your own after you meet Mrs. Z, and see first hand what I am referring to. In any event, Phil was smart enough to marry her several decades ago and her involvement is what Paul Harvey would call "the rest of the story". Regardless of the situation, I have learned to trust Phil's professional judgment, respect his opinion and rely on his commitments regarding professional situations, business opportunities and industry events in both the online worlds that intersect the thousands of people going to and from the ADM community, as well as the very real world of contracts, clients, business development, partners and all the comings and goings of people in the auto industry...

So, to those who have questioned my staunch support and promotion of both Phil Zelinger and his business activities... If you REALLY don't like it, then go visit Down the Road Motors and get the f@&$ out of my face! There is one bundle of related character trait I have learned to value over all others in my 53 years on Earth and 40+ years of working for everything that I have ever wanted... And that is those character traits that come together to form what I will describe as a person's ability to demonstrate "Professional Loyalty, Ability to Recognize Intent over Verbiage, Trustworthiness in Tough Situations, and Reliability of Support"... Although there is no one word in English that conveys this bundle of character traits that I believe to be the essential ingredient of "Professional Quality Score" (hey, I was at Google all day Thursday and Friday AM), just like it is so difficult to translate the Portugese word "Saudade'". But if this word did exist, and somebody wanted me to cite an example as a reference, I would point to Mr. Philip Zelinger.

After all; what are friends for?

Yesterday was my 53rd birthday, and among the many things I am grateful for is having experienced the blessing in life that creating the ADM Community which is only as rewarding as it is because of the concept and vision for what it has become was adopted, embraced and made real by the 3,400 members who became members of the community after seeing the quality and value contributed by the early adopters, of which Phil Zelinger has best exemplified...

Some of the best gifts a man can receive in life are a woman's love, the experience of being a father, and the grace from experiencing endeavors with brothers in arms while going into battle or business. I consider Phil Zelinger a brother in arms, not because we work on the same team or are either a client or supplier to each other, but because Phil has repeatedly demonstrated through a handful of written words, a whispered statement of his opinion or advice, and hidden within his many comments and posts... A wisdom and clarity of vision that I have only rarely witnessed from a handful of truly great men and women that I have known.

Thank you, Phil... For all that you do and the inspiration that comes from knowing that you got my back, and the joy of making the same commitment in return.
Phil has been very helpful in broadening the reach of TeleTextSolutions and introducing Web Based, Opt In, Conversational, Text Messaging via his extensive network. We are very lucky to have Phil as a partner in our efforts. After all, (as he says), what are friends for?
Thanks Ken,

I have always believed that you can judge someone by his friends and the company that he keeps -- and based on comments by friends like you I am glad that I did!

Frankly, after revewing Ralph Paglia's comments just before yours -- and sharing it with my wife who is finally beginning to understand why I invest so much time on ADM and other social networking sites to share best practies I have "borrowed" over the years with/from friends -- I was becoming too embarassed to reply. But, then I realized that there are many other ADM contributors who may have wives that complain about their online friends and the time that they invest with/for them so I figured that I would once again say --

Thank you Ken for your kind words of support, but once again -- what are friends and ADM for!


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