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Each of us needs to get involved with the current efforts to restore dealer rights... provides a web site with information (bottom right) on how to reach out to your legislators.

I sent the following: (Copy, Improve, Make Up Your Own... But Do Something) DTG

Senator... America is built on our constitution... the current auto dealership closings are not acceptable. Listen to the car dealers coming to Washington Tuesday and give their family's and employees an american chance to prevail. WHY WOULDN'T GM and Chrysler give each dealer all makes (available after downsizing products) and let the dealerships battle it out for the strongest and best consumer solution? I have 23 years experience in all aspects of automotive (including manufacturer distribution)... dealerships DO NOT COST MANUFACTURES MONEY. MANUFACTURERS PAY INCENTIVES BY THE CAR... DEALERS PAY FOR THE RIGHT TO OPERATE FRANCHISES. Your assistance is required immediately to correct this inadvertent misstep. Please get directly involved. Thank you,

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Lack of response(s) to this industry shaking issue is deafening... this effects employees as well as vendors... For any silent followers I would recommend Rep. Michele Bachmann makes a clear case to all Americans in just a couple of minutes. Hope this issue gets more exposure here on ADM. Good Selling (to whatever dealers are left), DTG
Thanks for the information David. I trust that you agree that the real issue extends well beyond the dealer rights that you highlighted. The republican based - (not the Republican Party but the political process) - capitalistc free marketplace that served as the key differentiator between the United States and the rest of the world is at risk!

Perhaps this forum would be an oportune place to list several key issues that are linked to the current administration's attempts to rip up the constitution and the rules of law that we have all lived by. I respectfully suggest that before our fellow ADM members contact their state or federal representatives regarding the single issue of dealer rights that they educate themselves on the following related issues that reflect the true agenda of our present administration:

1) Cap and Trade - this is an attempt by the administration to control the energy industry in the US disguised as "Climate Change" legislation. This bill suggests the need to add a tax to industries based on their carbon footprint with a government supported agency collecting the fees managed by private concerns including GE and Goldman Sachs who stand to earn BILLIONS as a result of this new layer of government beaurocracy. The indirect control of private industry - such as the banking / auto / insurance and soon health care and the energy industry - by the government operating through favored corporations or individuals is the literal definition of Marxism! LOOK IT UP!

2) Card Check - this is the administration's attempt to unionize small business in the United States by bypassing the right for employees to have a private vote when considering a Union. Union membership - and the related fees - have been in a multi decade decline. Unions supported the Obama administration - look up SEIU - and their pay back was first evidenced by the "Car Czar's" decision to bypass the rule of law in structuring the bankruptcies and nationalization of GM and Chrysler which was the catalyst to your post. Even with the equity STOLEN by the Union from the bond holders in GM and Chrysler the Unions were still accepting concessions to make the deal work. To make those concessions back, the administration is attempting to hand them all of the small businesses in the US - including the remaining retail auto dealerships! LOOK IT UP!

3) Czars - in order to bypass the vetting process and the protections built into our political process by the constitution which divided the government into three division - The Executive, The Legislative and the Judicial - Obama has appointed 32 Czars that answer only to him with no recourse through our judicial or legislative processes. The Car Czar - for example - is only 31 years old, has NO auto industry experience and is a law school drop out whose only professional experience was as a campaign worker for the Obama administration. The Science Czar just appointed wrote a book promoting the solution to the world economy as being to place sterilization chemicals into the water and food system to reduce the population and his Czar for Green Technology became a "radical Communist - (his description of himself - not mine) while he was in jail. LOOK IT UP!

4) Transnationalism - this is the legal position that International Law should supercede the Constitution - even in Domestic issues - since we are now in a world economy. Obama recently appointed of Mr. Koh as the International Attorney representing the United States and he is a TRANSNATIONALIST - (that is his description of himself in his book promotiong transnationalsim - not mine.) LOOK IT UP!

I could go on - but my point is that before you jump in on the issue of Dealer Rights you should focus on your own rights and those of your children! LOOK THEM UP!

Simply put - I agree with David that we should all get involved. After all, what are friends for!
I watched the video David and I've heard this discussed everywhere from the news to my own church. This country started down a slippery slope the minute it bailed out the first bank and it snowballed from there. No one saved the tech industry in the 90's and I watched hundreds of commercial foreclosures take place in Massachusetts in the 80's when no one stepped in as banks and life insurance companies faltered. The hard truth is if the law and there was a normal bankruptcy,there most likely would not be any Chrysler and a vastly different GM than what we have after the bankruptcy today.
My huge exception to any discussion on "normal" is that tax dollars and the government were involved directly in both cases. Once bail out funds were used, "normal" goes right out the window... My (our) tax dollars paid for the theft of those dealerships and our rights.

I take no political side with this matter... this is important for all Americans.

DTG solution in a nut shell... they should have awarded all remaining (available) franchises to all dealers with any franchise and let them and the market straighten it out.

Last Note: Restoration of Dealer Rights Bill in passed through Congress and heading for Senate... this issue is front and center. I do not suggest mixing political affilliations or other causes. Lets help these folks out and protect the constitution while we're at it.

Enough flag waving for now... I am glad leaders of ADM like you (Scott) and Phil have chimed in. Gratefully... DTG
Hey David,

I appreciate your appreciation, however - I want to add a disclaimer to my comments so that they are not construed as changing - or politicizing - the subject.

The action that STOLE the dealerships was illegal, unconstitutional and politically motivated which may spill over to my response but I am absolutely not politically motivated. I AM A CAR GUY - NOT A REPUBLICAN, OR CONSERVATIVE. My reference to the situation as being reflective of our new Marxist regime is because this action to nationalize the car industry is only the tip of the iceberg.

The items that I added to your post are reflective of the next steps that will surely be taken to change the auto industry as we know it. Unions are poised to take over the dealerships - see my Card Check reference - after they consolidate their position in GM and Chrysler. Obama's outrage that the congress has considered protecting their personal political agendas over his will prevail so our focus should be on what will likely be his next step.

For example, the administration has already suggested that the NADA is at fault for the current reversal of his Car Czar's dictates that orchestrated the Bankruptcy Court's ILLEGAL action. It has been suggested that since the NADA has not been willing to negotiate a settlement before the Congress voted that they are compounding the problem. The administration's next step will be to threaten to accelerate the Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7 since they can't support the dealer body as it was - NOT - and a settlement will be negotiated that will not directly benefit the auto dealerships.

The impact of nationalizing Health Care and forcing auto dealers to pay an 8% penalty if they don't provide government approved health care and the additional costs of implementing Cap and Trade which will drive parts manufacturers out of the country and/or force them to raise their prices along with the utility and fuel costs for the auto dealership's will force marginally profitable dealers into the red and out of business.

These battles are on the table today with the same urgency and impact on our dealer clients as the one that you surfaced. These issues can't be addressed individually since they have a common cause. Our country voted for change not Marxism! LOOK IT UP!
I am not challenging your views or your passion Phil... your input is highly valued and appreciated. Your active voice promoting this (these) issues could motivate others (directly impacted) to contact their Senators and make a real difference starting the ball rolling back the other way.

ADM members have the digital resources to expose this issue (note: Cash For Clunkers effort) and bring it to the forefront at a pivotal moment.

For up to date information:

I would like to hear more feedback from you as well as others... Gratefully. DTG
Wow what a mess we have on our hands. Seems like our nation is slipping out from under us. But when you consider what's been going on since the turn of the century, such as with the advent of big government programs like social security and the then dawning idea of internationalism, I think it is fair to say it has been slipping out from under us now for nearly 100 years.

Maybe this period breaches us over the point of no return, maybe it doesn't, or maybe we already have. Who can say?

But regardless, it does as David suggests come down to us as individuals taking a stand for what we believe, not just in dialog but in action, because if you don't then others will and then you lose.

Phil has pointed out some ugly truths related to all this. The dealers' "lost rights" is but a consequence of greater and deeper issues and policies. There probably isn't much to be done at this point with the shutting down of dealerships and from a capitalist viewpoint, the car makers have every right to do what they are doing and only time will tell if it is best for us as a whole. So we must go after the real heart of the matter - BiG government and bad policy.

In my experience, letters to public officials are a step in the right direction, but it's not enough. A stand really starts with your vote, voting for people, their ideas, and their policy rather than party lines, and voting for people that can stand up against the system to get legislature across that behooves "we the people" and not the system. This Cap & Trade deal is freaky and has a bad smell all around. What can we do about that (Phil)?
Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the shared insights - it is nice to know that I am not alone in my concerns and observations. Frankly, if you look at the main stream media you would think that I made these issues up; if only it were so! LOOK THEM UP!

That said, before addressing solutions to Cap and Trade it should be noted that there was a small victory yesterday on the Card Check legislation that the administration tried to ram through to unionize small business by elimintaing the secret ballot. It was removed from the bill that was "hiding" it and - for now, it is off the table. It will come back in another form since unionizing all business is a key element for Obama to socialize our country but time is a key victory that might give our constitution time to heal.

As far as what we can do about all of the other issues - DON'T BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR ADM FRIENDS and anyone else that will listen to you! The attempts by the administartion to rush 1,000 page plus bills through in the middle of the night without anyone reading them - LITERALLY - is only countered by information and the light of the truth. Just like a cockroach - shed some harsh light on them and the run for cover!
Jack Fitzgerald sent a message to (facebook) members of Restore Dealer Rights.
Subject: UPDATE! - Great Fly in - What's Next?

Many dealers have been calling and asking for an update on where we are in the process of the legislation after our successful fly-in by more than 200 dealers. You've had a huge impact.

Remember that there are three paths for the legislation right now:
1) HR2743 (Maffei D-NY) with 258 co-sponsors in the House
2) S1304 (Grassley R-IA) with 26 co-sponsors in the Senate
3) The Amendment by Representative LaTourette (R-OH) to an appropriations bill

Most of the media has been covering the bold move by Congressman LaTourette (R-OH) to add the amendment to the appropriations bill that funds the White House, Treasury and Auto Task Force. The amendment achieved three milestones, first by passing the subcommittee 60-0 by voice vote thanks to Chairman Representative Obey, then survived the "Rules Committee" and wasn't struck by the committee, and now the spending bill with the amendment has passed the House of Representatives and moves to the Senate. There's no prediction on what will happen when the bill moves between the two houses.

The House & Senate Bills are the most likely path for success.

We continue to gather co-sponsors in the Senate and the House on both the individual bills, and that's what's needed. Next week we expect hearings to begin with Congressman John Conyers judiciary committee.

The key is to continue to work by meeting with Senators and their staff in their hometowns, and on Capitol Hill, educating them about the the car business, how we pay our own way, costing the manufacturer nothing, and reinstating dealerships will not cost the manufacturer any money.

Every person you know needs to call their Congressman and their Senator, and ask them to co-sponsor the bills...HR2743 and S1304. Invite your Employees, Customers, Family Members, Friends, Vendors who do business with dealerships.

Keep up the good're making a difference.

Special thanks to Jack for his digital efforts... All ADM members are invited to join Jack on FaceBook @

These issues have momentum and are active NOW!

Thanks Ryan, Phil and Scott for your input... Other ADM input?

Hi David,

I am sorry to report that the battle is over and the war is not going well!

I am fortunate to have many friends in the auto industry and I consider them my my most valued asset. Unfortunately, several friends in the know have reported back to me on the status of the "negotiations" pertaining to the various attempts to reinstate our constitution regarding the illegal actions taken by the bankruptcy courts - under the direction of Obama's Car Czar - regarding the theft of the thousands of GM and Chrysler dealerships that this post is attempting to save ---- and the news is not good.

We have gone forward one step - and back two! First, the NADA is poised to enter "negotiations" to settle for a cash reimbursement for the stolen dealerships. The ugly truth is that Obama has veto power should the Senate and Congress support the individual dealers in favor of the Unions -(code for the administration) - and the administration's Car Czar will push to declare Chapter 7 if the auto dealers appear to get close to having their legislation approved. There will be a cash settlement offered equal to ten cents on the dollar but as far as getting back in the car business - don't hold your breath. Even worse, based on the next development you may want to be careful what you ask for because being in the car business will not be what it used to be!

I was too quick to celebrate the death of the Card Check attachment to the recently passed bill that it was hidden in. The administration has already replaced it with their Fast Track legislation that will accelerate the time that an employer - INCLUDING AUTO DEALERS - has to object to the unionization of their business. The legislation will allow a one third vote to unionize a small business - including auto dealerships - which will force the acceptance by the employer. They will have 5 to 10 days to challenge the union, (government), takeover which is obviously not enough time to launch a legitimate position against the union, (government.) Even more telling is the fact that if he does object, the government will appoint an "impartial third party administrator" who is empowered BY THE GOVERNMENT - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING - to impose strict pay and policy guidelines for up to three years while the union take over is challenged, (or the dealership goes out of business!)

Sorry David, but like I said - the real issue is the government take over of the US and the constitution and until we address that the rule of law and the status of the legislation that we are discussing is irrelevant!

PS: I don't want to appear too skeptical, but in my opinion the actions by the state legislatures in the house were only meant to protect their personal political agendas and they knew that the end result would be the same. Simply put, we are selling our constitution but at least we got a few extra dollars for it - NOT!
Yes Phil I think you are accurate to suggest that, "actions by the state legislatures in the house were only meant to protect their personal political agendas".

This is yet another situation of the Obama administration NOT looking out for main street, choosing big business and big government over the bourgeois.

Where is all this leading? Are going bankrupt AND complacent to much of the world's desire to stomp the U.S?
Phil, I want to commend you for pointing out a much larger issue than "just us car guys." It's about the "agenda" and what this administration is doing to our country. I take no political affiliation in saying that those who were "believers" in the new "transparent" administration should open their eyes real wide. They voted for this and got all giddy and happy with a promise. That promise was underlined with the hidden agenda to take away everything we stand for. Our constitution for which was written to protect us is being shattered little by little. I'm just a car guy and I believe it's time to stand up. Call each and every politician who represents you and take a stand. Vote them all out. They have ruined our industry and are destroying our country.


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