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Above Referenced Forum Post by Jerry Thibeau:

Typically I would not burn a bridge, but today I am going to blow one up!  When it comes to speaking my mind there will be no sugar coating this story and I will be brutally honest.  When I feel an injustice has taken place, I will be the first to raise my hand and protest.  With that said, I feel it’s time somebody stood up to Mike Roscoe and called him out for the _____________ he is?  One could insert so many different labels within the blank line and I’ll let you the reader insert your personal favorite.

I attended the very first of Mike's events in Nashville many years ago and I’ve attended the majority of them since.  In the beginning I would have to say they were well run events that returned value to both the dealer and the vendor.  I also watched as Mike Roscoe became more and more arrogant and greedy with each event.  The last few events were more about Mike Roscoe maximizing his profits than providing value to his clients.  The first day in Vegas was a classic example.  Lunch was served in the exhibit hall and within 10 minutes the food had vanished.  I asked a catering manager if more was being brought out and she shook her head.  She even proceeded to tell me that she made the show organizer aware that not enough food had been purchased and that they didn’t care.  As a result, dealers chose to exit the exhibit hall and dine elsewhere, thus leaving the vendors without an audience.

Dealership representation in the exhibit hall has been a major issue at the last few events and in my opinion Roscoe has failed his responsibility to provide value to the vendors.  For this reason I will not be participating in any of his future events and I have heard the same from many other vendors.

My real issue with Mike Roscoe is the way he treats people.  I have watched over the years as Mike has attacked my friends, colleagues, associates and those associated with Digital Dealer.  The list of people banned grows with each event and I now consider myself a proud member of that club.  Sure it’s Mike’s sandbox and he can call the shots, but when you look at the larger picture, he is playing in our sandbox and it’s time we ban Mike Roscoe!  Vendors, it’s time to stop giving Mike Roscoe your money.  Dealership attendees, there are better events to attend and there will be plenty of new alternatives.

Below is an example of Mike’s arrogance:

CONTENT REDACTED DUE TO LEGAL ACTION>> And I will tell you it was not a very nice e-mail that Roscoe sent to Christy Roman banning her from Digital Dealer.

Continued article:

This behavior from Mike does not surprise me since I have been on the receiving end of crude and unprofessional e-mails in the past. It’s time we help facilitate Mike Roscoe’s retirement.  Myself, I like to think of this as euthanizing a rabid animal.

I plan to stop patronizing Mike Roscoe’s businesses and hope others will follow my lead.  I am going to ask those with Mike Roscoe horror stories to share them on this thread.  Mike Roscoe is a bully and he needs to be exposed.

I would also like to hear from vendors who are ready to move on. Mike is planning to move his event to Atlantic City in May.  I say we start our own event in Florida at his old venue around the same time.  By excluding Mike Roscoe, we can lower the cost and pricing to vendors and dealerships.  I will write more about this shortly.  I look forward to hearing from the community.

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Wow! You wanna know what's a true Halloween horror story? The fact that we still are airing petty personal crap like this on a site that is supposed to be about professionally helping auto pros.

Look you have a professional criticism on the way Digital Dealer is run by all means air it. You wanna post private email personal arguments... Really?! Join the Facebook Gossip Page

Ralph disappointing that you would feature this post after autocon I wouldn't think you would have an agenda.

Jerry... Really?! Do you not have something better to do????

Too much!
Takes courage. This seems like a great learning example for those who like to engage in arguments and verbal assaults via email.

Jerry, What a beautifully timed post.  While I am sympathetic to Larry Bruce's disappointment about "airing petty personal crap," I understand your "cry of frustration," and that it is something you just had to get off of your chest.  That's why I commend you for saving it for this most appropriate day.

Not knowing any of the characters in this "airing" (You, Christy Roman, Mike Roscoe), I went to Mike's ADM profile to see if I could get a read on him.  But, I used up his allotted 2 mins. and learned nothing. Now, reading Ralph's post of 16 seconds ago, and believing in his seasoned judgement of who the good guys are in and around ADM, it definitely helps substantiate your complaint.

Any chance of getting Christy to comment?  I'd like to get clarification on if Mike did or did not hit on her, and if he was drunk or not.  Forgive me for not becoming more emotionally involved, but I'm still at work on my favorite Holiday evening, and I do have a personal belief developed in my years of retail selling, that even the worst among us, be it customer, manager, rep, vendor, promoter, etc., can have some admirable traits.  Maybe, sometime in "better" future, you, Mike and Christy can sit together in a congenial setting with the cocktails of your choice, and resolve these issues.

Until then, post about this anytime, knowing you've go a captive audience.  After all, "Enquiring minds want to know."        

As an original member of the board of directors that helped start the Digital Dealer conferences and start AAISP, I can say that my career would not be what it is today without my experience at these events and the articles that I read in the magazine. Has DD changed since it started over 7 years ago and is it different then what we had envisioned on the board, sure, but no one that is a "leader" in today's automotive internet marketing industry can't say they haven't benefited from what Mike Roscoe and DD started years ago. I don't have anything bad to say about Mike, he has always helped me advance in my career either through advise or through the product that he puts out. I am sure there is bad blood out there, but I don't know if this is the best way to air it... Not professional in my eyes


It's quite well known that you and Mike are good drinking buddies, so it does not surprise me one bit that you have come to his defense.  There's a hell of a lot more people that would like to club Mike over the head than have a drink with him. 

Guys like Ralph P, Brian Pasch, Jim Z, & Greg Noonan are probably on a first name basis with Mike Roscoe's attorney.  Mike uses the legal system to intimidate others since he feels he has patent protection on the automotive conference market.

Brian, I'll ask Christy to comment.  There are many other incidents that could be shared here and I am hoping some of those people come forward.  I know many can't because of legal settlements they have with Mike Roscoe.  I do not fear Mike's attorney since I have my own law firm that is eager to spend my money.  As long as Mike is spending his, I'll be smiling.

I would not be a man on a mission if I had not seen first hand the ugliness of Mike Roscoe. I have been told by inside sources that Mike has profited up to 1.8 million yearly from his conferences. I wouldn’t have a problem with this is the product being delivered was outstanding. Each conference Mike has found a way to diminish services in order to maximize profits. Each year I have watched as exhibit hall perks have vanished. Several conferences back everyone got drink tickets, now it’s only for dealers. There once was a day when the food was abundant, now it’s sparse and low quality. By cutting cost on exhibit hall perks we’ve seen the traffic in the exhibit hall diminish. We the vendors make up the bulk of Roscoe’s revenue and we are treated like second rate citizens. You know what happens when the customer is not taken care of? They move on, they adapt; they find a new business that will meet their needs.

With that said, I feel it’s time we the vendors control our own conference. That 1.8 million in profit can be spent on building an event that will dazzle our clients. The event would be first class all the way. First and foremost, we secure a lineup of the most talented speakers. There are a lot of great speakers outside the auto industry that provide content geared at helping businesses grow. I would also welcome automotive speakers like Brian Pasch, Jared Hamilton, and Jim Ziegler all of who have been banned from speaking at Digital Dealer. Breakfast would rival that of any Sunday buffet. Lunch would be more sustaining than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Cocktail hour in the exhibit hall would be free to all with delicious appetizers. On one of the nights we should have an event that would rival a or Vin Solutions party. How about a party that keeps all dealers in vendors together in a fun setting. I’d rather do all this than line the pockets of a man who treats us like crap.

Who would like to form a vendor committee with me to launch “Automotive Spring” (could be named anything) this spring? We the vendors put up the money to start the event. This would be a nonprofit event. I am sure we can get the folks at Softspace to help organize the event. I am sure Greg Noonan and his team would gladly work with us. I know we can lower our cost and provide dealerships with a more engaging event. Who is in? Send e-mails to jerry at  <--(done like that to prevent spam bots from sending me junk mail).

I almost forgot to mention, speakers won't have to pay to speak!

My only comment, directed at Brian specifically, is that I have been directed by my therapist in no uncertain terms to quit looking in the mirror.

While I hope that, eventually, this is settled amiably, I know how Broderick Crawford would have handled it back in the 50s when he was "Chief Dan Matthews" on Highway Patrol.  It would have been "Buicks, at twenty paces...."  Jerry, of special note and I can't quite put my finger on why, I've always been hesitant about anyone named "Roscoe."   

As opposed as I am to illegal restraint of trade and the very un-American practice of squashing free speech rights with censorship, I am awaiting ADM Legal Counsel guidance on the following letter sent by Mike Roscoe's attorney:

The facts are that I do not know that any of the allegations in this letter have any merit whatsoever, and since there are no stated restrictions on the letter itself, I feel that due diligence requires me to ask: Do any ADM members have any knowledge that anything stated in the above letter is actually true?

This my friends is typical Mike Roscoe behavior!  Can somebody point out where I accused Mike Roscoe of committing a crime?  Illegal Post?  What's illegal about it other than Mike doesn't like it?  I have not falsely accused Mike Roscoe of a crime.  I am pretty sure I included proof that he is is a bully.  You should see the string of e-mails he sent me!

Kudos to you Ralph for sharing the letter!

Can you imagine having Mike Roscoe as a client?  His attorney must be a real piece of work!

10) "They e-mailed me a copy, so I can post it."
To have a copy is not to have the copyright. All the E-mail you write is copyrighted. However, E-mail is not, unless previously agreed, secret. So you can certainly report on what E-mail you are sent, and reveal what it says. You can even quote parts of it to demonstrate. Frankly, somebody who sues over an ordinary message would almost surely get no damages, because the message has no commercial value, but if you want to stay strictly in the law, you should ask first. On the other hand, don't go nuts if somebody posts E-mail you sent them. If it was an ordinary non-secret personal letter of minimal commercial value with no copyright notice (like 99.9% of all E-mail), you probably won't get any damages if you sue them. Note as well that, the law aside, keeping private correspondence private is a courtesy one should usually honour.


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