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Dealer Marketing Magazine and Automotive Digital Marketing Form Partnership


Seattle, WA—Auto dealer trade magazine, Dealer Marketing Magazine and auto dealer social network, Automotive Digital Marketing (ADM) have formed a content partnership starting March 1, 2012.


The purpose of the partnership is to expand the number of dealers that can benefit from the educational content of both entities. Dealer Marketing Magazine, and its website,, is dedicated to helping auto dealers learn more about the aspects of running an auto dealership.  With over 100 experts writing columns for the magazine, DMM covers every aspect of running a modern auto dealership with a focus on the new digital marketing opportunities.  The magazine is on the cutting edge of new innovations in digital marketing offered by the experts that write for the publication.  Dealer Marketing Magazine is not a “news” publication, it is more of a “how-to” publication.


Automotive Digital Marketing ( is one of the original social network based “professional communities” for auto dealers, dealership employees, manufacturer associates and other marketing and sales professionals serving the auto industry. The ADM social network, one of the largest professional communities in the world, allows auto industry people to learn about all aspects of marketing within the auto industry with discussion groups, blog posts, videos, infographics, expert members, and a variety of learning and content sharing features.


“We are proud to be associated with the ADM community,” says Brett Stevenson, Publisher of Dealer Marketing Magazine. “There are a number of social networks out there for auto dealers, but this is the Granddaddy. They have a large influence in the auto industry and have always helped dealers learn from one another.”


Ralph Paglia, Vice-President at Tier 10 Marketing and developer of the Automotive Digital Marketing social network says, “We have always wanted to work with Dealer Marketing Magazine. Their articles have helped so many auto dealers learn more about running and marketing an auto dealership. If you need to improve your processes at a dealership, just read this magazine.”


For more information on the partnership between Dealer Marketing Magazine and Automotive Digital Marketing social network, please contact Dealer Marketing Magazine Editor, Michael Bowen or Publisher Brett Stevenson at 888-385-7526 or email Ralph Paglia, at ADM can be reached at Tier 10 Marketing 505-301-6369 or email at



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Congrats to Ralph and Brett on this new working relationship.  Dealer Marketing Magazine has been a great resource for car dealers and the expanded articles, writers, and information that the publication has added in the past 12 months has been awesome.

The combination of the strong online communities of ADM and Dealer Marketing Magazine will just increase the benefit to the dealer community. I'm proud to be associated as a content writer for both communities.

I look forward to seeing the synergies of this relationship grow.  

Dealer Marketing Magazine is also the media sponsor for the 2012 Automotive Boot Camp which will be held in Las Vegas, May 15-17th.  

Dealers looking for innovative education and training should check out the schedule.  Ralph Paglia is doing three great workshops specifically addressing organization development, hiring, and retention at the dealership.  

There will be a total of 48 workshops and Dealer Marketing Magazine will be covering the event with their field reporters and onsite video crew. 

Brian - Thank you for the conga rats... Brett and I have been discussing this for months and are both very excited about the prospects of working together to benefit the entire auto industry.

From the ADM-DMM partnership announcement on ADM, 3-4-12

“With over 100 experts writing columns for the magazine, DMM covers every aspect of running a modern auto dealership with a focus on the new digital marketing opportunities. “


JOHN ZEIGLAR is one of those “100 experts”.  He does not exist.  “John” it is claimed is a “performance writer” for a company that does not exist called Performance Company.


“John Zeiglar is a performance consultant from the Performance Company. For more information, please email


I wonder how many other experts writing for DMM are really just shills for everything Sean Wolfington?

Thomas - I am not sure how much this means to you, but my primary employment is by Sean Wolfington and he has never, not once tried to use his influence to inappropriately make suggestions for content or editorial policy with the ADM Professional Community.  He has certainly discussed the community with me on numerous occasions, but more asking questions than telling or advising. 

Bret and I coming together had absolutely nothing to do with Sean or any of his companies... If truth be known, I was inspired by what Chris Saraceno has accomplished via his partnership with AutoSuccess at dealerElite... Ater speaking with Chris about how it was working, I set out to find a suitable magazine partner.  I tried to work something out with Digital Dealer Magazine, but although I get along very well with Michael Roscoe, there were too many points left unanswered... And, I don't think it made business sense for him. 

When I contacted Brett at Dealer Marketing, he was not only a wealth of ideas, but was also eager to connect with the ADM Community.  Our personalities were compatible and we see eye to eye on providing service to the industry.  That is the reason why Brett and I decided to collaborate and partner, because we knew the outcome would benefit both our subscriber and member networks.

Ralph, I personally wish you much success with your new partnership as well as everything you do in the future. Old wounds were opened with your choice of words "over 100 experts writing columns" "John Zeiglar" is not an expert. John Zeiglar does not exist. John Zeiglar was invented to promote Sean Wolfington's entities. Period. Elaborate measures were taken to make him appear real including giving him a fake company, a title for that company, and credentialed as an expert, consultant, author and writer. The charade has gone on for 10 years. I think I am reasonable to be suspect of anything I read on DMM.

What follows is a series of emails with DMM concerning communicating with JOHN ZEIGLAR, identity and dates removed.

Hi XXXXXXXX, My name is Michael Bowen. Unfortunately, John Zeiglar prefers to be contacted by email. Please email if you would like to contact him.


Mike Bowen

Dealermark, LLC

To: Dealermark LLC <>
Subject: Re: contact




What is the physical address of his company? I'm sure you would have the phone number as well.




From: Michael Bowen <>
Subject: Re: contact

He is an actual person and John Zeiglar is his real name.

Michael Bowen
Editor in Chief
Dealer Marketing Magazine
888-385-7526 Ext. 106 

Ok. Thanks. Is he an actual person? Or is he a ghostwriter? 


XXXXXXXXXXXXXX "Dealermark, LLC" a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:

Hi XXXXXXXX, My name is Michael Bowen. Unfortunately, John Zeiglar prefers to be contacted by email. Please email if you would like to contact him.


Mike Bowen

Dealermark, LLC


From: "Dealermark, LLC" a href="" target="_blank">>

Subject: Re: Fw: contact


Hi XXXXXX, I sent them your contact information. I will get in touch with them again and let them know that you are very interested in contacting John Zeiglar.


Dealermark, LLC


I have personally "suspended" over 200 member profiles within ADM over the past 4+ years... If I see anything that looks like what you have illustrated here, I will suspend the profile.  If you see any member profiles that you think, please point them out to me and I will call and email the ADM member to verify that they are either real or bogus.  Both myself and the editorial staff that monitors the ADM Community are very adept at spotting spammers and other fake profiles, then pushing the "Suspend for Spam" button which jettisons the profile out of the community, along with anything they may have posted.

Please do not hesitate to call me on my cell about this issue, or anything else for that matter: 505-301-6369

You are a valued contributor to our community and your voice is well heard and paid attention to... especially by me.


Ralph, with all due respect, I was anticipating nothing short of a condemnation of John Zeiglars invention, a condemnation of his inventor for having invented him for the purpose he was clearly invented for, A calling out and condemnation of the Editor in Chief of DMM, Michael Bowen for continuing to insist that JOHN ZEIGLAR is a real person who works for a real company that is demonstrated with the email exhibits below.

While I appreciate your assurance that spammers will be jettisoned, I liken it to putting a band-aid on a severe open wound.

I do appreciate the many good things that ADM serves up to the dealer community. I am saddened by the existence of one JOHN ZEIGLAR who was created to influence dealers and others through deception.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind Ralph.

Thomas - I understand your point, but I am a little old school when it comes to respecting the people who believe in me and have helped me be successful in my career.  When I sold Fords, I was a Ford loyalist, buying and driving them while I worked at ford dealerships.  When I sold Chevys, I drove a Chevy, bought Chevys and believed in them.  I adore the people I work for and consider them to be amongst the most ethical and "do the right thing" people in the auto industry.

I will not defend any type of deception, but I do know that people make mistakes, and if there were mistakes made at Dealer Marketing Magazine, Brett seems like the kind of publisher who would correct those mistakes and move on. 

I also want to own up to something that you make me feel guilty about... I use a Twitter profile named @ADMguy and it is actually me... Yup, @ADMguy is in reality Ralph Paglia... There, I admitted it.  So, there is a part of me that does not want to chase the situation you describe down the proverbial worm hole, because it would feel just a little hypocritical on my part!

But, I certainly respect you for doing what you do, and you have my support!

I do wish Ralph the best with this new arrangement.  I think there's a lot of power in merging online and print, when done well, and ADM has some really great members!

To Thomas Kelly's point, I have been disappointed since I heard of the John Zeiglar shenanigans.  I have stood for a very righteous point on TRUECar, and I cannot water myself down on this John Zeiglar issue because it involves friends of mine.  It's wrong, totally wrong.  However, I will say that I hope John Zeiglar goes away forever as a writer, and that the industry as a whole moves away both from using tools like agenda-driven ghost writers and from the wrong-headed-ness of TRUECar's initial direction with dealers.

Now, I've said to my friends, to their laughter, that "If you drained all the B.S. out of the car business, I'm not sure what you'd have left."  There's more truth to that than I really want to believe, or support, even if it is a funny realization when expressed that way.

So, to keep it positive, it is my hope that DMM never participates in such things again, and that dealers can rely on articles in print and online that are reliable and by real people who reveal their agenda, if they have one.

Thanks!  And great luck to you, Ralph, on this new venture.  You've always been good to me, and I appreciate that very much.

Hi. This is Sean. John Ziegler is a real person, actually he is my brother in law. He has helped us write articles about successful strategies we have implemented with our dealers. This has been a part of our PR strategy to showcase our dealers success so other dealers learn about us and the strategies that are working and our hope was that they would sign up with our company. We have always wanted our articles to be very informative, so whoever reads them can learn something they can use immediately, with our without our help. Our intention was not to mislead anyone, just to get articles written and published that showcase our dealers success. In hind site i wish we would just authored the articles ourselves because it wasnt totally transparent and it was the wrong decision. I am sorry and I apologize if in any way this offended anyone. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Thomas.

@ Sean Wolfington,
Thanks for coming to this thread.  I still have concerns.
1) “John Zeiglar” may well be a "real" person, but are you saying he is a real person in the car business? Or was ten years of content written by you and/or others, all employed by you, using his name?  The latter is how it appears, and others involved in this have claimed that is so.  What is John Zeiglar's documented car business history?
2) Performance Company is not a real company that he was said to work for. I have it on good authority, “it” was used as a placeholder until you could create an entity for him. 10 years later, it is still holding a place.  Who else works for Performance Company?  What does it do?
3) The apparent intent of articles by “John Zeiglar” wasn't employment of your brother-in-law, in my opinion, but instead they were in pursuit of support of your businesses, both in profit and agenda. If I am not mistaken, “he” was promoting BZ Results prior to ADP purchasing it, at least I have been told so by those involved in that history.
You have come to this thread and implied that “him” being a "real person" (your brother-in-law) matters more than what I have outlined above.  I don't agree.  To summarize:
“John Zeiglar” was on the byline of articles at DMM as late as November of 2011.  And “he” has a ten year history of articles with no documented car biz employment to validate them and no real "Performance Company".  You apparently were using “him” from supporting BZ Results all the way to your work at Paragon Honda . . .”He” was presented, by these articles, to the dealer body as a 3rd party, independent source. 
You apologize here and say “In hind site I wish we would just authored the articles ourselves…..” Well, I believe that is EXACTLY what you did. You, your employees, your family, and your business associates as they relate to “John Zeiglar”, are all you in the end. There never was an independent, 3rd party as he was presented to the dealer body, in my opinion.
In the end, I appreciate your apology to all of us, but I don't feel it addressed the real issues.

Wow!  I think I am late to this party. It appears that author John Zeiglar is a real person, but he didn't write the articles that were submitted, by the agency, to our publication.  There is also no company by that name.  My editor, Michael Bowen, had received the articles from the agency and also received an email from the agency telling us that John was a writer hired to pen the article we ran.

The email:

Sharon  to Michael, Donna, me

Mike, (Bowen)

John Zeiglar is a real person who was hired by us to write articles about dealers who have gotten positive results with our strategies so other dealers would learn about us.

We (at the magazine) were unaware that Zeiglar did not write the article or that Harlene Doane at AutoDealerMonthly had experienced the same John Zeiglar problem in the past.  We are puzzled as to why the agency would tell us someone wrote an article that didn't write it.  They could have easily given us the same article and used the real writer's name. 

The article fits our guidelines and policy for content.  We encourage vendors (who are often the leading experts in the field), to write, as long as the article teaches the dealers something and is not a pitch piece for their company.  If you read the article, I think you will find it outlines how the dealer is setting records without pitching Tier 10.  Certainly some readers don't trust anything a vendor would write,  just as some people don't trust anything an auto dealer says,  but we have a long history of offering groundbreaking, valuable advice, from vendors while requiring that they be unbiased in their writing. 

Brian Pasch is a great example of someone who is on the leading edge of online marketing.  His articles are extremely useful, educational, and dealer-readers swear by them.  He does own a company that does online marketing, but he is unbiased in his approach to writing.  If you want to see our policy for writers, it is at the bottom of our home page, or visit this link:

Obviously, we won't be running John Zeiglar articles anymore, just as AutoDealerMonthly doesn't run them anymore. We had no reason to believe he wasn't writing them.
We appreciate that ADM contributor Thomas Kelly went out of his way to uncover that John Zeiglar was not the person writing articles, because we had no idea.   Our readers know that we invite vendors to write articles, and those vendors know we don't allow them to pitch.  We are clear that you don't have to advertise to write, and we have many non-advertisers writing for us.   We don't intentionally mislead our readers and never have.  In this particular case, the article is valuable and doesn't pitch, we don't understand why the agency folks didn't just take credit for writing it. If you read it, it talks about how well Huffines is doing and how they are doing so well.  It is ok to show a client that is doing well as long as you don't rah-rah your own company.  Dealer readers want to hear HOW he is doing well, not just that he is breaking records.  We welcome Mr. Kelly's opinions and anyone else's. 

Brett Stevenson
Dealer Marketing Magazine


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