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Hi all. I have been posting a lot more content lately, including daily tips from my travels on internet marketing. I've been rotating between here, DrivingSales, and DealerElite and wondered if that's the right approach.

I know many of us are members of those three and others and I personally don't like seeing duplicate posts across all of them. There are exceptions - industry news, webinars, poll questions, etc - but for the most part I write a post for one network and see what happens. I might repost the content on another network in the future if it's relevant, but I like to post one type of content here (anything controversial or "groundbreaking"), another type of content on DrivingSales (comprehensive How-To posts, normally), and something entirely different on DealerElite (quick, dealer-centric tips and tricks).

Am I crazy? Should I be posting everything on every network every time? I see more and more duplicate and/or regurgitated content hitting all of the networks at the same time. Is that the best way to go? It obviously makes for increased exposure of a message, but I don't believe that just because we're all automotive professionals that we go to each network for the same reasons.

Tell me I'm right. Tell me I'm full of crap. Tell me something.

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I've been following this thread (and other similar ones) and feel that there have been valid points made on both sides of the issue. I haven't weighed in because I was more interested in hearing other people's thoughts on the subject than voicing my own opinion. However, when I see the word SPAM used, it ruffles my feathers.

I don't post that frequently, but when I do, I typically post in many different places. Occasionally, I write unique content and have no problem doing so. But, like many others, I generally spend a great deal of time and research on my articles - sometimes several days. It's vitally important to me that the information I share is as accurate, timely, and useful as it can possibly be.

I look at it this way - if only one dealer in each of the communities I post to is able to avoid a lawsuit or regulatory action down the road as a result of something that they've learned from my post, then I've done some good.

I've learned a ton from the great people that contribute to these communities and I appreciate what they do. When I see multiple postings from these individuals, it certainly doesn't bother me. I know how hard they work (for free) to share their wisdom. Are they (and I) hoping to build our personal brands as well? Sure - and why shouldn't we?

If some folks consider what we do to be SPAM, that's their problem in my opinion.

Thank you Jim. My thoughts exactly.  And Joe, being paid a fee to be exclusive is great.

J.D. you have to let Word of Mouth be Word of Mouth.  IMO when someone blasts a post everywhere on their own, they are becomming their own Word of Mouth and that just doesn't work well.  That's self deceptive.  It's best to post on one source and create the draw.  The content will either be great and passed around or it will be passed.  Word of Mouth is something your audience owns.  We create the content.


Jason Manning

Out of respect for each individual forum, I only post unique/exclusive pieces of content to each site, without any cross-posting.  I follow the same path as JD where I dedicate the content I feel best serves each site where I hope it gets the most engagement.  On rare occasions, I will share the same blog on both ADM and then DealerElite, only because I know how close they are related in management.

While it might not be in my content's best interest to limit the visibility of my material to one particular site each time, it allows me to believe that I am truly doing it to serve dealers rather than self-promote the living crap out of myself. When I want to do that, I share it on DealerKnows first.  That certainly is the case with my comedic videos, which tend to have a good amount of followers in their own right.  I've been contacted by one of the platforms/forums to post all my comedic videos "exclusively" with them, but I've been reluctant to do so, even with their generous offer.  Videos I will disperse to the masses.

I confess that I have been guilty of cross-posting!  J.D.'s approach feels right to me and I plan to adopt it. So much content, so little time!


Merry Christmas!  And day after. :)  I love all you guys, especially JD Rucker, in only a bro-love, social-media kind of way.  Just to be clear.

And I still think he couldn't be more wrong.  I thought so a year ago, and I think so now.  Vehemently.

The assumption that a great deal of folks are members of every community and are also bothered by paging past the same content they've already read didn't sit well with me a year ago.  ADM was my first love (thank you, Ralph!), and still where I read and post most.  However, I have absolutely NO AND I MEAN ZERO issue with multiple postings of the same content.  So what?  If it hurts the person who's posting's reputation, let it.  If it doesn't, page past it.

I've always felt this may have had a lot to do with a particular well-known poster's strong proclivity to Post Everything Everywhere Every Time.  If it's a problem, it's the poster's, and his reputation can suffer; if it's not a problem, then his reputation is not affected.  Don't we lobby dealers about these same points?  Frankly, the launch of AutoCON2012 should've put this whole thread to bed on this "multi-site" issue, and then some.

Anyway, I write for audience.  And the lovely part about these communities is the audience PARTICIPATION.  I have so often gotten different feedback from the main sites I post at (ADM, DE, DS, and occasionally DealerRefresh) that was invaluable in my OWN education.

I haven't written as much over the last six months as I got involved in something that was . . . extraordinary.  However, I'm back in the saddle, and I'll write as much as I can wherever I feel it fits.

One more point, a year on to this discussion, that I think everyone is really missing:  I propose that these great communities have become more and more a "hometown" newspaper-ish place.  Membership in all the online communities doesn't mean giving attention to them all.  No matter which community sends me "Hey!  Read this content!" emails, ADM is the site I visit most often to "see what's going on".  And I don't think I'm rare at all on that.  Not any more, at least.

If you want audience, write where and when you want.  If you want great reputation, use your head.  If you want to get LESS audience, not more, commit yourself to always "single posting".  

I think that last option, no matter how you slice it, is just completely unnecessary.

My $.02.  Merry Christmas!  And a great new year!  :)

Keith, you just spoke for me as well.  Although I usually only post to ADM, I see the value in reaching out to members of other communities.  I don't believe everyone belongs to every community and they wouldn't see your post if only on one.  Thanks and glad to hear you're back in the saddle!  Merry Christmas!

Thanks Tom!  And Merry Christmas, my good friend!  :)

Great POV, Keith Shetterly.  You prompted me to rethink my first reaction, which as I noted was a "feels right" gut check on J.D.'s approach.  Your point about audience resonates with me.  Jason Manning's comment about 'word-of-mouth' raises another question in my mind.  Does cross-posting of useful (as opposed to blatantly promotional) content impact your audience's motivation to follow you?  Note the distinction between  "audience'" and "followers."  For me this is one fundamental question.  The other is about ROI.

Managing the syndication of my content takes a slice of our time.  So in my view the other key question is where is that time best invested.  If your goal is to reach the widest possible audience to maximize follower acquisition (a common goal) then generating as many impressions as possible seems like a logical approach.  It seems especially logical if you are disseminating high-quality content that reinforces rather then detracts from your integrity as an authority (e.g., reputation).

Indeed for me the third factor to consider is the "type" of content as noted by J.D. in his original post.  The trade-off then is reach vs. reputation.  The strategy should be to maximize the reach for your respective "content types" while minimizing any negative impact to overall (dare I say brand) reputation.  For me, the matrix looks something like what I've roughed out here.Note my addition of audience goal as another factor. Yet another dimension that might be useful is the customer buy-cycle.  

Here's a question:  has anyone seen an infographic depicting something like a "social media marketing / buy-cycle activity matrix"?  (now that's a mouthful of social geek-speak!)

Okay, I thought I was the only one who actually did matrices, etc. to figure something out.  I love it--I'm not the only geek here.  :)  And aren't you using PowerPoint to create that chart? I've adopted that b/c of the nice feature of the auto-striping on the rows.  To your points in your post, I think you need to consider adding something for your mix of audience goal between what you have listed and your point about gaining "followers".  In social media, building followers follows an inertial equation, where the your social media "force" (audience impact) is equal to your "mass" (social media presence) times "acceleration" (intriguing content).  In the absence of "friction" (audience resistance), you wouldn't need to constantly accelerate, and your velocity would yield a constant force.  Well, we always have that friction, as audiences are the ultimate moths, driven to the brightest lights.

And so we fight for attention in a content media, just we did using TV, radio, newspapers, and town criers, all the way back to cave walls.

What did I just prove by this comment?  That I'm wayyyyyy more of a geek than just about anyone knew!  And, when you stopped to consider my equation, whether mathematically or emotionally ("what the HELL did Keith just write and why???"), I also achieved something else.

A little more of your mindshare.  A little more from my audience.

Man, this is devious work!!  :)

Happy New Year!!!

Mutual outcomes.  Happy NY to you as well.  Your "force" equation reminds me of the first dinosaur sequence in Jurassic Park :-)

A former business partner of mine who ran marketing for big chunk of IBM's software business used to talk about sales velocity and yield.  I actually like your thought process. It leads me to want to apply it to a "Social Velocity" equation.  Social velocity equals the speed at which your social marketing objectives can be achieved. Check it out:

"Social Velocity" is a function of [A] the # of followers you engage, [B] the average value per follower (as measured by some outcome or set of outcomes per follower), [C] your conversion rate and [D] the average time (absolute time) spent on your social media marketing/follower. Simply put: you want to increase A, B and C and reduce D.

So for example you increase A, B and C by 10% and reduce D by 10%, you increase your Social Velocity by 47%. Go on, do the math – it works out.

Okay, I that's enough geekery for one day! (And if you are reading this reply and are attempting to analyze my Social Velocity formula you are a worse geek than me!)

LOL Keith! You geek! Love the equation. Copied it down (with credits of course).


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